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Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Twins or Impersonators? E-mail
Past News
Saturday, 18 January 2003
January 18, 2003
Twins or Impersonators?
Remember back a few years ago, a bunch of Georgians from Toronto visited the Jesuit Centre in Boston? When our bus arrived at the US border, we all got our passports out and waited with anticipation for the US Customs Officer to announce which one of us jagabrats wouldn’t be allowed into the US.
Well, upon beginning his inspection of passports, the Customs Officer suddenly caught sight of our own Dr. David Suzuki near the back of the bus. He immediately waltzed over to him and introduced himself.

Upon examining his passport the Officer was so upset at not meeting the real Dr. Suzuki, that he stomped off the buss and told the driver to continue on, without even checking anybody else’s passport.

Gees! I am sure over the years, Dr. David Suzuki, world renown scientist, has had a lot of people address him as Dr. Keith Lowe, don’t you think?

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