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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 40...June, 2004

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

I begin by asking, why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? It's the funniest thing when you watch them do it. There are a lot of weird things that make us wonder why, aren't there? Why is it for instance, that lemon juice is made with artificial flavour, and dishwashing soap is made with real lemons? And why don't sheep shrink when it rains? And why are some homes called apartments, when in fact they are really all stuck together? And speaking of "stuck", why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?? If you think about some of these things you'll go you crazy.

Many thanks to Archbishop Larry Burke, who took time out from his very busy schedule, to fly up to Toronto and be with us for our Annual Family Dinner. Imagine after being installed officially in his new position on May 2, he was in Toronto on May 7th , and said mass for us May 8th before the family dinner. He spoke well about our Chapter here, and had a ball mingling with several old boys and their families. It was good to see him again. We wish him well in his new endeavors as Archbishop of Kingston. Doing the job RIGHT the first time gets the job done properly, but doing the job WRONG 14 times gives you job security.

I was a bit disheartened to hear that Father Ted Dziak, SJ, Chairman of the StGC Board of Management since 1998, resigned his position effective May 1, 2004.  As school liaison officer, I had the opportunity of doing liaison work with him over the years, and got to know him quite a bit through numerous email correspondence. He did many good things for the school, and leaves it in better shape than when he first arrived on North Street soil. I know he patched up a lot of fences during his tenure... a lot. He will be missed. We, up in the north, wish him all the best. Stay in touch, Fr. Ted. The new School Board Chairman is Father Jim Webb, SJ, who is the Regional Superior of the Society of Jesus of Jamaica.   Father Dziak will continue to serve as StGC's President until August 1 when he will leave Jamaica and StGC for another assignment off-island.

St. George's College created a Water Polo team for the first time this year, and it won the Championship at the first ICD Inter-Secondary Schools Water Polo Competition in March. The team received the Male Gold Medal at the National Stadium Pool on Sunday, March 14, 2004. Congratulations to the team.

Isa Dattilo

            It was good to learn that Isa Dattilo, Head Boy of StGC, was selected as the newest Jesuit Scholar for 2004.  His scholarship will take him to the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Ma. Heartiest congratulations to you Isa. We wish you well in your studies.

Think of it. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced ONETY ONE?

How many of you know the meaning of the colours in the Jamaican flag? Well here's some kulcha fi yu! Black depicts the strength and creativity of the people; Gold, the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; and Green, hope and agricultural resources.

I now ask that you say a prayer for Ray Chang's mother, Maisie Chang, who passed away recently after a long  illness. And, for David Phillips, a great JC old boy who played golf with many of us in Toronto, and also, for Richard Hitchens, (brother of Peter, our past President) who died tragically in Jamaica. We also lost Rev. Fr. Robert Higgins who succumbed to cancer and died on February 7, 2004 in Weston, Mass. at the age of 84. He taught at St. George's College for over twenty years, arriving in the late 1950s and completing his service in the mid-1970s. Many will probably have the marks to prove they were taught by Fr. Higgins. Fond memories of him will live on with us.

Congratulations to Dennis Barnett, Laddie Kong, and a host of other old boys for planting the roots of what will be a great new chapter in the Florida region. Their recent dance in Fort Lauderdale attracting several hundred people, was an overwhelming success... and really... a glimpse of good things to come out of that region. Those who live in that area should do everything possible to support their efforts and insure that this new arm of the Old Boys will add strength to the school and the spirit of our association.

You know you are old when: you feel like the morning after, but didn't go anywhere last night.

You regret all those mistakes you made resisting temptation, and when the little old gray-haired lady you help across the street is your wife.

Carl Chang presents a copy of Jamaican Chinese Worldwide
to Fr. Richard HoLung

The photo in this article shows Carl Chang doing another one of his good deeds by donating to Fr. HoLung, a copy of Patrick & Loraine Lee's keepsake book, Jamaican Chinese Worldwide. Fr. Richard's big smile certainly speaks of how appreciative he was to receive this gift.

