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The Good & True

The Good & True ...issue# 30...January, 2001

Neil Dalhouse

Just My Views

Nostradamus wrote "Come the millennium, month 12, in the home of the great power, the village idiot will come forth, to be acclaimed the leader!!" Do you know anyone who fits that, Bill?

I saw quite a few of you old boys with your wives and children, at the Hakka Conference in December at York University. What a great conference it was. Many said it was going to be a big flop, but to their surprise, it turned out to be quite a memorable event. Many who attended met other Hakkas who came from India, Mauritius, South Africa, Guyana, Singapore, just to name a few places. Delegates learned far more about their roots than their grandfathers ever told them. But then, that was the purpose for having it. Ask Keith Lowe, the conference co-chair. It has been his dream for years to set up a conference that would expose many Hakkas in Canada to their culture and heritage. Problem was though, the conference was sold out, and many couldn't get tickets. Keith and his conference committee are to be proud of their achievement. The delegates were so pleased they are now talking about having another one in a couple of years.

Anyone know why they put an expiry date on sour cream?

Let me stop for a minute and offer my personal thanks (something I should have done long ago) to Greg Chin out on the West Coast, for all the hard work he has done over the years, in setting up our newsletters on the web. Thanks, Greg! I have been on the site many times, and enjoy seeing your work.

And heartiest congratulations to Patrick and Loraine Lee, on the splendid job they did in producing a great book on Chinese Jamaican families who live in Canada. This book is filled with fabulous family pictures and information on Hakka people. Funny, it seemed to me that almost every picture in the book either has a George's boy, or an Immaculate or Alpha girl in it.

Noticed how many large companies have merged lately? Do you think if JOHN DEERE & ABITIBI-PRICE merged, the new company would be called "Deere Abi"? - or, - how about ZIPPO MANUFACTURING, AUDI, DOFASCO AND DAKOTA MINING being called "Zip Audi Do-Da ? Don't laugh, it could happen. - Think about this one though-If you tried to fail at something, and succeeded, which have you done?

Don't forget that this year, the Ontario St.G.C. February 25th Mass & Communion Breakfast, the March 25th Annual General Meeting and the June 16th- Family Dinner will now be at St. Aidan's Catholic Church, 3501 Finch Ave. W., Toronto (on the south side of Finch, between Warden & Birchmount).

Current headmaster Van Hitchener, and Fr. George Winchester have been invited to attend the family dinner. It will be good to see them both again. Oh, by the way, I would personally like to see more of you turn out for the AGM this year. Phone up a friend and bring him with you nuh man? Come out and help vote on new issues to help better the association, or to vote for new members you would like to see sit on the executive.

How many of you have ever been told to "Shut your mouth, and eat your dinner"? or "Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck"?

It sure was great to read Fr. Dziak's article and hear about St.G.C. getting the keys to the city of Kingston. How come we never got them in the Glory Years? I guess they were making the keys back then. Fr. Ted, I hope you can hear us from way up here. "We are truly proud of the school, and wish you every success for 2001 and the years ahead!" And I can just imagine how beautiful that curtain in the auditorium looks. That's the kind of thing that makes St.G.C. one of the smartest looking schools on the island guys, and all of you who attend our annual summer ball contributed to it. Please buy a ticket for this event in August, and if you can't make it, buy one anyway! Well, I gotta run!

What? The contents of this article aren't as good as the ones in the last issue, you say? Listen! I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. And you know what? Tomorrow isn't looking good for you either!

A Gaaanneee!

Neil Dalhouse

News from North Street
Ted Dziak, S.J.

The biggest news here was that St. George's College was awarded the Keys to the City. This historic event took place on Thurs, Nov 30, with Her Worship, Mayor Marie Atkins presenting the Keys. Members of Parliament, the City Council and the wider St.G.C. community attended. Head of Court of Appeals & Old Boy Judge Ian Forte spoke. That day was also designated "St. George's College Day" by the City Council of Kingston. The OB Association held a luncheon beforehand in Emmett Park. We had a very good turnout and lots of media coverage.

The search for the next Principal of St.G.C. continues. The deadline for applications was Dec 31, 2000, and now the Board's Search Committee will soon meet to choose applicants to interview. It is hoped to have a new Principal in place by this summer. Acting Principal Van Hitchener will retire on Aug. 1, 2001.

Thanks to the Old Boys of Canada, a new curtain is now hanging in the Auditorium. Yes, the Can$10,000 donation received in September has been used to purchase a new dark blue (with Gold trimming) hanging curtain. While the original estimate was so exorbitant, with the help of a parent, the funds donated by the OB/Ca was enough to purchase a whole new curtain with side and top panels. It is the first time in years that the curtain can now be drawn. The old curtain was torn and in poor shape.

The third floor of the Quinlan Administration building has been renovated and turned into living space for guests, especially for foreign volunteers who come to St.G.C.. The first group of twelve university students from Fordham University stayed in the new space, and visited for two weeks in late December to early January. They participated in ministry projects at several sites around Kingston. The space was originally a Jesuit residence, but has remained occupied since 1985. New electrical wiring, new doors, have been installed, while bathrooms and hallways have been renovated and painted. Much of the work was funded from a donation from Old Boy Harry Anderson, now living in California.

