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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 40...June, 2004

Sports Korner
Good and True Football


The St. George's College football club has started its campaign for a second successful year and the signs are indeed positive. We have won our first two games of the season.

The team has retained its 2003 championship-winning players and has added some very promising youngsters.

The defense-line remains the same with sweeper Daniel Garel, Kevin Griffith, Adam Maxwell-Smith and Milton Hart making life difficult for most opposing forwards and mid-fielders.

Gallant boys of White & Blue, Chad Garel & Milton
 Hart carrying off injured opponent in game June 12.

Capitalizing on this suffocating defense, and an offence that has proven to be very opportunistic, George's opened its 2004 season with a convincing 6-0 win over the highly talented Sportsnet team. Aaron Sani worked his usual magic in scoring 2 goals while Nick Lam, Ryan Lam Arif Lalani and Chad Chin accounted for the others.

The team's vaunted mid-field, engineered by Nick Lam, Ryan Lam and Peter Trentini, has indeed served notice that it will score and defend when necessary.

Along with obvious talent and skill, this team's greatest strength is the camaraderie and great communication displayed by all of its members.

The 2003 season was prosperous, in every sense, as George's scored 44 goals from 13 matches and only conceded 7. The mind-set of the players is that the team can certainly get better; from the opposition's perspective, this is indeed a very scary concept.

Our team would welcome StGC supporters at our games.


St. George's College Soccer Club: Aaron Sani, Chad Chin, Garth Chin, Milton Hart, Peter Trentini, Adam Maxwell-Smith, Matt Ono, Craig Wright, Kevin Griffith, Daniel Garel, Chad Garel, Ryan Lam, Nick Lam, Arif Lalani, Dale Chung and Atul Babber.


Cricket Lovely Cricket


Brian Lara's record-breaking performance: an act of selfishness or sacrifice?


Brian Lara

When Brian Lara became the first person in cricket to score 400 runs, he proved that he is perhaps the best batsman in the world, but what does it say about West Indies cricket?

This record says much about Lara but little about the state of cricket in the region.

For the edification of those who did not follow the latest 4-Test series that featured the West Indies cricket team against England, the Caribbean team lost the first three games and stood a good chance of winning the fourth.     

Lara passed Matthew Hayden's world-record individual test score of 380, when he swept off spinner Gareth Batty for a single to backward square leg to reach the mark before declaring on 751 for five. Yes, that is correct, 751 runs against the English. I believe that the critical question to ask is "did the West Indies need to score so many runs in order to win?"

Let me hasten to state my position on Lara's record-breaking performance. I believe that he put his personal ambitions before the team. Breaking the batting record meant more to Lara than winning the game. If this was not the case, Lara would have declared at the 600-run juncture in an attempt to force a positive outcome (a West Indies victory).

Understanding that the bowlers have demonstrated that they could consistently keep England to a score of under 350 runs, Lara should have given the bowlers a chance to win the game for the West Indies.

It is obvious that this team had lost a belief in itself and was not trying to win the game but simply trying not to lose. That, I believe, is a sad state of affairs.

“It's great. You have to remember, 36 years before 10 years ago, Sir Garfield Sobers held the record. I held it for ten years and lost it for six months. Now, it's back in the Caribbean. But I think the fans would more appreciate it if we could get a more collective effort from everyone. West Indies cricket doesn't want to depend on one or two individual performances and records. We want to be playing as a team, giving an all-round effort. I think the fans will be much happier if they can see that”, - Brian Lara’s comments regarding his record breaking inning.

Lara is quite correct in saying that the fans would prefer to see a collective effort but he did not give the bowlers a proper chance to show what they were worth. Lara making 400 runs and the West Indies amassing 751 with only two days to play meant that the game was heading for a tame draw. Lara's personal achievements are great but the situation is that the Caribbean psyche needs a win.   

"My goals and the team goals are to get West Indies cricket back to the top," said Lara. 

"One individual can't do that. Records can't do that. We have to see team performances."

Well said, Mr. Lara.



Thought I would share with you this archive photo of our StGC Old Boys’ Senior League cricket team from the 1960s. Some well-known names are featured.

Thanks to old boy Carl Chang for the loan of the picture.

Milton Hart

Back; L-R: Jonnie Fraser,Rooney Chang, Van Johnson, Bunny Goodison, Jonnie Black, Louis Rampie, Alan Alberga.
Front, L-R: Vinnie Binns, Frankie Lewis, Louis Teape, Dennis Reynolds, Horace Tulloch.




