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The Good & True

The Good & True ...issue# 29...September, 2000

The 150th Anniversary of St.G.C.

"Closing Celebrations"

The evening of September 1, 2000

Keeping constant tabs on the temperature like we do in North America, is not a past time for Jamaicans. So my feeling that it was over 90'F, was my view only. I found this out after asking several people who simply shrugged when I asked if they knew how hot it was.

            Archbishop Carter, Paul Bitter and Fr. O'Toole                     Desmond Chen See and Eddie Chai Onn

Almost 100 people were jammed in the house, with some spilling out onto the car port outside. Everyone ignored the tables and chairs on the front lawn at first. Guests kept arriving and performing the old ritual "long-time-no-see" embraces and handshakes. As they arrived, they worked their way up the driveway and into the house, joining the blob of people who were standing around, chatting, dripping with sweat. A handful of  Georgians eventually had the brains to move outside and sit at the tables and chairs provided, allowing a flicker of relief from the
heat for those who remained inside.

                       Ken Scott and Don Barnett                        Ian Wong                        Fr. Mullen 

Our host, Charles Williams, president of the Old Boys' in Ja, had a sumptious meal catered, much to everyones delight. I had a chance to chat with his dear mother briefly before Fr. Quinlan, (who never seems to look any older distracted me by asking, "You have any flim in dat camera man?"

                                      Ray and Neil surrounded by the island old boys 

I next moved through the crowd, onwards to Frs. Hosie and O'Toole, who both always carry that "just happy to be here again" look on their faces. Then on to Fr. Raymond Helmick and just like Fr. Q, he hasn't changed at all after all these years. Then hugs for Dennis Barnett, and Petius Chang, Patrick Terrelonge, Metcalf, Lawton, and so on, and so on. Also present for the festivities were Fathers William Clarke, Lester Shields, G. Simon Haker, Ignatius Pennisis, Maurice Walsh, and Fr. Jim Hayes who displays a radiant smile each time I see him. Then Fr. John (Jackie) Mullen, the man who gave me the most demerits when I was in school, was suddenly standing in front of me. He specialized in giving me demerits on the days that ST.GC had a Manning game to play. He never made my Christmas card list back then, but I was elated to see him after all these years.

Much to the dismay of everyone that evening however,we were informed that Fr. Higgins wasn't allowed to leave the USA, as his passport had expired.

It remained hot throughout that entire evening but it didn't matter. It was good to be there.

Hall of Fame Banquet at King's House

Saturday, September 2, 2000

While driving up the dark driveway to Kings House, ahead I could see hundreds of tiny stringed white light bulbs wrapped around almost every tree that surrounded the lawn outside the building. The evening was very hot though, hotter than the night before.Even just having a good laugh produced sweat, and I am not joking.

                     Leighton Dixon & Patrick Terrelonge                        Keith & Velna Summers

The main hall in Kings House was almost empty when I arrived at about 7:00 p.m., except for the 11 easels that held the photographs and a small blurb on each of the Hall of Fame recipients, five stationed on one side of the room, six on the other. As crowds of people began trickling in, several lingered in the hall to chat, take pictures, or just hang around, listening to the ST.GC school band play some wonderful music on the balcony above. It wasn't long before the hall was packed with hundreds of people, causing a stifling heat to linger unbearably.

                       Abe Dabdoob                                 Paulette Wong                         Thalia Lyn

Then at about 7:45 p.m., Sir Howard Cooke, Governor General of Jamaica and Lady Cooke, our gracious hosts for the evening, entered the hall. They had just left a private reception elsewhere in the building for the Hall of Fame recipients and their families. Both dignitaries were escorted by Fr. Ted Dziak, who stopped every five feet or so, introducing them to several people. As soon as the Governor General's entourage stepped out onto the lawn, the Jamaica Military Band began playing the National Anthem, signaling the beginning of the evening's festivities. Paul Bitter, Jamaica's number one MC, then approached the podium, welcomed everyone and asked Archbishop Carter to bless the food. Paul kept everyone chuckling with his jovial, effervescent mannerisms, and fired funny quips about several people present. He did a splendid job keeping the entire proceedings on track.

Donette Chin Loy , Tony Franklin                Walter Campbell (Blubba)               Mrs. Tilly Abbott, mother of Warren

 Many dignitaries were present, among them: Burchell Whiteman, Minister of Education and his lovely wife. Then there were Alphanso Munera, Ambassador of Colombia and his wife, also Samuel Carter, Archbishop of Kingston (retired), the Very Reverend James Webb, and Fr. Michael Lewis. Reverend Alletha Simmonds, Ministry of Education was there, so were Sister Mary- Catherine Aarons, principal of Immaculate Conception High, and Mr. Wally Johnson, principal of Kingston College.

 Representing the Jamaican Old Boys' chapter executive were Clive Chambers, Vice President, Dennis Lawton, Treasurer, and Tony (Count) Franklin, Asst. Treasurer. Unfortunately, due to a sudden unexpected stomach illness, the President, Charles Williams, was unable attend.

                           June Wong, Dennis & Don Barnett                          Melanie and Paul Bitter 

 Over 600 people enjoyed mouth-watering food, catered by Patsy Lyn. And for a second time in two days, Old Boys gleefully hugged priests and each other, and just laughed themselves silly while swapping old stories. One Old Boy, Paul Foreman, was obviously overjoyed to be there. He said goodbye to me three different times over a period of an hour that evening. He kept shaking hand after hand and just was unable to leave. The fourth time I walked by him I was amazed that he was still on the premises. He simply looked at at me with a smile and shrugged his shoulders.

 Keith Lyn thrilled us all with old "Glass Bucket" music. He was accompanied on the Timbalis by (Little Sport) Carl Brady. Many of us danced up a storm until the power was purposely turned off at midnight, out of sheer respect for the rest of the neighbourhood. It was just a splendid evening. Fr. Dziak and the "Celebrations Committee" truly surpassed themselves with this event. Heartiest congratulations to them all on a job well done. The presentation by Fr.Dziak of an honourary Old Boy certificate to Sir Howard Cooke, the Governor General, was a fitting conclusion to the Awards ceremony.


                                      Donna and David Weller with Fr. Leo Quinlan

                                           Keith Lyn, Tony Wong and Phillip Samms

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