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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 33...Feb. 2002

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

On March 7, 1984, a steering committee of 6 old boys held its inaugural meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a chapter of the Old Boys' association here in Ontario, Canada. After extensive deliberation, the group felt positive that the creation of a chapter would be a good thing, and would

definitely serve a great purpose. And so it came to pass, that an inaugural general meeting was arranged for April 29, 1984.

 That year, there were 150 old boys on the mailing list. Eighteen years later, the Association's Ontario chapter, stronger than ever, boasts over 700 on our mailing list. March 24th at 1:30 p.m. is the AGM at St.Aidan's Catholic Church, 3501 Finch Ave East, Scarborough, between Birchmount & Warden). Come out and support your candidate, or better yet, be a candidate and be supported.

Did you know that candles won't burn down as fast, if you keep them in the freezer for an hour before lighting?

Our sincere condolences to old boy Owen Cooke, whose dear mother passed away on January 30th. That said, now's a good time to ask you to do something special. Stop reading for a minute. Look over at your loved one. Just for a moment, imagine that he or she is no longer here on earth with you. Just for a moment, think of not being able to experience all the nice things he or she normally does for you, and not ever being able to do the nice things that you both normally do together. Now, snap out of that thought, go over to that person, give him or her a hug, and tell him/her you love him/her. Take the time to appreciate that he or she is still here with you, cause you are one lucky guy. Stop and smell the roses that bloom daily in your family every now and again.

I need to see all of you and your families at our Communion Brunch on April 14th. Call and buy a ticket from me (see article on the event). Come and be with old friends, cheer on the recipient of this year's old boys' scholarship.  Come and spend some time with Fr. Hosie, this year's guest, and be amazed at how well he looks after his illness last year. Gosh, he reminds me of Dick Clark, timeless!!

Saay, I guess you know that money can't buy happiness, right? It sure does make misery easier to live with though, doesn't it? 

Wait till you see our new web site, complete with advertisements. It is now available for access in February. In my view, Michael (Buski) Charley is to be commended on a fine job in creating this new look. Thanks Buski!! 

Fr. Quinlan is recovering quite nicely from the injury to his pelvis received from a fall last year. Prayers work - every time - right Fr. Q? You certainly had many people praying for you.

Thank God that Peter Rickards and family were not hurt when fire engulfed and demolished his home last fall. Deacon Peter will tell you that the Lord works in mysterious ways. May God continue to care for you and yours, Peter! When you all feel like complaining, just remember!! 

Congratulations to the newly elected executive in Ja at last month's annual elections. Herman Athias was elected as president once again. Good on you Herman!

Listen to me, I am not a doctor, but never, never take a sleeping pill and a laxative the same night before bed.

It's been reported that one out of every 3 people on the North American continent suffers from mental illness. Think of your 2 best friends, if they are well, then you are definitely not!!

I ask your prayers for Winston Cooke, as he went under the knife last week, and is reported to be coming along. Also, for Derrick Potopsingh, whose illness is quite persistent and is certainly trying his patience.  In my view, a phone call from you could do wonders for their well being.

Before I go, I will leave you with this one. A man went to the doctor to get a physical. After the doctor examined him, he told the man he had some bad news... that he had Cancer and Alzheimer's.  The man took a long deep breath, sighed and exclaimed, '' Well doctor,  at least I don't have cancer.''

A Gannneeee!!!!!!


Communion Breakfast

Every three or four years, members of your Executive Committee review their roles, the annual events of the association, and the direction the organization should take in the near future. Last fall, the Committee decided to meld the Family Dinner and Communion Breakfast together as a single event. One of the main reasons for doing this, was that several members mentioned they were unable to attend both functions, then attend the Summer Ball, just a couple of months after the Family Dinner. After reviewing several alternatives, the Committee decided to combine both the Breakfast and the Dinner.

April 14, 2002 will ring in the birth of the new Communion Brunch, with special guest, Fr. Jim Hosie, S.J.  who will deliver a special mass - special - in the sense that it's really for old boys and their families. Immediately following will be a scrumptious brunch, then the awarding of our Old Boys' Scholarship to some upstanding youngster. Several fantastic gate prizes for lucky ticket attendees will be drawn. A special supervised room will be available for smaller children to play games, etc. But most of all, the camaraderie will be worth the price of a ticket.

Several old boys (whom we don't see very often) show up at these events, and it's always a pleasure for us to see them and their families once again. Bring your wife, children, mother, father, uncle and aunt.  It's guaranteed that they will see someone they know and haven't seen in years.

Don't miss this special Annual Family Event. Come and prove to the Executive that they made the right decision. Tickets go on sale February 15th.  Please call any Executive Member and order yours now. Their telephone numbers are listed in this newsletter.

Where: Milliken Mills Recreation Centre

Address: 7600 Kennedy Rd, Markham (North of Denison)

Date: Sunday, April 14, 2002, 12 noon

Price per Ticket: $20.00 ea.

Children under 12 years of age: Free

See you there!!

Neil Dalhouse 


Check our Website:

Check out our Website:

Register your Email address on the site- this allows you to direct Email to anyone on the list. Kudos here to Buski Charley for the fantastic job he's done. The site, in addition to covering our exciting events, has access to all our newsletters - in colour. Do you know that we have registered over 9029 sessions on our website since May last year? There are significant numbers logging on from all States in the USA, all across Canada as well from the U.K, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Jamaica. News to us, but there are Georgians checking in from Japan, China, France, Norway, Chile, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey- None yet from Afghanistan. Buski is able to track what was looked at and even the issues of the newsletters, which are big items of interest. A big hit was the #27 December 1999 issue covering the visit to our former teachers at the Jesuit Retirement centre in Weston, Massachusetts. Banners which allow links to websites of advertisers are available.  Just email us on the site for more information.

Please drop us a email if you read this Newsletter online.

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