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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 37...June, 2003

SARS "Busting" Party


In line are Heather Vernon, Dr. Keith Lowe, Pat "Uncle P" Ferguson,
 Lipton Wong, Chris & Charmaine Chin, Don Barnett & Stanley Chin


Tony Stewart, Barb Taylor, Nancy Stewart & David Taylor


Dr. Louis & Claudette Lee, Shirley Wong and Keith "Dr. Suzuki" Lowe


Milton Hart, Celina Chung, Novelette Graham and JoJo HoLung


Fen & Anita Chang, Eddie Chin & Patrick Lee. Lipton Wong in background


Yvonne Lyew & Donette Chin Loy


Dr. Herbie Ho Ping Kong, Diana & Peter Rickards and Don Barnett


Sports Corner
Autobiography of West Indies Cricket

Milton Hart

My name is West Indies and I rose out of the ashes of colonialism to take my position as a symbol of liberation and independence to the people of the Caribbean.

You will remember that the people I serve were burdened by the ravages of slavery and many other discriminatory practices. It was I, for that reason, who gave the people a significant hope; a realization that I could compete with the best, and win. They used me as a mechanism for equality and I performed best when challenged by the former colonizer.

In fact, I enjoyed my very first victory in the pre-war days of 1930 by thoroughly thrashing England in the third Test at the Bourda oval in Guyana.

In my humble opinion, those were some of the best days of my existence; with Clifford Roache's 209 runs that signaled the very first century made by a West Indian batsman, George Headley's 114 in the first inning combined with 112 runs in the second inning and Learie Constantine's five-wicket haul in the second inning, I sent notice to the world that I was a force to reckon with. I must hasten to point-out that I won that game by 289 runs.

The common sentiment in those days was that I was beating the world at its own game; a game that was most often played by the elite of British society and only watched by the colonized subjects of the Caribbean.

It has often been said that I got even more devastating after the Second World War. 1948 saw the advent of the 3 Ws, Frank Worrell, Clyde Walcott and Everton Weeks; three young men who, with their swashbuckling demeanour, tantalized the world with stroke-play.


Garfield Sobers

Of such was my confidence that I walked into the legendary Lords Cricket Ground in 1950, won the toss and decided to bat before a sellout crowd. I was not worried because, after all, I had the 3 Ws, Allan Rae, Alfred Valentine and Sonny Ramadhin (just to name a few). Thanks in part to an enterprising 102 from Rae, we amassed 326 runs. We would then dispatch the English from the crease for a paltry 151, score 425 for 6 wickets declared, and bowl-out England for 274. That was my first victory at Lords and I felt like I had many more to come.

In the 1950s I was still a mighty force. The name Sir Garfield Sobers kept driving fear and trepidation into the hearts of my opponents and his 365 runs at Sabina Park against Pakistan spoke volumes about his talent and determination.

I won my first series over Australia in 1963 and looked unstoppable. Keeping my form through to the 70s, I participated in the very first World-Cup cricket competition and won convincingly over Australia. I went on to win the second version of the tournament in 1979 and was the runner-up to India in 1983.

I was still great in the 80s, thanks partially to the advent of Vivian Richards (otherwise known as the Master Blaster), Michael Holding, and Joel Garner. Ask anyone and they will tell you that I had the most fearsome fast bowlers in the world, the two best opening batsmen and the best fielders. Back then my boys were playing cricket, not for the money, but because of the pride that they had for the Caribbean and the game. To them, this was more than just cricket, it was seemingly about vindication and honor.

Those were the days, but I am saddened by what happened subsequently. My heart is a bit heavy at this point, understanding that I am compelled to articulate the happenings of the 1990s and 2000s. Those were my darkest moments as it seemed as if my boys were not focused on the game. It appeared as if they were always distracted while playing and that money was more important than the game itself.

After putting on a dismal showing at the 1999 World Cup, I was ousted in the first round of the 2003 edition of the tournament.

Now I am getting white-washed (losing all the games in a series) by some teams I used to handle with relative ease.

My captains are inclined to desert me at the slightest opportunity, my organization is filled with businessmen instead of knowledgeable cricketers and my boys are settling for mediocre performances.

Though I understand the seriousness of this job, I am not able to realize my full potential.

If further information is needed regarding my suitability to represent the Caribbean, please do not hesitate to contact the West Indian people via an opinion poll. I am afraid that I may not like the results.             

Milton Hart our Sports Director & columnist is a feature writer with Toronto Pride Newspaper

STGC Football Club (Toronto)

The Saint George's College Football Club continues to play its "good and true" brand of the game and now sits atop the leader-board of the Markham, Ontario-based St. Mike's Football League.

After a successful exhibition tournament in May when out of two games we won one and drew the other, StGCFC has rattled off two wins from two regular season games.


