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Good & True ...issue# 39...Feb., 2004


 News from your Alma Mater

Fr. Ted Dziak SJ


Greetings to all Old Boys:

Looking back and looking ahead - a good time to catch up on news about your alma mater.

We all jumped into the new semester with renewed energy and it seemed to be a successful school term, but at least to me, it also seemed to race by.

As always, new teachers and staff brought new energy, balanced by the wisdom of the elder faculty.   A new Dean of Students, newly arrived Jesuit Volunteers, and many new faculty/staff brought some fresh faces and new ideas. Improving academics was the primary focus and the curriculum continued on track. 

The under-14 Pepsi football team

As exams neared in November, students were absorbed by the excitement of the playing of our younger football teams.  The two youngest teams - the Under-14 Pepsi football team and the Under-16 Colts football team were found both battling for the championship, and crowds filled each game.   A disappointing first round loss had left the Manning Cup football team watching from the sidelines, but both younger football teams - the Pepsi and Colts - fought hard and were each successful.   Never once failing, the younger StGC Pepsi football team finished their complete season unbeaten, by beating Norman Manley in late November to claim the Under- 14 Football Championship.  

The StGC Colts Football team

Just ten days later in early December, the StGC Colts football team rolled over its opponents and beat Jamaica College in a thrilling double overtime (with penalty shots) championship game for the Under-16 Urban Championship.   It had lost only one game all season.   The StGC Colts team then made the long ride to Montego Bay to defend the All-Island Under -16 Championship against Rural Champs Mannings HS, and returned victoriously.   It is now the second straight All-Island Under-16 Football Championship trophy that StGC brought home under the coaching leadership of Coach Everold 'T' Campbell.   Congratulation to Coach T and to Coach Bello Williams of the Pepsi team for such thrilling success!   We can celebrate a GREAT football season with TWO football All-Island Championships!!

Other Sports News: Arriving on the scene to take over the coaching helm of the 2004 Manning Cup team is well known Georgian Neville 'Bertis' Bell, who last coached at StGC in 1990-1994, and was the last Coach to lead the StGC Manning Cup team to victory.   During his tenure as the head of the StGC football programme, we won the Manning Cup in 1992, won the Walker Cup in 1991, 1992, and 1993.   Coach Bell, who is working as a sports announcer on CVM-TV in Jamaica, took over the football programme in January, and seeks to unite the three football teams into one successful programme.  

Also rejoining our coaching ranks in Cricket is Coach Winston Wilson, who had retired from StGC Cricket coaching (and teaching) two years ago.   Due to the persuasion of Old Boys and manager Maurice Rhoden, Coach Wilson has again taken the reins of the team and will lead the StGC team in the Grace Shield matches.   They started the new season with a strong win over Excelsior.   The Track & Field team hopes to again triumph near the top at Boys Champs, and is planning a trip to Penn Relays this year, hoping to bring its successful team to Philadelphia.  Record Holder Sprinter Tesfa Latty returns for one last season.

The Campus: Always trying to improve our beautiful campus, renovation continued throughout the semester on the physical plant.   The Lower Form bathrooms were completed, now newly tiled and painted, along with major electrical work on the Lower Form classrooms, both summer projects that run into the new year.   Old Boys Philip Samms and Bruce deSousa coordinated all of these on-going projects for StGC.   In addition, new classroom desks and fans were placed in Upper Form classrooms, along with new Canteen kitchen equipment, thanks to the help of always-supportive Food for the Poor.  

        The Old Boys Association of Canada, Ray Chang and the Old Boys of Jamaica helped us complete the renovation of the Basketball and Tennis Courts, which will be dedicated to Father Jim Hosie, S.J. later this academic year.   The final coats of paint were being put on in late November as the new basketball season began.   Old Boy Carl Chang helped us with the basketball backstops, but the entire project was under the supervision of Board member Donovan Chen See. Thanks Donovan! The StGC Basketball and Tennis teams now have a home on which to practice and play.  The StGC Basketball teams (Under 16 and Under 19) both made it to the second rounds, and are still playing.   Could it be the new courts?   Our current fundraising project is to raise funds to purchase a new school bus, trying to replace our 1986 Coaster, which barely makes it up the steep Jamaican hills. 

Other News:  Canadian Old Boy Ray Chang has joined the Board of Directors of the StGC Endowment Fund.   Ray has been to Jamaica several times this semester to dialogue with school administrators and Board members, assisting the school in its fiscal planning.   Things are happening!  

