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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 35...Dec., 2002

Meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As I think how much we in Jamaica identified with the struggles in South Africa and the high esteem held for its giants, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I thought I would share with you, one of the treasured moments of my life, and that is the meeting with Nobel Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah.

It was at a gala Awards function at Toronto's Royal Bank tower put on by the South African Women for Women, to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of Canadian women in various fields of endeavour. Among those honoured were Dr. Jean Augustine, Minister for the Status of Women and Multiculturalism and Humber College professor Saab Desai.

I was invited because of my involvement with the Royal Bank's Black Diversity committee and the meeting was an unexpected privilege.

My uncle once told me 'you can judge the quality of a person, by the way he treats 'little people' ". And amidst all the executive pomp and handshaking with senior VPs and Government officials, I thought of this as his face lit up in grasping my hand - he made me feel as if I was the important person - as if the honor was his. One looking on might have thought from his enthusiasm that we had known each other all our lives - had played marbles together as kids. His self assurance and humility needed no external props to boost his ego. As a child of God, he knew who he really was, and exuded sincerity and a charm and good humour amidst the harsher realities of his later message on the immense problems in the post election South Africa.

As the speeches were going on, all eyes were on the two who sat quietly, often holding hands, and it was obvious the significant role played by his wife Leah in his life. He would occasionally look to her as if asking for approval when the women flocked to hug him.

Let’s for a moment reflect and be truthful and ask ourselves who are the real decision makers in our family and while doing this I will share with you his joke for the evening:

"At the gates to the kingdom of heaven," he said, "there were two large banners: one read, 'Enter here all you who are dominated by your wives (henpecked)'. The other read 'Enter here all you who dominate your wives'. As at the entry point to heaven one would expect truthfulness, there was no doubt where the line up was. St Peter in looking out saw the usual, but this time was somewhat surprised to see one man in the other line ‘Enter here all you who dominate your wives’ and he said to him ‘What are you doing here?’

The man looked up, and said ‘I don't know - my wife told me to come over here’ ‘You should have seen the expression on the diminutive Archbishop Tutu's face when he delivered the punchline.

 Robbie Vernon

Annual Picnic


Milton Hart

August 18, 2002.  Annual Picnic Organized by the St. George's College Old Boys Association, and the Immaculate Conception High School and Alpha Academy Alumnae Associations.

            Coming together is a beginning.

            Keeping together is progress.

            Working together is success.

- Henry Ford

The above-stated quote perfectly describes the relationship that the alumnae of Immaculate Conception, Alpha and St. George's College enjoy in Canada.

As separate units, these organizations function tremendously well in providing assistance to their respective schools in Jamaica, supporting fellow members and their families living in Canada, and creating further awareness of their organization at home and abroad.

As a team, the sky is indeed the limit.

One of many success stories orchestrated by these organizations is their annual picnic that brings families and friends together. It also brings long-lost (and maybe in some cases, forgotten) friends out of the woodwork. It was indeed good for me to see some Jamaican friends after "many donkey years" (as they say in Jamaica).

Don B. bows. Deacon Patrick looks confused.

"Wait, a you dat? A lang time me nu si yu. Mek we siddung an talk". This is a quote, or words to this effect, that I heard from many who attended.

Great food, entertaining activities (sometimes even very funny), and laughter were the order of the day as kids, teens and adults were well catered to. Domino games, a "fierce" volleyball match, lime-and-spoon races, water-balloon tosses were just a part of the fun.

 While everyone who attended (and even some who could not be there) played an important part in bringing-about the success of the event, there are some names that must be mentioned. Yvonne Lyew of Immaculate, Karen Yee of Alpha, Patrick Garel, Milton Hart and Eddie Chin of St. George's staffed the picnic-planning committee and did a stellar job in organizing the day's activities. 

The only aspect of the picnic that these individual could not take credit for was the great weather that the good Lord provided. The 25-plus Celsius temperature and sunny skies seemingly set the tone for a day that I will not forget any time soon.

I will see you at the same place and time next year. 

Milton Hart 

St.G.C. 2002 Manning Cup Season


To say the least, the 2002 St. George's College (StGC) Manning Cup season ending in the first round was a major disappointment for the players, coaching staff, administration, and supporters. 

After the Kingston College (KC) game sealed our fate, the look of shock and dismay was everywhere; some players broke down and got very emotional. This was our first loss of the season and it was a game we needed to win to ensure our advance to the quarterfinal stage of the competition. The players had to be calmed down so we sat them down and assured them that although we lost the game, we had nothing to be ashamed of as we played a good game and that we should walk off the field with our heads high as we are a young team with a bright future. 

The expectation for the 2002 season was very high, therefore the disappointment was great when we were eliminated by KC, our archrivals. The season ended with 4 wins, 1 loss, and 5 ties. If we had won just one of the tie games, we would have advanced from the first round. We could have and should have won the two home games we drew but we didn't and KC, leading the zone, stepped up their game in the second half after soaking up lots of pressure from us in the first half and got the winning goal five minutes from the end. 

What was a disappointing end to the 2002 Manning Cup season could be reasonably described as a fairly successful season relative to teams of the recent past. We scored 35 goals and allowed only 7. We lost one game and won four. Not bad for a first year program where most of the players are eligible to return. But therein lies the challenge. 

Leading goal-scorers for the season were Mitchily Waul with 15 goals and 3 hat tricks and Akeeli Martin with 8 goals and 2 hat tricks. Howard Fisher, our starting goalkeeper allowed only 6 goals for the season while Kevin Brown, backup keeper, allowed one. Standouts on defense were Dane Smith, Ainsley Deer, Aldene Crew, and Joel Freckleton while Mitchily Waul, Dwayne Richards, and Chad Williams patrolled the midfield that accounted for over 23 goals. 

The Colts (Under-16) and Pepsi (Under-13) teams are also having a good run this year. The Colts have already qualified for the quarterfinal round with a 5-0-1 record with the only blemish being a tie with KC.  They scored 24 goals to their opponents 3. The Pepsi is also on the way to qualifying for the second round with a 3-0-1 record. They tied Jonathan Grant 0-0 and outscored their other opponents 14 goals to 1. 

Andre Bell

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