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The Good & True

The Good & True ...issue# 29...September, 2000

Thank you folks - way up there in Canada!

I know, I know, you are all saying - so how come we didn't hear from the fadda-man, who was last seen roaming the streets and alleys of Toronto? Didn't he like our grand old city? Well, de fadda dun been busy, but him now free.

Michael Charley, Neil Dalhouse, Fr. Dziak and Robbie Vernon
 in the lobby of the CN Tower, downtown Toronto

Last Sunday, I casually opened last Sunday's Gleaner's "Showbiz Time" section, and there in front of me, was my picture (alongside Peter Rickards & Warren Abbott) and a story of the talk I gave at the OB/Ca dinner in Toronto. (True some people missed it as it followed the Jimmy Cliff article and was stuck between the ads to the latest slasher movies!) Amazing! I talk in Toronto and I am quoted in Kingston! The title states "St. George's Old Boys urged to continue support." it was a decent article, but it did have a line that I've gotten three angry telephone calls about. I am quoted in paragraph three, "Father Dziak says St. George's is not a Roman Catholic School any more." Okay, well, yeah, I did sort of say that, but boy, that was taken out of context. It was in relation to the percentage of Catholics currently here, not the ownership or the identity. Some Old Boy called to ask if we had "broken away from the R.C. church!!"

Anyway, I want to THANK you ALL for the great welcome to your grand city, the belle of Canada, Toronto. And thank you for the tour of the landmarks/city (I have my CN Tower photo in front of me), the StGC-spirit-filled dinner, and STGC conversational brunch and just good ole plain fun time. It really was a wonderful trip for me (I understand why people love Canada/Toronto now), and I now have a real picture in my mind of the STGC Old Boys/ Canada and the scene up there. Before, all I could see when I thought of the OBs/Canada was the smiling faces of Neil and Buski (and Ray). As wonderful as that was, I can now picture a whole gaggle of Old Boys, wives and children, and assorted friends in front of me. And I see how much STGC means to you all even though it may be years since many have walked the dirt paths of the campus.

I especially want to thank Ray and his wonderful wife Elsie for putting me up in their home, feeding me, and even entertaining me throughout the whole weekend! It was a comfortable and welcoming environment and accommodations (I thought I would get stuck in some Motel 6 with bolted TV!) From the pick-ups at the airport to the snacks, driving tour of the city, and conversations about Mary, Mother of God, miracles and flowering Japanese gardens, it was a memorable and welcome stay. Thanks, Ray and Elsie! Thanks everyone!!

Ted Dziak, SJ

Chris Chin and daughter, Stanley Chin, Heather Vernon, Don Barnett, Howie and Anne Williams
 in rapt attention to Father's remarks on the school at Ray and Elsie Chang's

Fr. Dziak seems quite at home on the streets of Toronto

Robbie and Fr. Dziak at Toronto City Hall

Ray Chang chats with Buskie and Fadda beside the pond in Elsie's Japanese garden

150th Anniversary Mass & Communion Breakfast

This has always been one of the favoured of the annual events for Georgians and this year was even more special because of the anniversary celebrations and as a consequence we had one of the largest turnouts ever. More than 160 Georgians and their families joined with the local congregation at St.Thomas the Apostle church on Sunday February 27th at the Noon mass.

Robbie & Alexander Vernon did the first and second readings and the theme fitted in well with the Gospel message in Mark 2:18-27.

Fr. Ben's homily expanded on the responses of Jesus to the question of fasting. As he said "The Synod of Bishops in Vatican I I was successful in making the church much more relevant to the modem world and it was important for us to adjust to this new approach. Notwithstanding, it was the same Jesus, yesterday, today and tomorrow" the same message but from different approaches.

Obedience, respect for life was not old fashioned. The timeless Gospel values remain; kindness, understanding, humility.

The ushers comprised members of the Garel family. Chris and Charmaine Chin and their two lovely daughters, Melanie and Jessica took up the offerings.

After Mass the throng gathered downstairs. Grace was said by Robbie who thanked God for the 150 years of St. George's College and prayed for his continued guidance of the school in the new millennium. Indeed as in the Gospel message there are many changes taking place in the school and our focus is to keep the Jesuit philosophy on education in the forefront despite the paucity of Jesuits themselves on the current teaching staff.

What shall I say of the food, Salt Fish & Ackee in abundance: fried fritters, plantains, hard dough bread, cassava pudding, sweet potato pudding, orange juice, coffee, tea. We had it all - nourishment for the soul and food for the body.

As I looked over at Leilani Garel, John & Cecile's daughter caring so tenderly for Stanley & Jeanette Chin's granddaughter Amanda (see photo front page), I thought to myself this is what it is about - family: So many were in attendance with children and grandchildren, giving evidence of the Christian values which form such a core part of the St.George's culture.

Those who were not there missed out on something great, and I am not just talking of the food.

Robbie Vernon

The Family Dinner

Warren Abbott, our President welcomed over 175 Old Boys and relatives to our annual Family dinner on June 10, 2000 held at St. Thomas The Apostle church hall. The head table included our keynote speakers: Fr. Dziak, chairman and President of St.

George's College who came up from Jamaica and Peter Rickards, the founding President of our Toronto chapter who graciously agreed to talk about his "call" to be a Deacon. We must not forget to mention his charming wife, Diana, who accompanied him and whom we discovered had to consent to this vocation.

Robbie Vernon, in introducing Peter, spoke of his gift of debating from High school days with the Hill brothers, Ronnie Thwaites and that famous Professor and union icon, Trevor Monroe - to his judicial days as Judge. We must not forget his tenure as a Senator and political leader. Peter in his life's journey traveled to England and later Canada, determined to formulate the best way of supporting his family and contribute service to his fellow men. It is obvious that he has blended both very well - his children are self sufficient and he is now prepared to walk in step with Our Lord to serve his fellow men as a Deacon. Peter told us of the intriguing journey from the first curiosity to the eve of ordination.

Shaun & Laura Wilson and daughter                   Alex Vernon and Cathrina

Ray Chang introduced Fr. Dziak as the hope of stability for St. George's College. He is the lone Jesuit voice and the link to tradition. He is the hope of mobilizing the Old Boys in Jamaica

to recapture the pride of that Jesuit tradition. Fr. Dziak did talk of the complexity of the community and the interesting mix of the school body. It did present a challenge to bridge the new school with the old in terms of Tradition especially when Lay teachers are now manning the school instead of Jesuits. Fr. Dziak informed us that although administratively Catholic; STGC was catering to a majority of non-Catholic boys. St. George's is not the Catholic school it once was but it was hoped that this executive would still feel an obligation to look at the BIG PICTURE for the greater Glory of God.

The Wills clan, Robert, Bobby & Carmelita, Fabian, Elaine and Sydney

The food was good as usual and the mood was ripe for fellowship.

The President presented the $1,000 scholarship to Ms. Lauren Lodenquai who was selected from a slate of outstanding candidates.

A special presentation was given to the previous President of this Chapter who served 2 terms. Bobby Wills was given a plaque reflecting the executive's appreciation for his dedication to the mandate of our association. It was during his mandate that we got Byron Lee which resulted in the most successful fundraiser. It was also during his tenure that we revised the Constitution, which has proven more effective for our association. We thank you Bobby for your continuous contribution to our cause.

The mingling after has always been the highlight of the evening and the evident camaraderie made the evening all worthwhile.

Stanley & Jeanette Chin, Diana & Peter Rickards, Pres. Warren Abbott, Fr. Dziak and Don Barnett

Scolarship winner Lauren Lodenquai receives cheque from Pres. Warren Abbott.  

Don Barnett

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