A new Director of Development, Gordon Porter, arrived on the scene in October to assist StGC with strategic planning and fundraising.   Mr Porter had been a Vice-Principal at StGC and most recently was Principal of Hillel High School.   He will seek to work with the various communities at StGC to develop a Five-Year Plan and rally the Old Boys, Parents and Friends of StGC to build and continue to support our noble institution.

Performing Arts has been resurrected and is in full swing, with chorale, drumming, band and theatre arts active and successful.  The P.T.A. just donated a new keyboard to jumpstart the band.  Always a hallmark of our school, Retreat and Ministry programmes thrive, and are even more successful with a young Jamaican Jesuit scholastic, Michael Davidson, SJ who started teaching at StGC and coordinating retreats this year.

Jesuit Marquette University volunteer with children of McIntyre village at Christmas camp 2003.

StGC recently hosted Marquette University dentists and students, who held a series of free dental clinics in the inner-city corporate area (and on campus), assisted by StGC Fifth and Sixth formers.   Five different Jesuit universities and high schools will be visiting Jamaica this year, participating in service projects and hosted by StGC.   Each of these groups works in social service and educational projects alongside StGC students.  In our very unique international service programme, StGC students will again travel to Belize, Central America this July to again participate in a summer camp for rural primary school students, led by El Presidente (me) and Director of Guidance Marvia Wilson

As we move through the academic year, we see many improvements and continue to try to build our school.   One of our greatest challenges is to reach out to as many Old Boys as possible, broadening our base of support, and pulling in older as well as younger Old Boys to join our stalwart supporters.   So many have left our island shores and now roam the various corners of the world.   Help us find them and help them re-connect to our school.   The web site ( helps to inform and we urge all to visit regularly, register and sign on so all members of all classes can use the site to chat, find lost friends, and send us notes of information, support or even concern. 

Continue to remember the blue and white.  Continue to help us dream and rebuild our school.   Always remember we always do it all for the greater glory of God.

FLASH-JUST IN- Feb4/03 Under 16 Basketball team wins ISSA Urban Junior basketball Championship. First game on the newly refurbished basketball/tennis courts, partly funded by our Toronto chapter donations.

Fr. Ted Dziak, SJ
President and Chairman



Florida News

There are many Georgians on our newsletter list in Florida, but scattered over vast distances and meetings for fellowship are difficult. But they overcome this and plan events, and mini get togethers, commuting by car, sometimes great distances to these sessions.

Out thanks to our roving reporters in the area Winston Cooke and Roy McCatty. Both are former Toronto directors, who left us for warmer climes (who blames them especially at this time of year?). They strive to keep us up to date on happenings there.

This page is devoted to them and the rest of the 'FLORIDA BOYZ':

L-R: Barry D. Smallhorne, Keith Mitchell, Roy McCatty & Hugh Anglin

Great fun was had by all at a mini reunion in Miami of the Graduation Class of 1964, which included Barry D. Smallhorne, Keith Mitchell, Roy McCatty and Hugh Anglin. Keith Mitchell was actually their valedictorian. Hugh, a successful stockbroker in New York retired and moved down to Orlando. Barry D. runs his own pest control business in Florida and is an avid music collector.

L-R: Winston Cooke, Cecil Naylor, Keith Noad & Wes Taylor

Roy also hosted a get together in Orlando with Cecil Naylor, Winston Cooke, Keith Noad, and Wes Taylor. Keith has made quite a name for himself through his community involvement in the Poinciana/Kissimmee area. He is an accomplished painter and has organized art shows and won awards for his works.

Patrick Chin, Roy McCatty, Richard Domville, Winston Cooke,
 Dennis Barnett, Pat Ferguson.


Back Row L-R: Roy McCatty, Winston Cooke, HooPingKong Jr., Dennis Chung, Patrick Chin, Mark Barnett, Earl Hylton, Charley Eisen, Richard Domville, Gordon Ziadie, John Telfer, Van Martin Jr., Dennis Barnett, Robin Fraser, Patrick Hugh, Steve Herdsman, Tony Holbrooke, Dennis Chung.
Front Row L-R: Paul Chung, Mrs Robin Fraser, Stewart, Patrick McBride, Vernon Hendricks, Mikey Barnett, Patrick Chin Jr., Nicky Ziadie, Mark Chung.

To Pembroke Pines and the annual back yard mini soccer fest at the home of Dennis Chung on December 2nd - that's when we were shoveling snow up here in Toronto with temperatures well below freezing. This was a big bash and Uncle P (Pat Ferguson) our VP and now a snowbird, was able to join in the fun with the group.

Dennis Barnett is well underway with their big Fundraising Ball with Fab 5 coming up on May 22 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Robbie Vernon

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