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Good & True ...issue# 36...Mar., 2003

2003 Hall of Fame Night

Bruce deSousa presenting an award to
 Patrick Smith (Skedron)

Glenroy Brown V.P. & Bruce deSousa, 
Pres. of StGCOBA Ja.

At around 6:15 p.m., old boys and their wives began trickling in. A quick count showed there were at least 50 old boys present then. Hand shakes and ‘long time no see’ hugs were plentiful. And just when you thought you had hugged everyone in the room, another old boy would show up, arms and eyes wide open, screaming your name with glee. By 8:00 p.m., 185 people were seated and began to partake of a delicious meal prepared by the hotel.

This evening of camaraderie took place January 31, 2003 at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston Jamaica, where, for the third year in a row, past students and staff of St. George’s were inducted into the ‘St.GC Hall of Fame’. These honourees were selected for having excelled in areas of inspired leadership, having national or international recognition, showing great vision and innovation, and for excellence in sports and academics.

Walter (Blubber) Campbell and Petius Chang

Neil, June Wong and Ian Phillipson

The inductees for this year were:

Justice Ian Forte, Q.C.,C.D.,O.J. (Class of ‘62), Crown Council, Resident Magistrate, Supreme Court Judge, President of the Court of Appeal, Former President of the Old Boys Association and Former Vice Chair of the School Board.

Rev. William Hannas, SJ, renowned for teaching Latin, Scripture, English Language and Literature. He was also a Sports coordinator and student mentor.

Luis Fred Kennedy (Class of ‘24), known for the expansion of Grace Kennedy & Co. Ltd into Shipping, wharfage and port services, and being instrumental in moving the company from being just locally operated, into a global conglomerate.

Arthur McKenzie, Sr. also well known for his skills as a football player, Teacher and Coach. He was involved with the school for over 40 years.

The clergy showed up in force as well. Archbishops Edgerton Clarke and Lawrence Burke, Fr. Ted Dziak, Fr. Jim Hosie, Fr. Tom Larkin, Fr. Alfred Lee, Fr. Rick Deshaies, Fr. Jim Webb, Jesuit Superior in Jamaica (hails from Nova Scotia) were some who were present. Fr. Dziak, who is recovering from injuries received in a recent car accident, apparently broke free of his hospital bed straps in Boston, as he refused to miss the event. He smiled through some obvious discomfort for well over an hour of speeches and presentations. Half a dozen very intelligent and mature sixth formers were constantly at his side for support, in the event one of Father’s crutches suddenly collapsed from exhaustion

Peter Stewart and Paulette Wong

Donald Miller making a point

Bruce deSousa, newly-elected President of the Old Boys Association (Jamaica Chapter) presented The Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Awards to this year’s recipients, Archbishop Lawrence Burke, Archbishop of Nassau, and Old Boy Patrick ‘Skedron’ Smith.

Fr. Dziak was presented with a cheque for Canadian $10,000 by Neil Dalhouse, representing the Old Boys Chapter in Ontario. Upon receipt of the cheque, Fr. Dziak announced that the Canadian donation would go to refurbishing the ‘Fr. Hosie Tennis and Basketball Courts’. Having these courts named after him came as a delightful surprise to Fr. Hosie, who beamed at this surprise announcement. A second Canadian $10,000 cheque donated by Old Boy Ray Chang from Toronto, was also presented to Fr. Dziak, to help pay tuition for several hundred students who could not afford these fees.

Fr. Rick Deshaies

Stephen (Douglas) Hill

Fr. Dziak’s smile extended another two feet when Old Boy Don Wehby, Vice President of Grace Kennedy & Company Ltd., announced an additional Jamaican $250,000 from the company to add to the school’s bursary fund.

Byron Lee’s Dragonaires closed out the evening with a few hours of nostalgic music from the golden years. Long after the band had packed up, a dozen diehard old boys who remained in the ballroom, could be heard shouting old school cheers and telling old fishermen stories and laughing their heads off. Overall, it was a splendid evening, with many looking forward to next year’s event.

Previous Inductees: Adrian Chaplain, Prof. Terrence Forrester, Rt. Rev. Percival Gibson, Rev. Richard Ho Lung, Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong, Abraham Issa, Byron Lee, Justice Hugh Small, David Michael Weller, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Gladstone Wilson, and Rev. Mario Valenzuela S.J.

Neil Dalhouse

Phillip Samms

Basil Lue


Oraine Godfrey- Head Boy helping 
Hop-a-long Fr. Dziak

Senator Dwight Nelson


Carlos Lopez & Fr. Jim Hosie

Frs. Alfred Lee & Hosie

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