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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 36...Mar., 2003

Fall Dance Nov. 30/02

Congratulations to Social Directors Eddie Chin and Pat Garel, who did excellent spadework and, in the face of stiff competition from rival community events, managed to pull off a most enjoyable evening with, to boot, another two thousand dollars plus to our coffers.

A rich variety of music was provided by ‘Cool & Deadly’ disco and this seemed to satisfy the varying musical tastes.

Thanks to the ladies who spearheaded the special 50/50 raffle ticket sales Jennifer Barnett, Heather Vernon, Novelette Graham and, as well, Paul Bunting, who valiantly pitched in.  All in all, a job well done.

Our roving camera caught these treats for you.

Jean Williams, Novelette Graham, 
Jennifer Barnett, Virginia Yapp

Michael Charley, Eddie Chin, Pat Chang


Celina Chung

Alma & Alty Lawton (92)
 the oldest Old boy still dancing


Chris Chin & wife Charmaine

Janice & Pat Garel

Robbie Vernon

OBA Retreat

Chris Chin

Saturday, November 9th. This was not to be just another Saturday. The Directors of the Old Boys Association committed themselves to a one-day retreat to help guide and re-focus the future of the Association.

The venue was the International Plaza Hotel on Dixon Road, away from the distractions of family and friends. The facilitator was our own Herbie Phillipps who graciously accepted the challenge of guiding our thoughts and discussions while maintaining our focus so that the day would be as productive as possible.

The day started with a 20-minute exercise designed to stimulate our thoughts on how we saw each other as individuals … a potentially dangerous but also potentially eye-opening exercise, if we were honest and brave enough to speak our minds. And that we did without offending each other … little did I know that Stanley has a knee fetish. Just when you thought you knew someone, something happened to cause you to reconsider….

Herbie Phillipps conducts the retreat for the members of the executive

Having gotten us out of slumber, Herb manoeuvred the discussions around the topic and dynamics of 'The Process of Change' which he challenged us to apply to the important issues facing us as an Association.

Among the items identified as priority were:

1.            Activities to Attract the Younger Generation
2.            Increasing the number of Proactive Members, and
3.            Fundraising.

We dissected each topic with definite plans of how to approach each, reassured that we needed to address them for the continuity of the Association.

Despite the seriousness of the issues before us, Herb managed to keep it light enough to make it enjoyable and worthwhile. Thanks a million Herb. We appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

Thanks also to Past President, Derrick Potopsingh who participated and provided much needed insight on taxation matters as it related to the Association. 

The challenge now lies before us to carry on with our plans to overcome these issues.

If you have any views to share regarding these or other issues, let us hear from you.

Chris Chin

Sports Corner
Cricket, Loveyl Cricket

Milton Hart

The West Indies cricket team is presently on the African continent where its athletes are vying for supremacy in the 2003 edition of the World-Cup.

The last time the Caribbean cricketers won the championship was in 1979 during the glory days of West Indies cricket. Pundits of the game have attributed the team’s demotion to the lower echelon of cricket on factors such as migration, the advent of American culture in the Caribbean, monetary problems and an inferiority complex derived from the media (just to name a few).

I sometimes argue that these players are not playing with the same passion that their predecessors exhibited.

I also argue that the team’s situation is still salvageable and I am happy to see past West Indian players returning as a means of helping the youngsters. Wes Hall is now the president, Roger Harper has established himself as a competent coach and Viv Richards (The Master Blaster) heads the selections-committee.

Speaking of people who have returned, the prolific but often maligned Brian Lara has seemingly overcome a recent illness and is batting well. His 116 against South Africa in the opening game proved to be a match-winner.

The ever-confident Trinidadian holds world records in scoring 501 in first-class cricket and 375 runs in Test cricket.

Lara, arguably the best batsman in the world, did not have much success while he was captain of the team in the sense that his batting faltered and the team suffered many humiliating losses.

The other batsmen on the West Indian team seemingly become spectators while Lara works his magic and that situation usually leads to him being the only person to score adequate runs. When he fails, the team usually loses.

It is evident that all the batsmen contribute when Lara is absent. This might be a coincidence and may have nothing to do with Lara’s leadership ability, his attitude or the younger batsmen’s inferiority complex.

I am sincerely hoping that, if this is indeed a coincidence, it will be absent during this World Cup.

Georgians at the Olympics

Georgian, David Weller from the Class of 1973 was inducted  into ST.G.C. Hall Of Fame 2000.

Weller is the first Caribbean cyclist to win a medal in the Olympic games, and he achieved this feat in 1980 (Moscow Olympics). 

David and Donna Weller with Quintus

            "My life was consumed with cycling and weight training," he said. Weller cycled 3,000 miles a month in addition to weights and school. At the 1973 juncture, he was ready to compete in his first "Junior" event. He traveled to Europe in that year and won a cycling championship. The Gleaner featured Weller among the "10 Greatest Jamaican Athletes of the Century". He is presently a coach and in charge of Olympic Triathlon hopeful, Iona Wynter.

