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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 37...June, 2003

A Look at the Past


This is a good one from the 1962 trip by the Old Boys to Belize, British Honduras for friendly games in soccer,cricket, table tennis and,ah yes! some good fun. Before checking the names below can you find dapper Uncle P (Pat Ferguson), Peter Chavannes, Skedron; all of whom appear elsewhere in this issue. Thanks so much to old boy Ivan Best in New York for sending this treasured photo to us. (original signatures of attendees on back). Fellows, share your photos,stories etc. with us. we will gladly print them- other old boys would  welcome the memories.                                     


Back row: Tony Nasralla, Rhoel Rhoden, Victor Best, Johnny Fraser, Danny Simpson, Dudley Hall, Pat Waldron, Joe Kelly, Marion Hall (from Belize), Donald Miller, Vinnie Binns, Keith Noad, Johnny Wongsam, Ritchie Hall, Walter "Blubba" Cambell, Denzil Lue, Cecil Chew, Rupert Tabois, Peter Chavannes, Bullo Williams.
Kneeling: Patrick "Skedron" Smith, Ryan Peralto, Lennie Chang, Ferdie Madden, Pat Ferguson (our Uncle P), Laurie Fogerty, Trevor Graham, Fr. George Bardowell, Freddie deSousa, Ken East, Jackie Bell, Turo Clarkson.

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