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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 39...Feb., 2004

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

The nominations for the StGC Hall of Fame are due soon. In my view, there is one person who should have been nominated and approved long, long ago, and that person should have been none other than Father Roy Campbell. He was a hard working trooper for the entire school, Manning Team, Swimming Team, Cricket Team coach etc, etc. And he also did a tremendous amount of work within the local community. I remember him as he was the only priest who never used the pulpit mike while preaching in the Cathedral, and if you sat in the back pew, there would be no problem hearing him. His relentless contribution and achievement at the school should be preserved through his membership in the Hall of Fame this year. Does anyone out there agree?

Do you know that faith is taking the first step, even though you can't see the staircase in front of you?

Speaking of the Cathedral, its deterioration I fear, is bringing it to a point where the building won't be referred to as "that huge, white, 85ft high unforgettable landmark of Kingston, but rather, "that high, unforgettable 85ft white elephant of Kingston." When I saw it early last year, the landscape around it certainly needed a lot of  work, and the inside – well – you have to really see it for yourself. I can only hope and pray that a "restoration team" is being created to plan its rejuvenation, and, that the "team's" plan will be supported by every Jamaican alive today. You know, it is said that History is a vast early warning system.

I must extend sincere congratulations to Jennifer Barnett (Donald's wife) for the time and effort she spent during 2003, on collecting outstanding dues from our chapter's members. The results were amazing. Many thanks Jennifer, and to think, you did it without ever having to show your whip once. Fantastic! Bless you, Jennifer!!! The best prize that life has to offer, is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

SARs spoilt our annual Family Dinner in Toronto last year. This year, so far, (knock wood) we have no Mad Cow disease in Ontario, and not a case of SARs in sight. So, we are shooting for May 8th to have this important event, and we have invited Archbishop Larry Burke to be our special guest. And to everyone's delight, he has accepted. It will be good to see him again. Let's have a great showing of the membership and their families at the event this year. Buy a ticket, and come visit with our guest of honour.

Carl Chang & Bruce Golding, fellow old boy

Of course you all know that the only way to have a friend is to be one. Right? The two old boys in this article's photo did not get dressed up specifically for the camera. They tell me they try to look handsome like that all the time. The fellow on the left, Carl Chang, reminded me that the fellow StGC old boy to his right went by the name of Oret, way back when. Today, he is referred to as "Mr. Golding". Be good when you are young, because if you aren't, you never know what they will call you later in life.

Last year's Summer Ball in Toronto was a smash hit. 1,000 people showed up and rocked the Toronto Congress Centre with the all-round sounds of FAB 5. Guest artists were Trevor Lopez and Pluto. The last time I saw Trevor was over 20 years ago. He hasn't changed one bit, in my view. Can't say that about too many people nowadays, so that's one for you Trev. Well then, how can we top last year's Summer Ball you say?  I will let you in on a secret. We will be having the tantalizing music of both Fab 5 and Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - in the same room - on the same night - at the International Plaza Hotel, Toronto on Friday, July 30, 2004. How often have you seen these two music giants performing at the same venue - in the same evening? This certainly will be an unbelievable night. Dont miss it. You heard this here first!

The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute chat with the average voter.

Many thanks to all of you who paid your membership dues last year. The funds are a big help, as the demand for our newsletter is constantly growing, and so is the cost to print and mail it out. Overseas stamp cost went up by 20 cents per stamp recently, so please don't forget your dues for 2004. Matter of fact, put the newsletter down right now, fill out a cheque, put it in an envelope, and leave it somewhere conspicuous so that it can be mailed to us soon. Many thanks also, to those who donated money to the association last year, simply because they appreciated the work we are doing on behalf of the school. Thanks boys, thanks a lot.

People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they simply don't know when to quit.

The joint StGC & Alpha Fall Dance was a tremendous success. Congratulations to everyone involved in putting it together. There is no question in my mind that this year’s will be even better.

It was good to hear that our Treasurer Ray Chang has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the StGC Endowment Fund. Ray, congratulations on your appointment, and good luck during your tenure as a Board member.

So... an HR person was interviewing a real "dumb ditty" for an office position. In trying to find out the personality of the man being interviewed, the interviewer asked, "If you had an opportunity to chat with an important person who is alive, or a very important person who is dead, which one would you want to speak to?" The "ditty" answered "The one that's alive, of course!!"

Sincere thanks to Robbie for doing such a magnificent job in putting our newsletters together. Mucho more thanks to his wife Heather, for putting up with him during the development of each issue. Ya gots to work with what ya gots to work with, right Heather?

Neil getting together at the last Fab5 dance with fellow cronies from the former
 Presidents band: Pluto Shervington, Neil, Sydney McFarlane, Clive Morris,
 Trevor Lopez & Andy Isaacs.