20th Anniversary Mass
 & Family Dinner


It was a real family mass as well with main celebrant, Archbishop Burke assisted by Monsignor Gerard Breen, his brother Rev. Basil Breen and Georgian deacon Patrick Chang. Charles Young read the first lesson and Archbishop Burke gave the homily.

All poured into the church hall after mass, viewing the pictorial gallery covering the 20 year existence of the Ontario chapter.

With President Robbie presiding, the evening’s events unfolded over a sumptuous meal of roast beef, curried goat and of course DB's plantains.

Head table L-R: Danny & JoJo Ho Lung, Heather & Robbie Vernon, Archbishop Larry Burke,
 Rev. Gerard Breen, Mnsgr. Basil Breen, Jean & Deacon Patrick Chang.

Robbie introduced the new executive, and on behalf of the Old Boys,  presented a plaque to outgoing President Don Barnett for his outstanding contributions as president.  Was Jennifer Barnett ever surprised with the beautiful bouquet of flowers presented to her by Heather Vernon. This was in recognition of her unwavering support to Don and the chapter. Jennifer was a constant at our football games in the East - Toronto. Fellows, they live in the West!

Distinguished Georgian Howard Shearer introduced our guest speaker, Archbishop Burke who touched on a long and distinguished service to the Lord as a Jesuit, his 23 years in Nassau, and his love and respect for the Bahamians. And all this started at St. George's College with the influence of his Jesuit teachers.

On the lighter side here are a few things that stood out from his talk.

“I have good news and better news. The good news is we have all the money in the world.....the better news is .....the money is in your pockets.”

            How's that in thinking on fundraising - basic and simple, eh!

            “at StGC it was a little difficult to live up to a famous older brother who had the distinction of taking four wickets for zero runs....How would you like to be known as the little brother of four-for- naught?”

            At one time he was the underdog. Not always a bad position to start from. It teaches humility!

He learned to look after himself and is handy in the kitchen. While in Nassau, he always made his own breakfast.

Neil Dalhouse thanked Archbishop Burke and presented him with the perfect Canadian gift, an inukshuk, product of the Canadian North and of its earliest Innuit inhabitants.

The Sopranos Steel Band Ensemble provided beautiful background music and, with numerous prizes, many went home with souvenirs of the special evening marking our 20th anniversary as a chapter.

A highlight of the evening was the announcement of the scholarship winner by Dr. Louis Lee of the adjudication panel. Louis presented the $1,000 cheque to Joseph Vernon, law student at the University of Windsor and Detroit Mercy (see Neil's Coverage, Page 6)

Robbie acknowledged the presence of the other members of the Georgian family, the Presidents of our sister schools, Yvonne Lew of Immaculate and Loraine Lee, Alpha. Also Alty and Alma Lawton, two of our most loyal supporters, who recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary and Alty, his 95th birthday October last. Alty may very well be the oldest surviving Georgian.

The executive carried it off again, with the help of their spouses, and over 168 enjoyed an evening of fellowship with their Georgian counterparts and their families.

For me the visit of Archbishop Burke and the day’s events are treasured moments.

The photos speak for themselves.

Ray Chang

L-R: Dr. Gilbert Aarons, Patrick Lee, Trevor & Sadie Wong, Loraine Lee,
Theresa Lee,Denise & Clive Yap Sam & Lipton Wong


L-R: David and Gladys Chin & Howard Shearer in foreground.


Archbishop Burke & honourary Old Boy
 Derrick (Mello) Melvin

Danny Ho Lung presenting prizes.


President Robbie & Heather Vernon present to Jennifer & Don Barnett, outgoing President, Orchids & a special award.

Alty, the oldest old boy & Alma Lawton
acknowledge applause.



L-R: Melanie, Charmaine, Chris & Jessica Chin & Celina Chung


1st. V.P.Elect, Danny HoLung & Liaison Director,
 Neil Dalhouse presenting prizes.

Patrick (Skedron) & Norma Smith


L-R: Jerry Lew, Pauline Lowe Ching, Percy Lowe Ching, Alex Ho Shue


L-R: Nolia Jackson, Kay Pinnock, Monica & Fulford Chin Choy,
 Michael & Arthurine Sloley & Dr. Louis Lee


L-R: Ray Chang, Len Crooks, Herman Chang, Neil Dalhouse in foreground.


