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The Good & True ...issue# 29...September, 2000

150th Anniversary"Fund Raiser" with the Fab5

Our St. George's College Old Boys Association (Ontario Chapter) 4th Annual Summer Ball on August 4, 2000 at the International Plaza Hotel featuring the mighty Jamaican band FAB 5 was a resounding success.

The bookings realized were tremendous. We followed our strategy of using no advertising in the media, and relying on the reputation and organization of our Association and the solidness and reliability of our probable guests, who had tasted what we had to offer from previous years and would come back for more. Congrats to our executive who got cracking early on our computer list of attendees from previous years and kept the booking line humming.

We had planned to seat 900 and on final count August 4, we missed this target by only 13. At C$650 per table of 10, this was some achievement. The first table was in fact called in to our booking line on March 5; only one day after the number was announced.

The FAB 5 band was formed in 1970. Some of you will remember that they backed Johnnie Nash on all the reggae cuts from his album "I Can See Clearly Now" and that two singles from that album "Guava Jelly" and "Stir It Up", established Bob Marley as a major songwriter on the International scene.

The Jamaica Tourist Board once again provided us with excellent landscaping. In a palm tree setting and with the year 150 emblazoned on our banner above the swaying musicians, the exuberant throng took in the significance and danced in

delightful abandonment. The music was indeed outstanding and feedback confirmed the popularity of the selections. FAB 5 played "Dinner Music" when dinner was served and for the rest of the night entertained with a wide selection, including ska, reggae, going back to the '50s and '60s. They took only one break for the entire night. The pictures alone in this newsletter speak clearly of just why our ball has become such an annual sought-after event.

Our thoroughness in making sure that this evening would be successful was matched in every way by The FAB 5. They were very professional from our first negotiation meeting with Ray Chang and myself. In later meetings with Neil Dalhouse we received a marketing package that included pictures of the band and copies of their very successful CD, "FAB 5 Live The Ultimate Vintage Jamaican Party Mix". In the press releases for their Canadian summer tour, they singled out the St. George's College OB booking as a major engagement, and how much they were looking forward to playing at our event.

It is a proud feeling therefore that our St. George's College Old Boys Association have in knowing that you participated with us so completely once again, and that The FAB 5 were well received. You helped us in achieving our fundraising goal and although final figures are not yet in we are looking at netting in excess of C$15,000. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. What a class Act! 

Michael (Buski) Charley

Neil Dalhouse

Just My Views

In my view, anything that is 150 years old today, has truly been something of great value to society. I remember dear Fr. Feeney telling me before he died, that 150 years ago, a group of Jesuit priests who were kicked out of Colombia, were on their way home to America by sea, when a nasty storm caused their battered ship to dock in Jamaica. It  would be several months before they could hitch a fide home, so they began running a small school (St.G.C) out of a house at 6 North Street.

Now, according to our Guru of historical data, Francis Lopez, the first Headmaster was Fr. Emmanuel Gill. Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, English, Rhetoric, History, Mathematics, Logic, Metaphysics, Ethics, Drawing, and Calligraphy were the subjects taught back then. There were 38 day students, and 30 boarders at the school. In December of 1910, one thousand students in the entire British Commonwealth sat for Senior Cambridge Exams. Three ST.G.C boys, Francis Casserly, Percival Gibson, and Ignatius Cruchley were in the top seven of the entire British Commonwealth. Amazing! you hear me, Simply amazing!! We have been producing geniuses ever since. Between 1950 and 1975, the school produced 6 Rhode Scholars, not to mention the many Jamaica Scholars who were neatly packaged off the assembly line of geniuses and sent out to change the world. Heck! Some posh schools around the world have never produced one Rhode Scholar, much less six. A page in the history books on our beloved island, should read: "St. GEORGE'S COLLEGE, ONE OF THE FINEST EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN JAMAICA, TURNED 150 YEARS OLD IN THE YEAR 2000.

Anita & Fen Chang

I have to mention that Anita and Fen Chang, (two vertebrae in the backbone of our Ontario Chapter) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year, a hell of a feat for two people from a generation that chums out divorcees on a daily basis. Anita's
"charm" remains the same, and like the rest of us, Fen is getting on in years. But the guy looks so good for his age. I asked him how he managed to look like that, and he said "Lisen mi man, is from lisening to de sounds of deadlines, as dem woosh ova mi ed." Congratulations to both of you. May you continue to grow old together! And Pat Ferguson, 15 year stalwart member of our executive committee, finally decided to call it quits from that thing he has been despising lately - going to work. He turned in his ID to his supervisor at The Toronto Police Stores division July 30th. This is a place that had a strict dress code - to cover your butt at all times - right Pat? A bunch of us old boys were able to be at his farewell do, shared a drink with him and his comrades who showered him with much deserved accolades for all his work over the past 20 years. Ah Pat! You know the old saying, "Why is there never enough time to get the job done, but always enough time to do it over?" Well - you don't have to say it anymore. Good luck to both you and Norman in your new venture. And to the rest of you who are still working, "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." Ever wonder why there is always so much month left at the end of the money? Think about it!

Hey! Did we have one heck of an annual dance this year or what? Some 900 people boogied to the music of Jamaica's own "Fab 5" band. The "5" rocked the International Plaza ballroom with a myriad of nostalgic Jamaican sounds from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Yes sir, here too, that pithy expression I previously mentioned was heard again quite often, as many old boys met up with each other. You always run into someone you haven't seen for years at these events. It was good to see Tony Holbrooke, whom I haven't seen for probably 15 years, and who looks more like my father lately. Good to see you Tony, and remember, in life today you have to accept the fact that, some days you will be the pigeon, other days, the statue! On behalf of the executive members, I must congratulate Robbie Vernon on the magnificent job he has been doing in coordinating the production of our newsletters lately. Thanks for a job well done Robbie!

In the meantime, keep the peace, avoid suffering from stress, just be a carrier. As well, avoid arguing with idiots. They only drag you down to their level, and beat the hell out of you with their experience.

A Gaaanneee!

Neil Dalhouse

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