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Good & True ...issue# 32...Nov., 2001

News from North Street

Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.

A stress on academics and on discipline - This is the theme carried into the new school year, as the campus of St. George’s College again filled with newly arrived First Form students joining the ranks of their fellow Georgians. Each year a new crop of young First Formers walk through the gates, replacing the students who have now moved on. In addition to the new students, a large turnover in staffing has brought many new faces in the faculty and administration, starting at the school’s academic helm with our new Principal, Mr. Lloyd Fearon arriving on campus this summer. Having returned in late July from two years of advanced study in educational administration at Boston College, Mr Fearon moved right into the office of retiring Principal (Acting), Mr. Van Hitchener on August 1. The Old Boys recently sponsored a reception for all faculty/ staff and friends thanking Mr. Hitchener and welcoming Mr. Fearon.

New faces, new energy, new enthusiasm. The volume of work never paused for the new Principal as admissions, new teacher hiring and academic curriculum changes filled his first days. Adding to the newness at the highest levels, Mr. Fearon has been joined by three new members of the Administrative Team: Mrs. Suzette Mullings-Douglas, the new Academic Vice-Principal for the Upper Forms, Mr. Alvin A. Lawson, our new Vice-Principal for Student affairs, and the new Dean of Students, Br. Ainsworth Walker, S.J., who arrived on campus a year ago from his theological and education studies in Canada. When you add a new Sportsmaster and a new Sixth Form Dean along with over 25 newly hired teachers, you realize how radical a change in staffing has occurred in just one year.

Change seems to be the order of the day, as a new Code of Behavior was approved that tightened and modernized the disciplinary code for the school. Each morning the Dean stands at the gate watching as students arrive, making sure the school uniform is correct and school bags are filled with books. Those arriving late spend the first period picking up waste paper and garbage off the ground and fields. This new rule has radically improved arrival time and virtually eliminated tardiness. A new classier School Tie has arrived for the Sixth Form students, who are being challenged in a broadened curriculum which offers new courses such as Law, Conversational Spanish and Introduction to Ethics. The newly painted school walls on North Street catches people’s eyes as they drive past the school, making sure the newly painted purple and white of our neighboring institution across the street does not get all the attention. A new well, replacing the older collapsed well which had been inoperable for almost 18 months, has finally brought back the green grass fields on Winchester Park and Emmet Park. The Lower Form School buildings have been painted while the Chaplain Industrial Arts buildings also sports a new blue and white look. Food for the Poor donated much of the paint, as well as some new desks and partitions for offices and classrooms. The campus is looking nice and clean as the new academic year begins.

Work began this summer on a new computer laboratory for lower form students, located on the second floor of the Library. The new Laboratory will be called the Father Tom Brodley, S.J. Computer Laboratory, named after the Jesuit who gave so many of his years to St. George’s College. Father Brodley died of cancer just three years ago. The walls have been constructed, computer tables ordered, and wiring is being completed. Missing however is the hardware as funds still need to be raised. A "Buy a Computer for StGC" campaign has been established with donors needed for 40 computers to complete the lab, while 15 have already been found. It is hoped to have the new computer lab up and running by January. Located next door is the new Faculty Resource Room, which will soon be the expanded IT facility for use exclusively by faculty, with new computers, printer and scanner, and soon internet connections for all faculty. It has been completed thanks to a major gift by Old Boy Harry Anderson, now living in California.

Fr.Ted Dziak, Van Hitchener, Herman Athias & Lloyd Fearon, Headmaster

                   Camp St. George was held on campus for the second time in August, with over 250 children attending the two week Camp. The Camp is an outreach of the school into the neighborhood and children from all of the local area primary schools were invited to participate with incoming StGC First form students. Thirteen volunteers from the U.S. were joined by thirteen Jamaican teachers and academics were held each morning and sports each afternoon. In addition, Boston College High School sent five of its students to join StGC Sixth Formers to serve as prefects at the camp. All in all a successful summer outreach.

The Old Boys of Jamaica took on the task of fully funding the Manning Cup Team with its new coach, Dr. Lascelve ("Muggy") Graham. While it failed to achieve the success it sought this year, the team is still in its rebuilding stages. The younger Pepsi and Colts teams have been powerfully successful and it looks like future Manning Cup will soon have some outstanding young football stars in the near future from these younger teams. Track and Field star Tefsa Laddie has been winning every meet in sight, and recently returned from an invitational meet in Italy.

Maradona, the Argentine football great, was the guest on StGC’s campus as the annual Bell/Zaidie match was held on Heroes Day, October 15. He was joined on the Emmet Park field by West Indies cricketer Courtney Walsh as well a host of sports stars and celebrities.

That's the latest from your alma mater in the small island in Caribbean. As we move through the academic year, please remember us all in your prayers and thoughts. A.M.D.G.

Ted Dziak, S.J.

Message from the President, Jamaica chapter


Herman Athias






Greetings fellow Georgians. It is over nine months since I became President of the Jamaica Chapter of the organization. It has been very challenging, exciting and, at times, frustrating.