The recent negative news about how low StGC has sunk academically seemed like a crock when I learned that former St GC students Anthony James, Dwayne Henclewood, and Azizi Seixas have graduated as the first three Jesuit Scholars at two Jesuit universities, Holy Cross College and Boston College, Massachusetts. Azizi Seixas received a Presidential Service Award, one of the highest awards at Holy Cross.  He was a former head Boy of StGC, and served as Vice-President of his Senior Class at Holy Cross, and was on the men's track and field team (shotput) there. He was also in the Student Government cabinet.   He graduates with a B.A. in philosophy/ pre-med with a 3.0 GPA, and was awarded a graduate scholarship at the Braniff Graduate School of the University of Dallas in a Master's Program in Clinical Psychology.  Anthony James graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Finance and Economics with a 3.3 GPA, having made the Dean's List the last four semesters.   Anthony has been offered a position with J.P. Morgan on Wall Street in New York.   Dwayne Henclewood graduated from Holy Cross

Dwane Henclewood

 with a B.A. in Physics and is exploring a graduate programme in Engineering at Columbia University in New York.   Dwayne was involved in physics research the last two summers with a professor at Holy Cross, and was one of the leaders of the Holy Cross men's track and field team (discus/ shotput). Their achievements make people scratch their heads over the bad press the school has been receiving lately. I am truly proud of them.

On the last day, everyone went to heaven to face God. God asked that the men form 2 lines, one for men who ruled their women on Earth, the other for men who were ruled by their women. Then God told all the women to leave the area with St. Peter. An hour went by and God noticed the line with men who were ruled by their women was 1000 miles long, and in the line of men who ruled their women contained one man.

God became angry and shouted at the top of his voice to the long line, "You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! I created you in my image and you were whipped by your mates!! Shame on you!! Look at the only one who made me proud. Learn from him!! Tell them, my son, how did you manage to be the only one in this line??" Very sheepishly, the man replied," "My wife told me to stand over here while she left with Peter, my Lord!!"

Now ain't that the truth??

A Gaaannneee!!

Neil Dalhouse



 back a yard -Jamaica News- back a yard


Fr. Hosie's Day

 It was a great day, because Sunday April 25, 2004 was the day that Fr.

Fr. Hosie cutting the ribbon

 James Hosie officially opened the refurbished tennis and basketball courts within the old school.

The Good Lord could have given Fr. Hosie a sunnier day to perform this good deed, as it was overcast with the sun coming out intermittently.

The dedication followed a liturgy  at Holy Trinity Cathedral in honour of St GC's 25th Anniversary class, class of 1979.

Nevertheless, the event took place with Fr. Ted Dziak welcoming the small group of die-hard tennis fans that showed up for the occasion, including the likes of Alumni groupies like Ray Chang, Graham, members of the Barnett family, Giles, etc.  A memorial Scroll was presented by Chris Berry, followed by a blessing of the courts by Fr. Hosie, and then his cutting the ribbon to open the courts officially.

A vote of thanks was offered by Bruce deSousa, President, Jamaica Old Boys Chapter. These ceremonies were followed by an exhibition lawn tennis match between the current StGC Tennis Team and a selected StGC Old Boy Team and Fr. Hosie.

One hour later the event also featured an exhibition basketball game with the 2004 All Island StGC Junior Basketball Team, versus a selected St. GC Old Boys’ Team.

Many Georgians will remember Fr. Hosie, who was at StG.C as a scholastic between 1959 till 1962; as a priest from 1967-1988 and was headmaster 1982-1987.

What a pleasure it is to write about someone who is also so very special to out Ontario Chapter and our executive will always remember the 1997 retreat in Northern Ontario.

Thank you again Fr. Hosie, for all you have done for us, then and now. 


