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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 36...Mar. 2003

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

It was good to set foot on the rock of Ja. again. The plane touched down to 83 degree Fahrenheit conditions, bright sunshine with a slight sea breeze. When the door opened, it caused a sudden rush of warm air to swoop in, scaring away the last bit of -21 degree Celsius chill that remained in my body. I flew down for the S.GC Hall of Fame Banquet held on January 31, 2003. A great evening it was too, for seeing guys like Basil Lue, Mike Abrahams, Stephen Hill, Donald Miller, Tony Wong, Ian Phillipson, Clovis Metcalfe, and a horde of others, brought back sweet memories of a special time, long ago. It was a pleasure for me also to meet a very mature and bright bunch of sixth formers who were the perfect hosts for the event. They greeted everyone, sold StGC paraphernalia, assisted Fr. Ted Dziak with awards, and were a joy to behold.

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.

Alexander Graham Bell!!

The dinner was great. Fr. Dziak was thrilled with all the money that was donated to the school for the evening. After the presentations, Jamaicans shook their booties (like only Jamaicans can) to the cool sounds of yesteryear, pro-vided by BL&D.

Work is for people who don’t know how to fish.

A loud cheer rang out when Skedron received his Msgr. Gladstone Wilson Award.  Skedron, we are proud of you!

I met up and spent some quality time with three Old Boys who continue to offer their dedicated services to the school, Carl Chang, Kenty Chin, and Peter Chang. Man, if we only had 100 more of them!!

Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.

Tony Wong and Neil revel in the occasion

So, how many of you have checked out our Canadian website? Check it out at and check the Current News & Views page. Who knows, you might be featured.

If you're in a vehicle going at the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

Paul and Melanie Bitter with Daphne Chin Loy (center)

Say!! If you missed last year’s annual St.GC Summer Ball, you won’t want to miss this year’s. Why? It will feature the unbelievable dance music by Fab 5, and as an added attraction, the sounds of both Pluto Shervington and Trevor Lopez. Yes! Pluto will be back, and bringing good buddy T. Lopez; both artists will be doing their own thing. T. Lopez told me last week that we won’t recognize him when we see him, as he has gotten much younger. So, try and make this year’s event, as it will be a night you won’t forget. And remember, the proceeds go to the school. See you Friday, August 1st. Note the change of Venue - Regal Constellation Hotel, 900 Dixon Rd., Toronto. (Just down the road from last year’s venue) Check our website for details. By the way, speaking of proceeds, Fr. Dziak announced at the Hall of Fame Banquet that last year’s Toronto Summer Ball proceeds will go to repairing the Fr. Jim Hosie tennis and basketball courts on campus. So, just don’t buy a couple of tickets, help us by getting some friends together, and buy a whole table. Your donation will go a long way on campus.

Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.

Sir Winston Churchill!

The Toronto Chapter’s annual Family dinner will be on Saturday, April 26, St. Aidan’s Church, 3501 Finch Ave. East. Mass at 5:00 p.m. dinner at 6:30 p.m. Archbishop Lawrence Burke will be our special guest.

In my view, the vehicular traffic in Kingston is totally out of control, so may the good Lord bless those who have to travel in it. It took almost 20 minutes to go from the old Odeon Theatre to Twin Gates Plaza, a stone’s throw away. I learned that if you are not an aggressive driver, you won’t make it out onto a main street, if you are coming out of a side road. And God forbid that your horn should ever quit on you, for you will never make it home safely.

By the way, my good friend Del DaCosta asked me to put out a call for a copy of his 1953 Graduation or Manning Team Photos. Anyone able to supply a copy of either photo, please email me at

Q. by judge: How would it change your life if you had your license suspended or revoked?

A. from a Ja. roadie: I'd have to drive illegally den sa.!!

Good to see D. Chung’s annual backyard soccer game going so strong in Miami. Who knows, maybe we will get a group to go down to Florida and challenge them for that cup of theirs. From the photos provided, some of those old guys down there look to be in real good shape, but.... methinks anyone can hold in their stomach for a photo, right?? Here’s one for you.

A man goes to the Dr. and complains that his wife can’t hear him. ‘How bad is it?’ asks the Dr.

‘I have no idea’ the man replied. ‘Well please test her before I can do anything for her’ replied the Dr. ‘Go home and say something to her from about 20 feet away. If you get no reply, go a bit closer and speak to her again, and so on, till she hears you. That way we can tell how bad her hearing is.’ The man went home; saw his wife in the kitchen with her back turned towards him. ‘What’s for dinner?’ he said. No answer. He moved closer and repeated the same thing. No answer. He did it again and finally she turned and shouted, ‘FOR THE 3RD TIME, I SAID..... BEEF STEW!!’

A warm sincere thank you to: Melanie & Paul Bitter, Tony & June Wong, Petius Chang, Carl Chang, Phillip Samms, and Ray Chang for making this trip a memorable one. I leave you with this....

No problem lasts forever. No matter how permanently fixed in the centre of our lives it may seem, whatever we experience in this ever-changing life - is sure to pass. Even pain! 

A Gaannneeeee!!!!

Neil Dalhouse

Back Yard Soccer - D. Chung Style 


Steve Herdsman & wife, Robin Fraser & wife, Nick Zaidie, Chris Morgan, "Kippy" Chin, Dennis Barnett, Mark Khouri, D. Chung, Pat McBride, Mark Barnett, Van Martin, Michael Barnett, Tony Holbrook.
 Kneeling: Eric Ravindal, Mark Chung, J. Bolger, Patrick Hugh, Richard Domville, Winston Cooke, Crasher, Wayne Chin Loy.
 front: Paul Chung with ball.

