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Good & True ...issue# 34...July, 2002

Meet Our Scholarship winner
Nicole Look Hong

Our distinguished panel of Georgians Dr. Louis Lee, Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong and Dr Keith Lowe had a difficult time selecting from five top quality candidates. It is at times like this that we wish we had the resources to help more and this is where your dues and support to our fundraisers are so important. We urge all unsuccessful candidates to re-apply next year.

Nicole receiving $1000 scholarship cheque from Robbie Vernon

The winner this year Nicole Look Hong envisions life as an opportunity to combine all passions, talent and environment into one fulfilling combination. To quote her 'I have discovered that life is certainly too short not to explore all my talents at once - one always learns best through a multitude of experiences. My life is no exception.'
A great beneficiary and extoller of family values, Nicole has excelled not only academically but also in the field of Arts and in Community work. She is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from Queens University. While at Queens she was awarded the four year Grace Adelia Ashbaugh scholarship that was awarded not only on the basis of academic excellence, but also on her participation and commitment to cultural, community, artistic and athletic endeavours.
Nicole is now a second year medical student at the University of Toronto, considering a career in Obstetrics & Gynecology.
I quote again from Nicole 'I have discovered that a friendly air, a warm smile and an open heart can often make a remarkable difference in the daily lives of the sick patients. Every week I leave the hospital with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I may have made a difference in someone's day. This is an extraordinary feeling that always reinforces my drive to give back to the community the sense of pride and usefulness that I have received.'
Doesn't that sound like an excellent doctor in the making? Nicole, we look forward to great things from you, and we know you will continue being an excellent role model for our Canadian youth.
Nicole's proud parents are William and Jeanne Look Hong of Owen Sound, Ontario.

Robbie Vernon

News from North Street

Fr. Ted Dziak, S.J.

It was a day of mixed feelings for the 230 Fifth Form Students who walked down the aisle for the St. George's College Valedictory Service in the Cathedral on May 12. Surrounded by faculty, family and friends, the ceremony marked the end of classes for these students and the end of their StGC life. While Graduation and Sixth Form School-Leaving still lay ahead, the Class of 2002 exited the Cathedral wearing their blue and white, humming the school song, departing with a.m.d.g. deeply ingrained in their hearts, and are now ready to move into the next chapter in their lives. External examinations still fill the stressed minds of upper form students, yet another batch of Georgians have begun their walk through the StGC gates onto North Street and the world that lies beyond. 

Fifth Form Students enter Cathedral for their valedictory Service

StGC is a bit different world than that of Old Boys of past (perhaps a little more globally connected with computers, internet and cable TV. Basketball has joined Cricket and Manning Cup as prime sports, and Information Technology is currently the hot career goal. True that the neighborhoods from which many come are troubled and violent prone. But the young school-leavers are filled with the same dreams of conquering the world that lies before them, similar fears and great expectations of all Georgians of years passed. Some will continue with higher education, some will emigrate abroad; others will hopefully enter the world of employment, seeking the path to happiness and prosperity. 

L-R: Mr. Anthony Wood, Director of operations, St.G.C., Fr. Dziak and Mr. Lloyd Fearon, headmaster receiving chairs for the auditorium.

As we come to the end of our academic year, it's a good time to look back, for it has been a good year, our 152nd. We continue to be surprised by the energy of our teachers and staff, and the enthusiasm of our students despite the troubled world of these past twelve months and the tough economic times on the island. The year started with a new principal, Lloyd Fearon, who arrived fresh from graduate studies in Boston, and he was surrounded by several other new administrators. We were initially fearful when we realized that over 25 of our faculty were leaving, only to be happily pleased by the community of skilled teachers that were recruited to replace those that left. From creative new Sixth Form curriculum to a strengthening of discipline and supervision, the academic year has ended in a positive trend.
We have had our struggles. Academically we still yearn for more CXC and A- level passes; we still seek to improve our physical plant; and we still have great financial issues to deal with in an economy racked by unemployment and violence. We initially had hoped to open our new Fr. Thomas Brodley, S.J. computer laboratory by January, but had to delay due to a failure to raise the necessary funds. However we are proud to announce we have almost reached our goal and are only five short of our goal of 40, thanks to the strong boost of the Old Boys Association of Jamaica, Canada, and the StGC Class of 1977. Due to the strong support of so many Old Boys and their families in Canada, we were able to purchase 600 chairs for the Issa Auditorium. We've been so short of chairs that whenever there was a whole school assembly, almost half have had to stand. Now we can let those young students rest their weary legs with the new chairs, just delivered with the added assistance of Food for the Poor. 