L-R: Arthur & Sandra Yap, Jocelyn, Tyrah, Shaun & Laurie Wilson & Errol Williams

The 2004 Scholarship Award Winner


There was a sudden hush in the room when Dr. Louis Lee stepped up to the mike at this year's Annual Family Dinner, and announced that the winner of the 2004 Scholarship was Joe Vernon, the youngest of Heather and Robbie Vernon's two sons. A loud cheer erupted for him, as many in attendance knew Joe or knew of his achievements over the past four to five years.

This handsome, well-built young lad attended private school at St. Michael’s College School Toronto, founded by Basilian fathers in 1852. (Strong similarities to St.George's College)

Joe Vernon receiving Scholarship cheque
from Dr. Louis Lee

Despite a rigorous academic curriculum and making the honour roll in 4 of 5 years, Joe distinguished himself as a middle distance runner, representing the school at OFSAA. He was also co-captain of the Football team and league all star, winning the Mike "Pinball” Clemen's Footsteps Scholarship, awarded for academic and athletic excellence. During all this, he was a volunteer in the community with the Meals on Foot programme and the “Out of the Cold Soup Kitchen."

He attended Wilfrid Laurier University and obtained an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration in 2002, and played for their Golden Hawks varsity football team. He assisted the Heart and Stroke Foundation and traveled to various elementary schools with teammates counselling students on the effects of smoking, the importance of exercise and an active lifestyle. He also took time to coach the Laurier Lighting women's football team for three years.

Later, Joe was accepted into the joint JD/LLB program between the University of Windsor and the University of Detroit Mercy, a rigorous course of study, enabling him to obtain simultaneously a Canadian and US law degree over a three-year period. Joe has also volunteered for Community Legal Aid, the Big Brothers Of Windsor Essex, and has been guiding a 12-year-old boy who was on the waiting list for 5 years. Joe is also a wide receiver with the Windsor Lancers Football team. We wish Joe continued success in all his future endeavours.

Each year at our Annual Family Dinner, the StGC Old Boys’ (Ontario Chapter) Scholarship is given out to a son or daughter of an old boy here in Ontario. The winner is selected from a panel of old boys who are not part of our chapter's executive. Our distinguished Georgian panel for 2004 was comprised of: Dr. Louis Lee, Dr Huntley Munroe and Dr Herbert Ho Ping Kong.

This Scholarship grant was created as one of the items that would help to fulfill the 4th objective in our Ontario Constitution, "to unite, in order to assist, all StGC Old Boys and their families to achieve, in Canada, their full potential, moral, economic and social well being."

Neil Dalhouse


Letters to the Editor


Hi Robert,

Just to let you know I successfully completed my BSE (Civil Engineering) from the University of New Brunswick last month (May) and the graduation ceremony was great. I'm currently in the York Region working on the York Rapid Transit with Peter Kiewit & Sons. I think that I'll be here for at least a year, after that I could be anywhere. But for the time being, I am here and I'll be in touch. Thanks a lot.

Brian Mitchell

Editor's note: Brian's thank you letter to us and the reply was published in our Feb. 2004 newsletter. He was the recipient of our 1998 scholarship and further assistance under our 'Special Grants Fund'. It has been a big struggle for him and it makes us proud to know we played a part in his success.


The Editor,

Would you consider another trip to the Jesuit Retirement Centre in Weston, Mass. Please put this in the newsletter and see the response. I know a lot of planning is involved.                                                            .Stanley Chin

 Editor: There are now remaining only a few Jesuits with any attachment to Jamaica. A return visit possibly as a Retreat, and a guided tour of the cemetery, as in the previous visit, with all the familiar names on the epitaphs, would evoke memories. Many who were on the original trip view this as a treasured event, a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Let’s see what the response is like and maybe this can become the same for others.


Special Thanks: Ken Cadien, Peter Lloyd Chin, Francis Fyfe, Tyrone 'Rock' Holbrooke, Lloyd Pinnock, Karl Tenn, Orville Wong.


Editor: Why the special thanks? In addition to dues, these Georgians have made generous donations to our chapter. This is really appreciated and the show of support and confidence in our work gives a big boost to the executives, who are working tirelessly for the good of the school.


Special Thanks to Fr. Dziak for the use of photos from the school web page and Lloyd Chung for his extensive photo coverage of events.



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