Installation New Archbishop of Kingston


On May 2 in Holy Trinity Cathedral, an event of great significance took place as old boy the Most Reverend Lawrence Burke, S.J. was installed as the Fourth Archbishop of Kingston. There were over a dozen bishops and numerous clergy taking part in the mass in a packed cathedral, with thousands of well-wishers, including the Governor General, members of Parliament, the Judiciary, Diplomatic Corps and religious and lay people from all over the Caribbean.

Archbishop Burke & Fr. Jim Webb

Archbishop Burke succeeded another Georgian Archbishop Edgerton Clarke, who was retiring at the age of 75.

In this photo (bottom left) he is captured being congratulated by Father Jim Webb S.J, Regional Superior of the Society of Jesus in Jamaica, who is also the new chairman of the StGC Board of management.                           

We in Toronto welcomed Archbishop Burke on May 9th as the celebrant at our annual Mass and guest speaker at our family dinner. What an honour for us to have him so soon after his inauguration.



StGC Junior Basketball Team- All Island Champions


On March 20th at the National Indoor Stadium, the StGC Junior basketball team defeated Tivoli Gardens HS 55-42 in the finals to win the Issa Junior Basketball Championship.

The team completed the season undefeated. Congratulations to coach Clifford Brown who was selected Coach of the year.

Champion Basketball Team


StGC Students Honoured at National Academic
Awards Banquet


Raymond Jones

Sixth former Raymond Jones scored first in the entire Caribbean in Computer science in the 2003 CXC Examinations.  Also honoured at the special banquet on March 12 was Shantez Stewart, who scored second in Jamaica in Social studies and Sean Williams, who scored third in Economics.





Jamaica Old Boys Annual Communion Breakfast


March 21st was the date this year and President  Bruce deSousa was pleased to have as celebrant old boy Archbishop Edgerton Clarke. Con-celebrating at the liturgy was StGC President Fr. Ted Dziak and StGC chaplain Ollie Nickerson S.J.

You guessed right the breakfast consisted of the ever popular ackee and codfish.

Neil Dalhouse



Archbishop Burke's visit


He was a student at St George's; he taught at St. George's as a layperson, Scholastic and Priest; he was Headmaster, President and Chairman of the Board of St. George's; he was the Jesuit Superior in Jamaica, and, in his words “I was never there long enough to do St. George's irreparable harm”

 But we know better. No, I do not mean he inflicted irreparable harm.

 The St. George's College Old Boys Association (Ontario Chapter) had the privilege of having the Most Reverend Lawrence Burke, S.J., as the guest speaker at its Annual Family Mass/ Dinner on May 8, 2004, a mere six days after he was installed as the new Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica. Prior to his installation, Archbishop Burke served as the spiritual head of the Roman Catholic Community in the Bahamas for the last 22 years.

Patrick Haddad, Michael (Buski) Charley, Stanley Chin,
Robbie Vernon, Don Barnett, Neil Dalhouse, Archbishop Burke.

And during his stay in Toronto, I had the honour of hosting him, my second-form master in 1961, at my home.

Here are my impressions of the Man.

First and foremost he is totally dedicated to the Church. “I don't know why I was posted back to Jamaica, but I do know I am there to serve” (editorial licence)... “and I will do so”. You could see the determination in his face and hear it in his voice.

Second, he is a pragmatist. He knows Jamaica has fewer resources, particularly financial, as compared to the Bahamas; therefore will have to rely on the entire Church.. “We will achieve (your expectations) ....only if we share our goals and work together to achieve them, because you are the Church.”

But most importantly, he is a man of conviction and action. Yes he is open to other opinions and listens, but he will not hesitate to act; he has already appointed Fr. Michael Lewis, pastor of Stella Maris and a StGC old boy, as acting Vicar General. He will (and I suspect has already consulted many in Jamaica) put together a  great organization comprised of talented and dedicated advisors.

 Archbishop Burke, welcome back to Jamaica! Feel free to call on us for assistance.

Ray Chang

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