Milton Hart (Center) team director meets former Manning Cup greats
Peter Chavannes and Don Barnett at the June 15th game

It is encouraging to see (not only the spectacular brand of football that these youngsters are playing) young Georgians and sons of Georgians playing for the greater glory of God, their own enjoyment and for the school and what it represents.

This league, by all indications, is well run and well represented by some very competitive teams. Two divisions constitute the St. Mike's League and the following is a list of the teams and respective divisions:

Division I - Celtic, Rangers, Sportsnet Football Club, Rossobianco, Wild Cougars and Crimson Tide.

Division II - Sporting Markham, St. George's College Soccer Club, Athletics, Nations United, Sandstorm and Toronto Kodiaks.

StGC Team with Don Barnett, (back row 4th from left)
 and other directors and supporters


Our results to date are as follows:

June 1, 2003 - StGCFC 5 - Toronto Kodiaks 0

June 8, 2003 - StGCFC 3 - Sporting Markham 1

The top four teams from each division will make the playoffs. The post-season will commence on September 7th.

A list of our remaining games and the game-dates:

June 15 - StGC vs Sandstorm at Markville S. S. (12 noon)

June 22 - StGC vs Nations United at Markville S. S. (2:15 p.m.)

Sat. July 5 - StGC vs J&L Team at Wexford Hydro Fields (noon)

July 13 StGC vs Athletics at Fr. Michael McGivney (12:15 p.m.)

July 20 StGC vs Sportsnet at Fr. Michael McGivney (10:00 a.m.)

July 27 StGC vs Rangers at Fr. Michael McGivney (10:20 a.m.)

Aug. 10 StGC vs Wild Cougars at Fr. Michael McGivney (noon)

Aug. 17 StGC vs Rosso Bianco at Carleton Park (2 p.m.)

Milton Hart

St.G.C. Manning Cup Football
"Striving for Excellence"

Andre Bell

June 18, 2003

Dear Georgians:

I can see that I have stirred up some emotions out there and that is great. I also see I might have caused some voices to be raised and some to be heard and that is fantastic.

I was very careful to state that all cheques or money orders were to be made payable to St. George's College Old Boys Association. That was meant to assure you of accountability and transparency that I thought you would be comfortable with. I asked that the cheques/money orders be mailed to me at the school so that I could acknowledge the gifts and be aware of them to be able to put them to use.

I received a few responses from my last e mail with some terrific advice. The president of the local Old Boys association suggested I reformat the 'Wish List' and include prices so that if a stroke of generosity was to hit one or more of you and you decided to help with one or more of the items, you would know exactly how much to write the check for. A suggestion from another Old Boy was to provide a 'laundry list' so that they could ascertain what our immediate and daily needs were and how they could help. You will therefore be seeing a revised 'Wish List', which will be updated before each mailing.

I think your VOICES are important and should be heard. As I suggested in my last letter, standards need to be raised and pressure put on the powers that be to keep them up. That is the reason I believe you are so important. You have much more than cash to contribute.

I don't know if any other Manning Cup coach has written to you as I have. My reason for reaching out to you is that I am new to the school and Jamaica, having lived in the USA for over thirty years.

As you all know, the Roper Cup match is the last Saturday in August and is the beginning of our competitive season. This year we are planning an Old Boys Day that will be the Saturday before the Roper Cup. We would like to have an all Old Boys game and the Old Boys U-35 versus the Manning Cup team. For the all Old boys game, we are hoping that previous Manning Cup players and other celebrities will make themselves available for that game. We are also planning a dinner after the game to formally introduce the 2003 team to the Old Boys and the community. More info to come! We need help in organizing this event so will the talented please step forward.

The sale of St. George's College Football t-shirts is for two reasons. The first is that it is a small fundraiser for the program. The second and more important reason is to try to build esprit de corps.  For those overseas, the shirt will be mailed to you. Orders will be taken through August 1st and mailed out the following week. The cost is US$10.00 or equivalent. I heard some Old Boys talking about having the games taped and put on the Internet. If that comes through, and I know we have the talent to do it, you guys overseas can don your t-shirts and cheer the light blues on.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt 5:14-16.  A.M.D.G.

Andre Bell, Manning Cup Coach

Andre Bell can be reached at email:

Jamaican Chinese Sesquicentennial


Next year, 2004  is the Sesquicentennial (one hundred and fifty) anniversary of the first arrival of the Chinese in Jamaica. In July 1854,  267 Chinese came from Hong Kong on the Epsom and in November, 205 from Panama where they had been working on the Railroad. 

A committee for the Celebration of  the Jamaican Chinese Sesquicentennial, consisting of many Georgians,  includes Keith Lowe, Ray Chang, Roger Chen, Patrick & Loraine Lee, Rose Chin and Albert  Lim Shue from Toronto; Vincent Chang of CBA Jamaica, Wilfred Lai of CCF Miami and others has been planning various celebrations. 