Members of the executive are as follows:

President:                        Mr. Herman Athias
Vice-President:                Mr. Peter Chang
Secretary:                        Mr. Michael Chai
Asst. Secretary:               Mr. St. Alusha McKetty
Treasurer:                        Mr. Dennis Lawton
Asst. Treasurer:               Mr. Anthony Franklin
Past President:                 Mr. Charles Williams
Moderator:                      Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.                                          

Executive Council: Deacon Clive Chambers, Mr. Michael Chuck, Mr. Courtney Currie, Mr. Bruce DeSouza , Deacon Trevor Graham, Mr. Laurence Heffes, Mr. Errol Huie, Mr. Richard Hutchinson, Mr. Colin Lee, Fr. Michael Lewis, Mr. Fredrick Russell, Mr. Barrington Smith, Mr. Andrew Thomas, and Mr. Alexander Williams.

We have had a number of events/activities this year. Most of them have been well supported by Old Boys, Wives and other well wishers. In February we had our Communion Breakfast. That was followed by the Annual re-union dinner in April; the class of 1976 took the spotlight.  July we had our annual Golf tournament.

We are now making preparations for the Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Awards Banquet. The banquet will be held on December 1, 2001 at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston. This year we are honoring Francis (Pancho) Rankine (class of 1935) and Ambassador Anthony Hill (class of 1954). For details check the website

 In June Peter Chang and I visited our Canadian brothers. We had a great meeting. I thank all of my brothers and their families for the fantastic hospitality. The annual family dinner was great and I had the opportunity to see a classmate of mine, Gordon Chin, for the first time since we graduated. I expect both chapters to work harder (together) to support George’s and build the Global Old Boys association.

The executives had a retreat in March. In addition to the executives in attendance were the Principal, Mr. Van Hitchener, a teacher, Mr. Jackson, student, Colin Blackwood, a guidance counsellor; Mr. Walker and the president of the Home School Association, Mr. Cuthbert Lloyd an Old Boy. It was a very good retreat. We were able to identify several issues and generated a lot of good ideas. As an outcome we identified eight areas/programs that we wanted to focus on. We later reduced the list to four. They are as follows: (1) Mentoring Program (students and teachers) (2) Finance (3) Sports (4) Membership and Events

Most of the work, in all four areas, is at the embryonic stage. The mentoring program has spurred a lot of interest. We are hoping we can have a formal mentoring program launched next year.

When I became President my number one goal/objective was to work towards bringing the different interest groups, associated with St. George’s, together. So far I have failed.

Our Alma Mater is at a critical juncture. The demographics have changed significantly. There are several organizations, associated with the school, that are trying to make a positive difference. Each organization has its own set of goals and objectives and at times we end up working at cross-purposes. We need a common strategy. Before we can develop that strategy we must have some form of unity. Over the next several months we will continue to strive for that unity and common strategy.

Paul & Peter Bitter and Cuthbert Lloyd lost their moms in October, condolences go out to them.

AMDG. Light Blue and White forever.

Herman Athias

Family Dinner, June 16th Milliken Mills

Percy Lowe Ching, Gerald Lew, Ray Jackson, Derek Hadad and Uncle P, (Pat Ferguson)

With three high profile guest speakers: Fr Winchester SJ, Van Hitchener headmaster and Herman Athias, president of the Jamaica chapter, the audience of 119 were in for a triple treat.  They were well informed by Van, on the situation at the school, with his talk punctuated with generous bits of humour, and an exhortation to donate computer, which would have the sponsor's name on it.  Herman's outline of his vision for the future and thoughts on a mentoring programme stirred much interest.

Fr. Winchester delivered a spiritually uplifting talk in which he reminded us of Pope John Paul II's message that each of us is the 8th Sacrament - the only one a non believer can receive, and of the richness in all our lives which is the gift of God to reveal.  It's not only priests and nuns who communicate God's presence in the world; we ourselves have a role to play.

Deacon Peter Rickards, Fr. Winchester & Van Hitchener

The hall was beautifully decorated in the blue and white school colours and president Warren thanked the executive for their support throughout the year and great work in organizing this event with special kudos to Stanley Chin and his decoration committee, and Chris Chin and the social committee. He also congratulated Robbie on the excellent quality of the newsletters which had seen readership interest increase significantly in Canada, the States and Jamaica.

Also up to the event was Peter Chang, vice president of the Jamaica chapter. Our distinguished guests had much to reminisce about as they reacquainted themselves with Toronto Georgians, many of whom they hadn't seen in years. 

Peter Chang, Herman Athias, Van Hitchener & Don Barnett

Highlight of the evening was the announcement of the $1,000 scholarship Award to Nicole Charley. In an impromptu address Lisbeth Haddad congratulated the association for providing these scholarships as they were of great help to Canadian families in their efforts to provide higher education for their children.  The executive provided gifts to the overseas guests.

Of note and particularly gratifying was the number of younger Georgians who showed up. This augurs well for the future.

Robbie Vernon 

Robbie & Heather Vernon & mom Veronica Gibson

Daniel & JoJo HoLung & son Darius

Stanley Chin & Jennifer Barnett

Patrick Haddad & Ray Chang

Three young Georgians flanked by Skedron at left and Lloyd Chung and Derrick Melville (Mello) at right


Michael Brandon, Tony Chin & Errol Williams

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