Under 14 all island Basketball Champions with Coach Clifford Brown at right.

In Sports, the school has had a mixed year. Despite a losing season in Manning Cup filled with so many near misses, Coach Muggy Graham was successful in his emphasis of building character, and succeeded in raising a positive spirit among the football youth. The younger Colts and Pepsi football teams reached their respective semifinals, so the future is bright. A new coach has just been named for the 2002 Manning season, and Old Boy Andre Bell now takes the reins. The Cricket team reached the finals in the Grace Shield and Knock-out competitions, while the swim team was a strong contender in virtually every meet, and ended the season nationally ranked second, being bested only by sister Campion College. Not bad for a school without a pool. The Track & Field team sent a team to compete in the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, USA for the first time in years. The surprise of the year was the young under-14 Basketball team who stunned nearly everyone (except the coach) by winning the ISSA tournament and followed by beating country Manchester to win the all-island Bas-ketball title. And they did with their best player sitting on the bench due to a disciplinary infraction. The future is bright for StGC hoopsters.

Boston College and St. George's College join together to hold StGC first Kairos retreat.

The Arts continue to bloom with the school choir again winning medals in the national arts festival, with solos, drummers and even our own dub poet winning and bringing home medals. The highlight of the choir season was being invited to sing before Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at King's House on their visit in March. Campus ministry improved this past year with the addition of new retreat called Kairos, which has been a successful programme in a majority of the Jesuit high schools in the U.S. A team from Boston College arrived in March to help facilitate the first retreat, and this new student-run retreat has brought a fresh new spirit to the school. The Volunteer Service programme expanded when StGC adopted a local primary school, Holy Family Primary School, and sent students over regularly to tutor and work with the young children from the corporate Kingston area. Throughout the corporate Kingston area, Georgians support the community with trips to visit the elderly, read to the blind, and tutor young primary students. Camp St. George will initiate its third year of operation when we open the campus in August to over 250 local primary school children to educational and sports activities, assisted by local teachers, volunteers from abroad and Sixth Form prefects. 
Lots of other new initiatives have happened: two 'Father & Son' days allowed dozens of fathers to interact and come together in discussion, play and community on the campus. A new IT faculty laboratory opened, allowing for new information technology educational initiatives and internet access for all faculty/staff. The library has computerized its card catalogue, and with new volumes from recent donations, it has increased its presence on campus. The Jesuit Scholars programme has expanded by adding Georgetown University in Washington, DC to its list of Jesuit universities offering our graduates a scholarship. Emmett Park is being renovated and blue and white is showing up in new paint projects all over the campus.

New Jesuit Scholars Stephen Davidson (LeMoyne)
 and Nicholas Grant (Georgetown)

We look forward to the summer as we pause to prepare ourselves for another year in September. We hope to expand our communication with our Old Boys and friends and have updated our school web site ( and encourage all to visit regularly to stay tuned to the latest news and happenings. We hope to have our own e-newsletter soon, and urge all to register for this on our website. The next Hall of Fame awards dinner will be held on the first weekend of October with Byron Lee leading the entertainment at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston. Plan on coming! We will be announcing a new development campaign soon, and we hope to let everyone know of this sometime in the not-so-distant future. We need your support and your interest and we hope that this will continue as strong as ever. 
Always keep in mind, the young men following in your footsteps, all in the greater glory of God. Ted Dziak, S.J., President
(photos courtesy Fr. Dziak & website, Check out the site)

Ted Dziak, S.J.

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