A team of dentists and dental students from another Jesuit school, Marquette University Dental School, arrived on the campus of St. George's College over the Christmas break to hold a series of free Dental Clinics in the Kingston area. The Marquette Dental group people arrived on Dec 27th with a group of undergraduate university students and stayed at the Jesuit Centre. The Dental team held dental clinics in Riverton City, McIntyre Village, for the Missionaries of Charity, and for two days on the campus of St. George's College. They set up their mobile Dental Clinic in the back of the Auditorium and set aside one day for the wider community in the area around St.G.C., and one day for the lower form students of St.G.C. The Dentists saw over 450 patients during the two-week period. The Marquette undergraduates held a "Christmas Camp" in McIntyre Village called Father Gerry's Camp (for Father Gerry McLaughlin, S.J.) and it was facilitated by yours truly.

St. George's College joined St. Catherine High School to hold a musical dramatic performance called "Esther and the King of Persia." The performance was first held in Spanish Town in mid-December, and again at the Auditorium of St. George's College on Fri, Jan 12 to Sun, January 14. The joint production between the two schools is an original musical and dramatic performance featuring the Choirs, bands and drummers of both schools.

Vice-Principal Robert Martin has just been selected as the latest Kolvenbach Scholar of Boston College. Mr. Martin will attend Boston College's Graduate School of Education in September 2001, as the latest recipient of the fully endowed scholarship established by Boston College in 1995. Former Vice-Principal Mr. Lloyd Fearon will return this summer after receiving his Masters of Education as the previous Kolvenbach Scholar.

Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York is the latest Jesuit university to offer a full scholarship to a St. George's College graduate. Le Moyne President Father Charles, S.J., announced its decision to join Holy Cross and Boston College to participate in the "Jesuit Scholars Programme" established last year. After receiving a full scholarship, the Jesuit Scholar commits to return to teach at St.G.C. for two years upon receiving his first degree.

Talk to you again in the next edition.

Ted Dziak, S.J. 

Don Barnett

Regional Report fron the West

Year 2001 is here, and with it, unseen challenges. Resolutions are tentatively considered at this time and with hesitation, since we usually set a very high bar to make it worthwhile. Well, we in the West will be challenging the mighty Central and East regions in the following events:

Dominos and golf (As a start)

We feel very courageous to throw out this challenge in spite of the fact that we have had a few deserters, one to Central and one out of the country, but we are Georgians and we still have a powerful core group made up of Robbie Vernon (Dominos) and the mighty Michael (Buski) Charley (Golf) and Herb Phillips for both.

To allow for planning, the regions need to hear from anyone who is interested in participation. The two activities mentioned have been proven to be quite popular. We are however interested in hearing from anyone who has other interests which would be shared for feedback via the newsletter.

In terms of planning for the many events on our calendar for 2001, our telephone committee will be calling to remind you of these so that our efforts will be successfully supported. As you know, all our efforts are voluntary and our fundraising (one only) is totally benevolent. We look to you for any input, which could improve our association. Fellowship is the name of the game. Our effort to promote games is an attempt to help promote that fellowship.

I want to thank all those who helped me in the region and the association in 2000. Thanks go out to Derrick Potopsingh, Howard Williams (Sorry to lose him to the USA), Keith Loundes, Tyrone 'Rock' Holbrooke, Larry Yap-Shing, Chris Chin (Chris is now on our executive) and Dennis King. I will be calling on you again for your proven and reliable help.

Let me wish you and your families all the very best for 2001 and hope to see and hear from you!


Don Barnett

Stanley Chin

Regional Report from Central Ontario

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I must thank you for you tremendous support of all the Association's functions during the year 2000. I might exaggerate a bit when I estimate that at these functions, at least 80% of the attendees were from our region. For this year, let us increase our attendance to 90%.

It was my intention to have more regional activities, but due to a shortage of volunteers, I was not able to accomplish much.

Last year I had two domino sessions, which were very enjoyable. They could however have been better attended. My guess is that fear of Y2K is the reason.

For this year, I would like to have the domino sessions at different venues. An ideal setting would be a basement that can hold three tables and 16 noisy players. Please call me if you would like to help. I will look after the food and drinks, and setting up the tables.

The Western region has been challenging us for quite a while, but I have been studiously ignoring them. The word on the street is that they are very good but vicious. However, if you feel that we can whip them, do let me know.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome three new young members. They are , AnAlex Mahdrew Mah and Kareem Simon. By the way, if you need to have your eyesight checked before playing these fellows from the west, go see Alex and Andrew. They have their Optometry Office in Markville Plaza in Markham.

The Association has exciting plans for this year, so let us give our strong support.

Stanley Chin

Pat Ferguson

 Calling all East End Members

As V.P. for the area Pickering and eastward, I would like to hear from members interested in participating in some games of dominoes or cards, or any other activity you would prefer. Give me a call at 905-837-9442 after 7 p.m. any day. Calls and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Pat Ferguson (Uncle P)

Fab 5 Dinner/Dance Prize Winner - Pat Ferguson (Uncle P), shown with the other
 stalwarts of the Ontario Executive - Neil Dalhouse (left) and Michael (Buski) Charley (right)

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