A preacher goes into a bar and says "Anybody who wants to go to heaven, stand up." Everybody stands up except for a drunk in the corner. The preacher says "My son, don't you want to go to heaven when you die?" The drunk says "When I die?  Sure!!. I didn't stand up because I thought you were taking a load up right now." 

So, Double B (Bertis Bell) is back as Manning Coach this year. Ahhhh, yes! I smell victory soon, don't you? Winston Wilson back at the helm of the cricket team as coach, and has already had a great start with a first game win over Excelsior. Congratulations to you and the team, Winston! Check Fr. Dziak's article in this issue about the younger soccer players coming up. Their achievements in 2003 make the future for the Manning team look very prosperous.

Two very old Old Boys were walking along, wives in front, Old Boys in back. Herb says to Donald, "Gee, we went to a new restaurant last night and had the best meal ever. Good prices too." Donald replies, "Well, we like to eat out too. What was the name of the restaurant?" Herb says, "You're going to have to help me out here a little. What's the name of that pretty flower, smells sweet, grows on a thorny bush?"
Donald says, "How about rose?"
"Yes, yes, that's it!" cries Herb, then calls ahead to his wife.
"Rose. Hey, Rose honey. What was the name of the restaurant we ate at last night?"

Before I go, I would ask that you do something good today. Go pick up the phone and call someone you haven't spoken to for quite a long time. Tell the person your mind just ran across him or her, and you thought you would call to see how things are going. It will leave you with a great feeling when you hang up, not to mention what it will do for the person with whom you spoke!

A Gaaannneee!!

Neil Dalhouse



OBA Jamaica News


Lloyd Fearon headmaster receiving cheque
 from Bruce deSousa, Pres. Ja.OBA

Lily Anderson, niece of the late Monsignor Gladstone Wilson, holds the award given to Ferdie Madden
 (in wheelchair)

Congratulations on the new 2004 Executive Members of the St. George's College Old Boys Association, Jamaica just elected at their Annual General Meeting on February 3, 2004.

President:   Mr. Bruce deSousa (re-elected)
Vice-President:   Glenroy Brown (re-elected)
Secretary:   Courtney Currie (re-elected)
Assistant Secretary:   Canute White (re-elected)
Treasurer:   Anthony Franklin
Assistant Treasurer:   Michael Chai
 Directors:   Clive Chambers  /  Michael Chuck /  Vince Henry /  Brian Mack  /  Trevor Munroe  /  Clayton Osborne  /  Bryan Philips /
Wayne Rhoden  /  Oral Robertson  /  Andrew Townsend  /  Charles Williams  / Wayne Wray.

Little Rafiq Chandiram holds the Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Award
 given to his grandfather Pokar Chandiram (right)


Bruce deSousa and the Jamaica old boys continue to be a great support to the school, raising, Bruce advises over J$615,000 in 2003 for them. A highlight of the year for the chapter was the staging of the annual Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Awards. The Gala event, with all the pomp and ceremony took place this year at the Pegasus hotel on Saturday November 21st.

Featured above are the two recipients of the awards this year, Pokar Chandiram and Ferdie Madden and Lloyd Fearon receiving a cheque for J$300,000 from BrucedeSousa,President,Ja.OBA.

 Robbie Vernon



Upcoming Events


• March 28 - Sunday, 1:30 PM , Annual General Meeting

(Election Year)
St. Aidan's Catholic Church
3501 Finch Avenue East Scarborough
Between Birchmount & Warden

• May 8 - Saturday 5:00 PM Mass, 5:00 PM,
 Family Dinner 6.30 PM

St. Thomas the Apostle Church
14 Highgate Drive
Corner of Highgate Dr. and Birchmount
Road (Two blocks north of Steeles)
$1,000 Scholarship Presentation
Special Guest: Archbishop Lawrence Burke S.J.

• May 22 - Saturday St.GC Ball, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Featuring The Fabulous 5 , Signature Grand Ballroom , Ft. Lauderdale
Tickets, call. Dennis Barnett
tel: 954 915-8546
email: dbsquare_2000@yahoo,com

• July 30 - Friday 7:30 PM, Annual Summer Ball

(1 st Day of Caribana Weekend)
Doubletree International Plaza Hotel
Toronto Airport
655 Dixon Road, Toronto
Music by The Fabulous 5 and Byron Lee & The Drogonnaires

• August 15 - Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Family Picnic with Alpha & Immaculate
Milne Park, Lakeview B-Shelter Area McCowan Road (East Side), South of Highway 7

• November 13 - Saturday 7:30 PM, Annual Fall Dance (Casual Wear)
Bayview Hill Community Centre,
114 Spadina Road, Richmond Hill
Music by DJ "Touch of Class"


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