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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 33...Feb., 2002

Me and Miss Lou

Lloyd Chung

As I softly knocked on the door, I kept thinking about how I was going to address this icon of the Jamaican entertainment world, a hero of mine as far back as I can remember,

The Rt. Hon. Mrs. Louise Bennett-Coverley, O.J.

'Come in', came a familiar voice, and as the door opened and I stood face to face with a living legend, all that came out of my mouth was 'Miss Lou'.

I had gone by to see the grand lady for just a few minutes, the most - half an hour, but nobody can resist the charm and virtual magnetism of Miss Lou, and a couple of hours flitted by.

"Miss Lou" with our Lloyd Chung.

We talked on end for quite sometime. She educated me in Pantomime history that I previously knew nothing about, reeling off names and incidents that seemed so far away and yet so near.

This gracious lady is a great storyteller.

Eric Coverley

Then we started singing, and even if I cheat a bit when I tell my grandchildren about meeting Miss Lou, I most certainly will say that I sang with this internationally famous lady.

      We sang 'Evening Time', a song she co-wrote with Barbara Ferland, 'The Buggy Bruk', and quite a few more.

      I also had the pleasure of meeting her husband, Mr. Eric Coverley, the famous showman-impressario, who displayed an artistic talent that I never knew about. He showed me some of his drawings, which were quite impressive.  

I finally had to leave as I had a meeting planned at another venue, but I certainly had the greatest excuse for being late, and quite a story for my grandchildren.

Lloyd Chung  

News from North Street

Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.

The academic year seems to be racing past as the first semester ended with a flurry of busyness at Christmastime.   With the new principal Lloyd Fearon and his newly revamped team of administrators firmly in place, their newness wore off and the real changes began to take place.  Discipline continued to remain a high priority firmly in place with the new Dean of Students roaming the campus and guarding the gate for late-comers.

Students arriving after the start of the first class now have to pick up paper on school grounds until the start of the next class.  Lateness has fallen dramatically.  

The annual Prize Giving Ceremony honoured the students from the previous year with Track & Field sprinter Tefsa Latty receiving the "Athlete of the Year" and Sixth Former Nicholas Grant receiving the trophy for the highest academic average.   The "Ignatius Old Boy of the Year" went to Donovan Chen See, Vice-Chairman of the Board, strong benefactor and friend of StGC.  "Teacher of the Year" went to Spanish teacher Colleen Jackman.  

The new semester started with a talk to the whole faculty on Jesuit Education given by Old Boy Barry Chevannes, who challenged the assembled teachers to teach the whole student, become a mentor and pick up where the Jesuits have laid the foundation.  It was a well received and inspiring talk.

Two new Jesuits have joined the staff - Br. Andre Bambara, S.J. from Bakina Faso in Africa has started teaching religious education and French.

Andre will do his Jesuit regency at St. George's College and spend two years in Jamaica.  Arriving for the spring semester is Jesuit novice Juan Miguel Marin who will teach Spanish and work in the ministry programme.

The drive to raise forty computers by January was not successful, and so the opening of the new Father Thomas Brodley, S.J. Computer Laboratory had to be delayed until the summer.  Donors are still needed to "Buy A Computer for StGC"  so the school can open its second laboratory and make information technology available to the whole school.     This did not stop an innovative academic programme, which has been initiated by teacher Antoinette Dixon.  The Computer Aided Learning Centre (CALC), allowing various subjects to be taught using software was started with the initiation of the teaching mathematics using a new math software programme.   It is hoped that once the new computer laboratory comes on line this summer, more classes can be taught using computer-aided instruction.

Sixth Form has been going through a complete overhaul with the new Sixth Form Dean, Marsha Anderson.  The Sixth Form programme, now called a Pre-University programme, has added new courses, changed its academic year from three to two semesters, initiated a new grading system and new report cards, and the school will now be awarding a new Pre-University Diploma upon completion of particular requirements.    It is hoped to slowly move the Sixth Form Pre-University programme slowly into a junior college, allowing its students to receive university credit for its A' level Courses.  The Ministry has also begun the gradual replacement of the A' level examinations with a new Caribbean-wide external examination called CAPE.  Within a couple of years, this new examination will replace the A' level exams completely.  

Headmaster Lloyd Fearon and Librarian Koren Witter-Thomas 
examine books recently donated to the College.

Hundreds of books were donated to the StGC Carter library from two major benefactors. The Rangoonwala Founda-tion of London, England donated over 500 new books that ranged from novels to reference books to A' & O' level examination texts.  The gift was facilitated by Old Boy Pokar Chandiram.    Also arriving this month was a large shipment of 18 cartons of books from the Hope United Methodist Church of Southfield, Michigan.   This very generous gift was facilitated by Old Boy Francis Price.   These books are very welcome gifts that will fill the empty shelves of our ever-growing library.

Boston College (BC) will initiate a new retreat programme at StGC called Kairos.   The programme is very popular in the U.S., and a team of BC students is arriving in March to assist StGC build this new Kairos retreat, and run its first retreat.   The StGC Ministry programme has adopted Holy Family primary school and is focussing much of its work tutoring the primary school students and assisting in sports.   Students continue to give their time and efforts to the local community.

Students from StGC's choir have been invited to sing in an all-secondary school choir for the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Jamaica's shores in March.

StGC will have the largest contingent.

Sports begin afresh with the StGC swimming team continuing its winning ways of last season despite losing many star swimmers.   Barely missing first place, we came in 2nd in the major ISSA swim meet, and another 2nd in the Mayberry meet (beaten by sister Jesuit school Campion.)   We have high hopes for future secondary school meets.   Cricket has started its winning ways again, with our team winning its first two Grace Shield games and hoping to do well this season.   Basketball and rugby, unfortunately, were unable to make it to the final rounds of tournaments.  Track and Field is just about to begin its season, and hopes are high for a young but very talented team.

That's the latest from the blue and white in the small island of Jamaica!  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers in this election year, as we pray for a quiet, fair and safe election in Jamaica.

Ted Dziak, S.J.

Message from the President, Jamaica chapter

Herman Athias

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  We just had our Annual General Meeting on January 29, and the 2002 elected officers are: President - Herman Athias; Vice-Pres. - Bruce D'Souza; Secretary - Courtney Currie; Asst. Secy. - St. Alusha McKetty; Treasurer - Dennis Lawton ; Asst. Treas. - Anthony Franklin; Past Pres. - Charles Williams.

In the next issue of the newsletter I will be able to share our plans for this year. There are some activities, like the

mentor program, that we must implement before the start of the next school term.

Our annual communion breakfast will be held on March 10 in the school's auditorium. The annual re-union dinner will be held on April 27, and on April 28 we will have our golf tournament. We are creating a calendar of events. As soon as it is available we will share it with you.

February 12 is sports day and I have been assured by all that my house, Campion, will be the champions. Sorry Regis, Bellarmine and Loyola members. In my next report I will tell you who came second and third.

The cricket season is underway. I understand we have a very good team. I will provide information on our performance later.

Have a great year.  Light blue and white forever.  AMDG

Herman Athias

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