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The Good & True

The Good & True ...issue# 29...September, 2000

Floodball 2000

I guess we picked the wrong day once more, a day when people of other persuasions chose to do their annual march. Yes this was Sunday, June 25th.

Man did it ever rain. Pat Ferguson and I had our doubts as to whether any kind of game could be played in the present conditions. We decided to take a look at the field and then make a decision. Shortly after we got there, Buskie and Robbie Vernon arrived and we decided that we might as well mark out the playing area. We had to eliminate a part of the field as the only sport fit to be played there was water polo. So if the field looked a bit odd, there was method to the madness. There was a theory about the inability of paint to stick to water, we tested it, now we know it is scientific law. We kept on painting however, every one of us soaked through to the socks. In the midst of the painting, the all important portable arrived, so our fate was sealed, no turning back.

Players started arriving - fittingly like in Noah's case - two by two; and as the scheduled kick-off time came and went, it became apparent that no team had anything close to a full lineup. For the first time since my tenure as Sports Director, ST.GC was unable to field a full side, and I have to be a bit sympathetic. But I have to salute those stalwart souls who braved the flood to appear. Cheers to you all.

As previously noted, no team had a full side, so we decided to play just a fun game, and what a fun game it turned out to be. Once again those who attended were treated to quite an entertaining game, and those who played really enjoyed themselves.

By the second half the ranks of spectators had grown quite a bit, and the cheers, comments and laughter made us think we were at Sabina Park.

Among the spectators was Winston Chong Fah, of Santos, Jamaica football coach, humanitarian, entertainer, promoter and knowledgeable historian.

After the game was over, another game began, and we were delighted with an informal history of Jamaican entertainment, true tales that you will never read about in the history books, stories that would make you say "So that's what happened eeeh!"

I finally pulled myself away 2 hours later, and stories were still being told when I left.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks go out to the players who attended on such an adverse day, to Buskie, Fergie, Robbie, my manager Skedron, and to the representatives of the other schools involved who certainly tried their best, Derrick Melville (XLCR), Wayne Gaynor (JC) and Fabian Prince (KC).

Lloyd Chung

Golf, our way 

Last year, I was appointed head cook and bottle washer in arranging a small group of ST.GC old boys to play golf during the summer months. The object was to play every Friday, then for as long as we could stand the cold weather.

It was a tough job. Tough to find the right course to play each week, tough to keep track of all who "agreed" to play and didn't show up, tough to listen to the flimsy excuses some people gave me for not being able to play on a given week, and tough to sometimes play in rotten weather. Man, it was a tough job all round, but somebody had to do it, and I loved every minute of it.

I loved to listen to that KC fellow, Eustace "Tassy" Lyn's weekly complaints about his shoulder hurting so badly, it caused him to have poor scores every Friday. And I loved to watch the consistency of his wife, Joan, who never seemed to make a bad shot. I loved to watch how Howie Williams wriggled his body before making a shot, any shot, and to see how Neil Dalhouse managed to alternate one good stroke, then one bad stroke, then one good stroke, then one bad stroke - continuously. Yes, we sure had some good times playing golf last year.

Other regulars were Ray Chang, and Dr. Louis Lee, who both kept getting better and better each time they played. Louis' sons Phillip and Mark would play occasionally, and always (it seemed) when they were on form. My good pasero, Dennis "Dooley" Chung, missed only a couple of games, but played a solid game whenever he showed up.

Then there was Rudy Chin who teed up with us a few times. His swing is more powerful than John Daley's. If he only brought better balls, his shots would go farther than Daley's. And then there was Buski who wore a "stroke counter" instead of a watch, just to make us all feel sure he kept the right score for himself. Dalton "Sugar" Chong came all the way from Ja. and played with us for a couple of Fridays. This was a treat for some of the gang, as some said they hadn't seen him for 30 odd years.

Neil's little brother Francis, showed up on a couple of occasions, and sighted the fact that "Me ave work fi do" as the reason why he couldn't show up regularly. I know better though.

Howie Williams, winner of St. G.C. OB golf tournament,
 receives Trophy from Ray Chang

We closed out the season with a small tournament on September 17. Afterwards, about 20 of us had a great dinner at Cravins. Everyone got a prize, even the duffer Neil, and Jimmy Lai who showed up to play that day. So, what about me you say? Heck! I got a prize too.

Fen Chang

What a picnic! 

A rather cool morning greeted us on August 20th, the big day for the joint St.GC /ICHS/ ALPHA Picnic now in its second year, but by the time the masses started to arrive at the Milne Dam Conservation Park, it turned out to be a perfect day.

The park was alive with several other groups as well. Chatter and laughter filled the air punctuated by the gleeful screams of kids having a grand time.

The losing team of Patrick Garel, Tony Yee, Lloyd Chong, Warren Abbott,
 Don B (hidden), Lipton Wong, Chris Chin, Howie Williams and Buski Charley

Activities coordinated by Danny HoLung saw Bobby Chung being co-opted to get things going and going it did. In the finals of the "needle and thread race" the ALPHA girls thrashed the St G.C. boys who had just dethroned ICHS as the defending champs. Calls for a "urine test" were heard coming from Howie Williams obviously quite "devastated". The kids were not the least bit left out with a plethora of creative games being organized with prizes and surprises being awarded.

Popular among the games this year were the "water-filled balloon toss" and Robbie Vernon's "on the bank, in the river" hop which saw ST.GC OBA's president Warren Abbott demonstrating the perfect "falling flat on the face". Helping to make the day memorable were Lloyd, Ray, Sadat, Skedron, and Buskie.

Many thanks to Danny, Bobby and his lovely female assistants, and Michael Tenn Yuk, the Wolmerian 'now ALPHA Old girl' (because they won the needle and thread race) who provided lots of fun and laughter with his antics while coordinating the activities.

Michael Tenn Yuk - directing the games

Thanks also to Lorraine Chung, president of ICHS Alumnae, ably assisted by Yvonne Lyew, to Gaye Donna Young, president of Alpha Alumnae, and the executive committee of the St.G.C. OBA for coordinating what was our largest picnic to date - estimates indicated over 300 persons in attendance throughout the day.

Thanks also to all those who attended to help make this the great

success that it was. See you all next year!

Chris Chin

Jo-Jo Ho Lung, Shirley Wong, Loraine Lee and Ruby Chen enjoying the games 

OurChildren, our future

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