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Good & True ...issue# 38...Oct., 2003


 A New Year begins at StGC

Fr. Ted Dziak SJ


Another academic year has just begun, with new first form students arriving with their newly ironed uniforms and new Sixth Form students wearing their white shirt and blue tie for the first time. Everyone arrives with new goals and new energy. Many new faculty, new staff and even a new Board arrived with the new year. September brings Manning Cup, Colts and Pepsi football and dreams of trophies and cups and championships.

Looking back at the 2002-2003, St. George's College continued on its upward movement with improvements in test scores and facilities. Personally it was a challenging year for me, as most know that I was in an auto accident in November that left me hospitalized with severe leg injuries and in rehabilitation in the U.S. until March. Now almost fully healed, I want to thank all of those Old Boys and friends for the support and warm greetings that were sent my way.

US college graduate volunteer teacher Anthony Cirri teaching basketball to kids at Camp St. George

The summer was a time of repair; renovation and painting as various parts of the campus were in the hands of workmen. The tennis-basketball courts are in the final stages of renovation, with a new layer of asphalt, new nets and backboards and new fences. As soon as the sealant and paint are cleared from customs, the final coating will be put on the courts, which will match them against any on the island, even in the nicest hotels. The primary source of funding came from the StGC Old Boys of Canada, with a matching grant from Ray Chang. Thanks to all who assisted! Also helping were the Old Boys of Jamaica and various benefactors. Coordinating the project are Donovan and Nigel Chen See, who have been working with the contractors and trying to raise the remaining funds to finish the project, which cost a little more than expected. There is hope to have stands and maybe even lights one day, and the renovated courts will be dedicated to Father Jim Hosie, S.J. this spring.

In addition, the Lower Form buildings were work projects with new electrical wiring, new doors and roof repairs, and new sidewalks in front. The Lower Form sanitary block was fitted with new urinals, completely tiled and painted. Computers and air conditioning were added to a library classroom to create a new 'Student research' area for Upper Form students, and paint and more paint was added to buildings, benches and walls. New benches and a new eating area for students complete the work this summer. These were all coordinated under the supervision of Bruce deSousa, our Buildings & Grounds chairman and Board member Philip Samms. Lower Form parents helped with funding for the renovation of the buildings.

Jesuit Scholarship winners: Oraine Godfrey & Joel Freckleton

Two Sixth Form students were awarded scholarships for tertiary study in the U.S. through the Jesuit Scholars programme. Head Boy Oraine Godfrey was awarded a full tuition and room scholarship at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York while Joel Freckleton was awarded a tuition scholarship at Holy Cross College in Massachusetts. Assisting Freckleton with a grant to supplement the award with room and board was Old Boy Robin Mahfood and Food for the Poor. As Jesuit Scholars, both will return to teach at StGC for two years upon receiving their first degree. Another Sixth form scholarship winner is Kevin Carr, who was the recipient of a full tuition, room & board scholarship at Moorehouse College in Atlanta.

Happy faces of Kingston corporate area children at Camp St. George

A new service programme, the Jamaican Jesuit Volunteers, has brought two recent U.S. graduates from Holy Cross and Boston College to teach for a year at StGC, living in a renovated residence on the third floor of the Quinlan Administration building called the Romero Centre. In addition, twelve StGC faculty and staff traveled to Belize, Central America in July to run a summer camp for disadvantaged youth in rural Belize. The ten StGC Sixth Form students paired with local Belizean Sixth Form students to teach classes in academics in the mornings and participate in sports and games in the afternoons at the Belize Camp 2003. Over 250 primary school children participated in the three-week cross-cultural experience. And ten U.S. volunteers arrived in August to teach alongside Jamaican teachers at the fourth year of Camp St. George for local primary school children of the corporate Kingston area.

The summer was a time of some local publicity, as the Gleaner headlined a story in July of the 'Firing of two Vice-Principals at StGC.' As can be the case with sensationalistic headlines, the full story was not told, nor were the facts correct. The Board did relieve one teacher of an internal post (Student Affairs VP), but did not terminate the teacher from StGC. In addition, the Board did decide to seek to open the 'Acting' Vice-Principal post to more candidates - again, no termination involved, but erred in opening the post too prematurely. And the 'Acting' VP is still in her post. No person was terminated this summer. Despite begging for some balanced summer coverage of our summer camp for corporate area kids, Jesuit scholarships or service trip to Belize, the Kingston newspapers passed on all press releases and focused on the negative, even at the expense of truth at times. Discussions were held with senior staff and faculty, parents and Old Boys, and misunderstandings have been cleared up.

Keep in touch with the school through the 'current news' page on its web site, And in touch with sports through the various sports pages. Alumni have begun using the new 'Chat room' on the site, and we ask all to keep all informed by sending in your latest news to the 'Alumni News.'

The theme for the new academic year is a 'Re-Creation of Excellence', and this theme was carried into the orientation for new teachers, students and returning faculty staff and students. New energy and enthusiasm, new faces carry us into a new academic year. We ask for the continuing support of all who have helped us and continue to assist us. AMDG.

Fr. Ted Dziak, SJ
President and Chairman



St. G.C. Fund Raiser Dance, Aug., 1st. 2003


Drs. Herbie & Barbara Ho Ping Kong

Cherita Girvan Campbell, Trade Commissioner
& Bert deRonde


The Skedron with Fay & Peggy Wilmot

Dr. Keith & Amoy Lowe


Donald & Lena Chung

Garth Chin & Anna Maria Piccinnino

Carlton & Hyacinth Wood


Jeff Chin .... Ska, Ska, Ska

Patrick & Janice Garel

Ivor & Andrea Thomas


Herbie & Fay Phillipps

Dr. Derrick & Lisbeth Haddad



Chris & Charmaine Chin

Adrienne & Dr. Gillie Aarons


JoJo & Danny HoLung

Pam Appelt & Austin Clarke


Vivia Betton, Consul General & His Excellency
Carl Marshall High Commissioner of Jamaica

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