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Good & True ...issue# 31...May, 2001

News from North Street

Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.

The Search for the new Principal has ended with the selection of Mr. Lloyd Fearon as the next Principal of St. George's College. Mr. Fearon is well known to the St. George's College community, as he has served as a teacher since 1994, as the Head of the Industrial Arts Department, and as Vice-Principal (Acting) of the Upper Forms. Mr. Fearon is currently on study leave at Boston College, where, as the Kolvenbach Scholar, he has been studying for his Masters degree in Education. In January 2001, he received his MA in Educational Administration and School Leadership, graduating with high honours and has continued for a second Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction and Classroom Assessment, which he will receive in May, 2001. He will return to Jamaica in July, starting work in his new post as of August 1, 2001. Mr. Van Hitchener, our current principal (Acting), will retire as of August 1, 2001.

The drawing of the 150th Anniversary St.G.C Raffle initiated by the "Friends of St.George's," was held at the St.G.C. Old Boys' 25th Anniversary Class Dinner on April 28th. The first prize was a 2001 Suzuki Baleno automobile (donated by OB Richard Stewart of Stewart's Auto Sales), and was won by a Kingston resident who bought his ticket at one of the malls in Constant Spring (when students flooded the malls selling raffle tickets.) Other prizes were a Yamaha motorcycle (donated by Island Motors), a Yamaha Generator (donated by OB Philip Samms and Yamaha Engines) and a SuperClubs weekend for two at Breezes. A Vendor's prize of an Air Jamaica ticket for two went to the seller of the winning ticket, and was won interestingly enough by the President of the Home School Association, Mr. Cuthbert Lloyd, who helped the students sell raffle tickets at the mall.

The Manning Cup Team has a new coach in Dr. Lascelve ("Muggy") Graham, who just joined St.G.C's ranks. Muggy is a well-known former St.G.C. football star who has put his professional career in public relations on hold while he jumps fully into the task of rebuilding St.G.C. into a top contender. His goal: to WIN Manning Cup this year!

Two St.G.C. students have won full scholarship to study in the U.S. under the aegis of the newly established JESUIT SCHOLARS PROGRAMME, which provides Scholarships at Jesuit universities in return for bonding the student to teach at StG.C. for two years following receiving their degree. Recent St.G.C. graduates Mr. Andre Isaacs will start as a new Freshman at Holy Cross College (our third StG.C. student there), and Mr. Damion Young will start at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. Last year three recent St.G.C students won Jesuit Scholarships at Holy Cross and Boston College.

Joining the Programme this year will be Fairfield University which, with the generous contribution of the Fairfield Jesuit Community, will offer a partial scholarship for a St.G.C graduate to study at its institution. In addition, in the fall of 2002, two other Jesuit universities, Georgetown University in Washington, DC, the oldest Jesuit College, and St. Louis University will join our Jesuit Scholars programme. Each will be offering a full scholarship next year to one of our lucky graduates.

Work has begun on the digging of a new well on the campus of St.G.C., in the front yard of the old Jesuit residence. The old well, built in the early 1970's collapsed last year, forcing the school to cut back on watering its green campus, and relying on costly city water. The fields and lawns have since become brown, but it is hoped that the new well will be operational by July. The Jesuits of Jamaica, joined by the Jesuits of Boston, have funded the new well.

The Information Technology Committee has initiated a drive to build a second Computer Laboratory on the second floor of the School Library. Plans are being drawn up to have the new lab ready by the Fall of 2001, which would allow all students to have access to computers from the day they enter First Form. With only one lab, access is currently limited to the Upper Form students. Also in the works is the desire to make the Internet available to faculty/ staff and all students. A Campaign to "Buy a Computer for St.G.C." has been launched, and donors are being sought for only US$1,000, you can have your name boldly imprinted on the computer you would provide for a St.G.C. student. Any potential donors out there??

Vandalism marred the campus on the week after Easter, as the Upper Forms bathrooms were severely damaged. The bathrooms had just been refurbished this past summer, and all seven of the urinals were smashed as well as several toilets.

Police were called in to investigate the incident. The investigation is ongoing, and so far no one has been implicated.

In response to the growing violence and vandalism in the corporate area of Kingston, including the stabbing death of a Kingston College student last week, the Fifth Formers of St. George's joined Kingston College, Alpha and other area schools in a Peace March on May 11. A couple hundred students marched from St.G.C.'s campus to Heroes' Park where a rally was held with many speeches.

The academic year is now drawing to a close with the Fifth Form and Sixth Form soon leaving by Mid-May to begin their full-study for External Examinations. New this year in External Exams is the initiation of the CAPE programme, which will soon replace the A' Level examinations for Sixth Form students (designed for the Caribbean, in the same way that CXC replaced the O' Level examinations) One feature of the CAPE exam is that they are taken in two installments, one set at the end of the first year of Sixth Form (6-1) and the second set at the end of the second year of Sixth Form (6-2).

That's all from the small island in the Caribbean this month. Remember us all in your thoughts and prayers as we close the school year.

Ted Dziak, S.J.


Mass & Communion Breakfast
Sunday March 25


Chris Chin

There was a good turn out in support of our Mass and communion breakfast this year, held for the first time at St. Aidan's Church on Finch Ave. E. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Joe Fenech, with deacons Patrick Chang and Peter Rickards, fellow Georgians, assisting. This is Deacon Patrick's home Church and he delivered a most moving sermon by Alex Vernon.  The offering was taken up by Chris Chin, social director and his daughter Jessica, with JoJo, wife of Youth membership Director Danny HoLung and their son Darius.

There was a late start to the breakfast due to the fact that the hall accommodates the overflow of parishioners during Mass.  However over 80 Georgians and their families waited patiently and felt they were well compensated by the sumptuous meal featuring the traditional Jamaican breakfast: mackerel and bananas.  Thanks to Vivienne Nelson of Island Catering. There was a much socializing and the pictures tell it all.

Darius & Mom, JoJo HoLung, Chris Chin and daughter Jessica

Melanie Chin

Maxine Chin with grandson, Joshua and Jeanette Chin (right) with granddaughter, Amanda
Lipton, Sthephanie & Shirley Wong

Patrick Lee, Keith Lowe, Eddie Chin

Lloyd Chung lifting Stanley Chin to new heights.

Butty Wong, Shaun & Laurie Wilson with daughters Jocelyn (partly hidden) & Tyrah

Peter Rickards Francis Rutty, Ernest King,
 Diana Rickards, Donna Rutty, Janet King and Jonathan Rutty

Worshippers at the communion mass. In front, readers - Stanley Chin & Alex Vernon

Joe, Robbie, Heather & Alex Vernon; seated Paul & Elaine Bunting

Lloyd Chung, Buskie Charley, Ray Chang, Fulford Chin Choy & Don Barnett

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