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Good & True

Good & True ...issue# 40...June, 2004


Florida News


Dennis Barnett and the Dinner Dance Gala in Fort Lauderdale


It was with tremendous courage and love for StGC that Dennis decided to take on the awesome challenge of spear heading a fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale for the benefit of our school.  This task was considered in spite of the fact that Florida did not have a Chapter and therefore no infrastructure to pull on. Chairman Barnett got the word out and enthusiastic support for the cause came in with a rush, and the rest is history…a success story!   

Walter Campbell (Blubba), Stephen Lee, Dynamite Lyn, Michael King, Denis Chung,
 Patrick Terrelonge, Ronnie Nasralla, Don Barnett, Freddy Campbell, Stephen (Dougllas) Hill

What a Saturday night!  May 22, 2004 will be remembered as the beginning of the Florida Alumni, intent on helping our school in Jamaica. On this day, the splendor of sunny Florida shone brightly as the evening evolved.  This must have been God's gift, a symbolic sign for a rosy future for the Chapter and their expected contribution.  Faces appeared unrecognized initially due in part to aging and shape but soon identified after handshakes and hugs. Laughter galore and gleeful camaraderie filled the magnificent Ballroom of the Signature Grand where the event was held. The venue took on the ambiance of a house party in warmth and fellowship.  Surprises brought much joy to many and I was privy to Billy Vernon's unexpected appearance at our President's table where they were glued in embrace for precious moments. There was even talk that the Prime Minister of Jamaica was planning to attend but security was a problem to put in place with such short notice. The dinner started with a drum roll, which caught our attention and triggered an exciting parade of well-groomed waiters who lined up in front for applause. This certainly quieted the crowd of well over 850 good-looking people who came from every corner of North America allowing our beloved Fr. Hosie to say Grace. The Grace spoke to hope and gratitude!  Fr. Quinlan introduced Aggrey Irons who spoke of Standards which was appropriate in keeping with a quality event.  Fr. Dziak was invited to attend but declined due to previous commitment.  MC Laddie Kong presented Donna, Dennis' wife with a gift as a token of appreciation for her tremendous contribution in ensuring a flawless event. The magnet of The Fab 5's music pulled the well-fed and smiling faces to the dance floor and this attraction persisted to the end. 

Ken East, Skedron, Keith Noad, Gary Nash

Getting down

A group photo of Manning players of old was brought together by Freddy Campbell to include Walter "Blubba" Campbell (A favorite Georgian), Michael King, Richard Domville and too many more to mention.  The Canadian contingent included Directors Robbie Vernon, Ray Chang, Charles Young and yours truly all accompanied by the better halves. Directors Bruce deSousa and Glenroy Brown represented Jamaica. The state-of-the-art magazine developed in sync with this event is noteworthy considering the significant advertising dollars and the profiles of such stalwarts as Francis "Sambas" Price, Michael Branday, M.D. and Aggrey Benjamin Irons. Spotted in the huge crowd were familiar Georgians Colin Williamson, Ken East, Norman Hill, Keith Noad, Gary and Cedric Nash, Dennis Reynolds (Squingy). I was happy to see Richard Khouri who has to be the newest father of all Old Boys and sitting at the same table with Derek Gibson.  Dennis and his committee must be congratulated for an outstanding accomplishment. The event was incredibly successful both financially and socially. I should also publicly congratulate Dennis on being elected President of the Florida Chapter.  We look forward to a repeat next year.

Donald Barnett



Ray Chang & Donette Chin Loy dancing up a storm with the Florida gang.


Guest speaker Dr. Aggrey Irons, singing with Fab 5

Jan & Colin Williamson


Brothers Billy & Robbie Vernon & Heather enjoying the sumptuous meal.

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