 (Did you match up the names correctly?)

From the Florida Boyz

A love for the game, two sons who also love the game (Mark plays for the Colorado Rapids) an appetite for camaraderie, a yearning for fun, and a big enough back yard are the ingredients for the third annual D. Chung Back Yard Soccer Tournament, held in Davies, South Florida.

Now, with the greatest of humility, D. Chung calls it ‘The Dennis Barnett Invitational Tournament’ in recognition, respect, and love for our esteemed long time friend and comrade.

We play five a side, up to five teams, fifteen-minute games, with at least each team playing four games, after which we enter the play offs.

To try and keep the teams balanced, D. Chung mixes and matches the old with the young, and to tell the truth, if you are one of the old, you thank God for the young.

After all was played and done, we discovered why the tournament was so aptly named, as Dennis Barnett’s team was the winner.

Dennis Barnett receiving the trophy
 from Dennis Chung

Keeping the ball in the air..... oops!

After the games, we enjoyed a knight’s feast consisting of chicken soup, jerk pork, chicken and stew peas, and this being the festive season, we finished it off with Jamaican Christmas cake.

This was not only a fun filled day, but the once a year exercise was hopefully some benefit, although at one time Dennis Barnett looked like he was sucking wind, well in need of oxygen.

Initially, I had omitted the names from the group picture just to test you on how many old faces are recognizable, with the winner being invited to the next tournament, however, I realized that you are all winners, so just match the names with the faces and we will see you all next year.

Winston Cooke

Editor’s note: Winston Cooke (Cookie) was a former director of the Toronto Chapter of the OBA.

Thanks Skedron


A loud cheer rang out when Skedron was announced as a recipient for the 2003 Msgr. Gladstone Wilson Award at the StGC Hall of Fame Banquet in January. I was pleased to be there to see him receive it. So much so, during my presentation of a $10,000 cheque to Fr. Dziak, I had to make reference to how truly proud the Ontario Old Boys Chapter is of him.

The Hall of Fame Program for the evening listed Skedron as coming from ‘Class of 1960’. I told everyone present that this was definitely a mistake because, Skedron is too old to have come from the ‘Class of 1960’, that, in fact, Skedron is so old, that when he went to  StGC, there was no history classes within the school’s curriculum.

Patrick & Norma Smith

All joking aside, Pat Smith has been a staunch supporter of the school and Old Boys Association for decades now. He has sold hundreds of dance tickets, raffle tickets, collected thousands of dollars in donations, and has been there for the school on countless occasions. This was a fitting tribute for his outstanding loyalty and support over the years to the old boys association and the school.

                        Skedron was one of the founding members of the Ontario Old Boys Chapter in Canada, served on its board for several years, and wrote articles in several of our newsletters. Not only has he been a great friend to the school and Old Boys Association, but he has worked almost as hard for other Alumni Associations here in Canada. It goes without saying, that Skedron’s dedication would not be possible without the continued support of his dear wife Norma, so, sincere thanks for her contribution is certainly warranted here.

            Only the ‘Sked’ and I know full well that when he was a young lad, the Dead Sea was just starting to get sick, and that this information in itself, is really meaningless, unless our readers can truly understand and appreciate how long he has been there for the cause.

Please join the Ontario Old Boys Chapter in Canada in offering sincere congratulations to Skedron on his fine achievement.

Neil Dalhouse


Kung Hee Fatt Choy


Vincent Chang, President of the Jamaican Chinese Benevolent Association said in the Association’s 2003 Festival brochure statement, ‘The CBA is the repository of all things Chinese and we must make an effort to continue to develop this area. After all, Chinese people have been in Jamaica for over 150 years.’

The Association’s 2003 Chinese Festival was a big success, as it attracted over 2000 people. The event held on February 2, 2003, brought out the young, old and even toddlers came in droves. It was truly a family event. Normally, this annual event attracts buckets of rain, but not this particular evening, hence the great turnout of people. The highlight of the evening was the Miss CBA Beauty Pageant that featured 12 of Jamaica’s most beautiful Chinese girls.

Amoy Leyow (left) receives a cup
 from Melanie (Chang) Bitter

Vincent Chang, President of the CBA, Amoy Leyow
 and Carl Chang who was her sponsor

It is interesting to note that the last Miss Jamaica Chinese beauty queen was selected in 1962, and was none other than (the still very beautiful) Melanie Chang, now Mrs. Paul Bitter. This beauty pageant had not been held for 40 years, and so, Mrs. Bitter was asked to not only be a judge at the contest, but to crown the winner. Melanie also donated the cup she won back in ‘62 to the Chinese Benevolent Association, which was awarded to the winner. The cup, after being dusted off and shined up, sparkled just as it did 40 years ago.

   The winner was none other than the gorgeous Amoy Leyow, whose sponsor was Twin Gates Plaza, owned by Old Boy Carl Chang. Carl was seen grinning from ear to ear when the winner was announced. He kept saying to anyone who would listen, ‘I told you she would win.’ We sincerely hope that Miss Leyow will be able to crown next year’s queen, and not have to keep us in suspension for the next 40 years.

 Neil Dalhouse

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