Some ideas for Celebration put forward are:  In Jamaica: the sprucing up of the Chinese Cemetery & GALA Ball, April 11; In Miami: the yearly & very popular Chinese New Year Festival featuring the sesquicentenary with performances by young Jamaican Chinese with  a Jamaican flavour.

In Toronto: a Masquerade Ball with proceeds to the chinese cemetery and the Holy Trinity Cathedral, plus tours to Jamaica & Panama which is also celebrating the republic’s Centenary and the Sesquicentennial of Chinese arrival in Panama.  

Georgian, Patrick Lee  is publishing his second book,  "Jamaican Chinese Worldwide - One Family"  to coincide with these celebrations.  The book will consist of,  among other features, approx. 1,000 families from around the world, including Jamaica, USA, Canada, England, Australia, and Europe. 

For more information, contact Patrick Lee,

416-492-1027 or email:


Bruce deSousa
Pres. Ja OBA

A Report From Purgatory
The Chief Sinner

Forgive me fellow Georgians for I have sinned. It has been five months since my last communication. As chief sinner I have not kept my fellow sinners in touch with what has happened down here in purgatory. Let me at least attempt to update every one.

First there was the Hall of Fame/ Monsignor Gladstone Wilson  Banquet, a very successful function which was a joint venture between The Old Boys’ Association and the StGC Development Committee. Next was our Communion Breakfast, another successful event.

In April every year the OBA puts on a very enjoyable and financially successful Golf tournament under the leadership of veteran organizer Michael Chuck. This year was no exception, however our exec from the class of 1978, also a golfer tabled a motion to lease Constant Spring Golf  Club for the day.

His proposal, that of holding the tournament in the morning then a fete in the night, saw the staging of the most enjoyable event hosted by the OBA in the past decade. We literally had to ask people to go home, and there was still plenty of liquor left, at three thirty in the morning. This Lyme and party replaced the rapidly declining twenty fifth-anniversary banquet normally held in the auditorium.

Wayne Wray, Bruce deSousa & Michael Chuck
 at the Golf Tournament

Having completed these events we are in a better financial position at this point compared to last year. We are hoping to increase our financial contribution to our alma mater by twenty-five percent this year. Another area of success is our mentoring program. Reports from our Principal is that this program is having a positive impact on the youngsters.

Our exec Deacon Clive Chambers will head a sub group of Georgians who will pay visits to our less fortunate brothers who are shut in for one reason or another


1.         To assist and support our manning cup football program in any way we can.

2.         To assist in the building and refurbishing of the basketball and tennis courts.

3.         Hosting of the 2003 Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Award Banquet in late October.      

 Two areas of negative action are that of the Jamaican Newsletter, and the secretariat. These will be rectified in the coming weeks.

Well my fellow Sinners, for all these sins I am truly sorrowful. I beg humble forgiveness and promise that I will try not to sin again. As penance I will send you all a monthly report from purgatory.


Your Humble Servant
Bruce deSousa

Letters to the Editor

The volume of letters/emails coming in are indeed gratifying. They are mostly one or two liners thanking us for our efforts. Particularly pleasing to hear from Victor Morris in Florida and his donation of $100. Thanks Victor,wish there were more like you.

We are sending out reminder dues letters and encourage those who have not done so, especially our newsletter readers, to send their contributions in.

We share with our readers a few letters.

I just got home,read the newsletter and once again felt extremely proud to be associated with such an esteemed organization as the Toronto chapter of the St.Georges College Old Boys Asociation. I felt like I was reading an international news magazine with news from all over. Robbie, kudos are in order to you and your staff once again for an excellent production. The hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Editor: Thanks Lloydie, the newsletter is a real team effort and part of the team is the readers. Continue to send in your anecdotes, stories, news ,photographs etc so we can share this with the group.

 In the famous words of the infamous Fr. Ferocious ( A.K.A Fr.Feres) Peace and love a hundredfold. Thank you for the latest wonderful edition of the Good and True. I am including some “ smalls”  (including the usual clerical discount) to help with the cost.

Walk good and Take care—Blessings in Christ…FR. Q

Editor: Thanks Fr Q, and blessings to you and all those at the Jesuit Retirement center in Weston. The newsletter is one way of giving back to you by letting you see the fruits of your labouring in the vineyard of St. Georges.

Thank you for making me feel younger in your newsletter of March. Fact is I am 94 and am praying and hoping and trusting ( God’s Willing) to celebrate our 70th wedding anniversary (Oct4/2003) with a special Mass of thanksgiving here in Guelph at the church of Our Lady Immaculate on Saturday Oct 4, 2003.. say a prayer for us—

Will be 95 then. Arthritis of the fingers setting in, if that’s all, Thank God.

Sincerely –Alty

Editor: Sorry Alty – the photo of Alma and Yourself dancing away at the fall bash belies your age - Wow 94.! I know you will hear from a lot of Georgians on the October 4 (70th) anniversary.

Please drop us a email if you read this Newsletter online.

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