Milton Hart

Editor: St George’s has, in its history, produced two test players Allie Binns, wicket keeper and opening bat and Alfred Scott, spin bowler. Milton, our Sports Director, writes a weekly sports column in the Toronto Pride Newsmagazine.

St.G.C. Football
2002 and Beyond

Andre Bell

As most of you are aware by now, St. George's College had a successful season for 2002. The Colts team not only won the Colts competition but also won the All-Island U-16 trophy. Coach 'T' Campbell did a fantastic job in preparing and motivating his charges. They went undefeated for the season and deserve hearty congratulations.

The Pepsi team went 6-1-2 for the season and was eliminated in the semi-finals where they experienced their first loss, 1-2 to Wolmers. The Manning Cup team did not make it to the second round losing our only game of the season to Kingston College 1-2 in the return match at Emmet Park which we needed to win to go through. This is after tying them at K.C. 1-1 and defeating them in the Roper Cup 2-1 at Emmet Park.  The season ended with 4 wins, 1 loss, and 5 ties; a dramatic improvement over the previous year.

2002 has given me good reason to be optimistic for 2003 therefore the theme for next year will be going for 3 in 2003. I believe that if all our teams did so well in 2002 then it is not unrealistic or wishful thinking to set a goal to win all three championships.

I have been mandated to unify the football program at St.GC bringing the Pepsi, Colts, and Manning Cup teams together so that we may show consistency in playing styles and competitiveness. I plan to do so by having a Developmental Camp for all players during the off-season. Here I plan to offer instructions in basic techniques and tactics. Players will be grouped by size and ability so that our younger players will have the opportunity to try their skills against older more experienced players and may advance based on playing ability to fulfill their potential.

The Developmental Camp began late Jan. to early Feb. and will last through the end of May. Training sessions will be conducted one to two evenings after school and on Saturday mornings. At the end of the camp, players will be selected for the Pepsi, Colts, and manning Cup squads which will begin training for the 2003 season in middle to late July.

If time and resources permit, I would also like for us to host a spring tournament with local youth and high school teams as well as at least one foreign team. A tournament and preseason warm-up are being planned for the summer.  We are also planning a Summer Camp and fund raiser for players who need additional work on their game. The camp will be open to outsiders and will be advertised overseas to see if we can attract youngsters for the cultural and football experience.

I know I can count on you Georgians for your support as we Strive for Excellence in the football program. It is my goal for St.GC to be pre-eminent in football facilities and competition.

                                    Andre Bell

Bruce deSousa
Pres. Ja OBA

My fellow Georgians:

It is my greatest honor to be elected as president and asked to serve an association which consists of such learned and accomplished schoolmates.

A variety we surely have. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, lawyer, doctor, Indian chief. With such a variety we still have one thing in common. We are Georgians, and proud of it. An honour we will go down fighting for.

I am a junior of two years, in comparison to several members of our executive. I am aware that I have several history lessons to learn. However with other junior members who have just entered our executive of the OBA we hope to leave a colourful chapter in our history book.

After our first executive meeting held on  February 4, 2003. several decisions were made - decisions, commitments, and goals that are obtainable with the true Georgian spirit.

This year we are looking to target three areas.

1) Continued assistance to necessary projects for the development of St George’s College in the area of academics, sports and property.

2) To assist in the development of our school’s community where we have enjoyed a good relation for over a hundred years.

3) An area very essential - That of becoming an association for old boys. Whether a graduate of the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s or even the ‘90s, help each other. Be your brother’s keeper.

 In the year of our Lord 2003, we will be increasing the number of our Old Boys Association members.

We will be reviving our newsletter.
We will develop and continue our mentoring program.
We will communicate with as many old boys as humanly possible
We will utilize a state-of-the-art secretariat that will come on stream shortly.
We will be having regular old boys socials, fellowship, get-togethers, and meetings.
We will make every one say, once again, “Gallant are the boys of the white and blue"

Let me at this time introduce our executive that is going to make it all possible

Bruce deSousa - President;  Glenroy Brown -Vice president/Director of sports; Courtney Currie - Secretary; Canute White - Asst. Secretary/Dir., Social Activities; Edward Chin Mook - Treasurer;  Anthony Franklin - Asst. Treasurer; Herman Athias - Imm. Past Pres.; Vince Henry- Director of membership, Michael Chuck - Director of  Fund Raising, Andrew Atkinson - Director of Academics.

Directors: Charles Williams, Michael Chai, Clive Chambers, Colin Lee, Wayne Wray, Mario Roberts, Oral Robertson, Dennis Lawton, Andrew Townsend.

Gentlemen, this nineteen-man squad is ready to face the challenges of 2003. At the end of our tenure, having achieved our goals we will stand proud and shout.

Bruce deSousa


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