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Good & True ...issue# 43...June, 2005

Sports Korner


Milton Hart

After a very shaky start by the Toronto-based St.George's team that is trying to defend its Markham league title, it is fair to say that the team has settled down and is showing why it won back-to-back championships.

The season started with a come-from-behind 3-3 tie with Sporting Markham and a heart-breaker of a loss (2-1) to United F.C.

Since then, George's has played some entertaining football and has two wins to show for it. The wins came in the form of a 7-0 drubbing of Rovers F.C and an impressive 3-0 performance against Toronto Kodiacs.

The team, by virtue of scheduled practices and greater commitment from its players, is looking to find its way back to the top of the rankings.

We need out St.GC alumni fans to come out and support out games.

St. George's College Soccer Club: Aaron Sani, Chad Chin, Milton Hart, Peter Trentini, Jason Manzur, Matt Ono, Craig Wright, Kevin Griffith, Daniel Garel, Chad Garel, Ryan Lam, Nick Lam, Arif Lalani, Dale Chung, Mike Genaro and Joseph Liu. 

Relief goalie Chad Garel watching action at other end as
his team pile on 7-0 drubbing - Fla. Boy's Beware. !!!

            Milton Hart


STGC Basketball Players Give Back to the Program


StGC basketball players from the early 80's have always had the desire to give back to the program. This program has instilled life values and taught them that "success is not a journey but a destination." At first, it seemed like a very daunting task, as many of these players reside in the United States, Canada and Jamaica, but this did not stop them. It had been over 18 years since they have seen or communicated with each other. However they were committed to rekindle their past and give back. In conjunction with the recent tennis courts' refurbishing, hence adding a new basketball court, the timing was perfect for the "Overseas StGC OBA Ballers" to build on the basketball momentum and energy in the school.

Visiting Alumni team, St.G.C Senior Boys team with right
 Sports Director Glenroy Browne & Dr.Fred Kennedy, Principal

The ball got rolling with emails shooting across the globe generating tremendous excitement and energy. Thank God for email, this enabled them to express their thoughts, and bounce ideas without spending a dime on long distance calls. They then met twice per month for a period of eight months via telephone conference calls to discuss the details of their vision, course of action, and ultimate goal. With the StGC basketball program's success (Junior team winning the All Island Championship in 2004; and some of the players representing StGC on the Jamaica national team), the Overseas StGC OBA Ballers felt the need to contribute in a manner that would sustain the program for generations to come.

The group's Co-Chairs, Garnet Wilson (US) and Richard Saunders (Canada), visited Jamaica and met with: Dr. Fred Kennedy (StGC Principal); Clifford Brown (StGC Head Coach); Bruce DeSouza (StGC OBA President, Jamaica Chapter); Glenroy Brown (StGC OBA Head of Sports); Horace White (StGC Teacher); and other StGC department heads. The purpose of the meeting was to present the group’s proposal. The proposal was embraced with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the kindness of all the individuals involved. The proposal was to donate basketball supplies and equipment and have two Alumni exhibition games: the first versus a more recent Jamaican-based alumni team; and the second versus the current senior team. The event included a half time presentation of the basketball supplies and equipment consisting of whistles, balls, pumps, reversible uniforms, skipping ropes, first aid kits, ankle braces, sneakers, etc.

The event was set for February 24th and 25th, 2005. The event was received with a vast support from the student body and past alumni. For the overseas players, playing outdoors was tough on the body, with the hard concrete and the pounding sunshine, to which they had grown unaccustomed. However, they were determined not to make that be a deterrent from their goal. The Overseas StGC OBA Ballers lost their first game to the local alumni, but took out their frustration on the school's senior team beating them in true "veterans vs. rookies" fashion.

With Gifts-L-R: Shaun Wilson, David Esmmie, Keith Daley coach, Rohan Allen,
Garnet Wilson, Richard Saunders, Roger Aldridge.
 Missing from photo: Derrick Wilson, Michael Hanson, Lyndon Taylor,
 Donald Jackson & Wayne Costley.

 The event was a tremendous success as the Overseas StGC OBA Ballers were able to "give back to the program," reconnect with old friends, classmates and live an unforgettable emotional experience. Just like the old saying goes "Killing two birds with one stone".

The long-term hope of this event is to use it as a vehicle to locate lost StGC basketball Alumni who came through the program, therefore possessing the passion for the program, and are in a position to support the program. This should then expand the outreach and pool of resources.

Special thanks to the following for their commitment, time, sacrifice and monetary contributions: Garnet Wilson USA (Co-Co-ordinator); Michael Hanson USA; David Esmie USA; Roger Aldridge USA; Lyndon Taylor USA/JA; Keith Daley USA (coach);

Richard Saunders Canada (Co-coordinator); Shaun Wilson Canada; Derrick Wilson Canada; and our Jamaican contingents Donald Jackson, Rohan Allen, and Wayne Costely.

In addition, a special thanks goes out to the Ontario OBA for their generous contribution to our efforts.

                              Richard Saunders


Ray Chang launches
Endowment Fund in Canada


The stage was set at the Family Dinner, after the inspirational speeches by Fr. Mike Proterra and Dr. Fred Kennedy, for Ray Chang to step in and announce the launch of the Endowment Fund Drive to the Canadian audiences.

Ray drew on personal experiences in his own family with the Jesuits at St. George's, where often the milk of human kindness bent the rules to allow for them to benefit from this great learning institution, and opined that this was not an isolated case.

There were many out there enjoying success in life, who have a lot to be grateful for from this unique Jesuit learning experience. "The quality of the alaumni that St. George's has produced is a testament to the need for its continuance. It's our goal to raise enough capital so that we can use the investment income to supplement the schools operation on an ongoing basis," Ray said.

Ray Chang launching Endowment Fund
at Family Dinner

There is presently a JA. $10,000,000 (approximately C$200,000) shortfall annually in operating funds.

This echoes the sentiments of another board member Paul Bitter who feels, as many do, that the Spirit and Pride in personal philanthropy must be rekindled during one’s lifetime or even to mark ones passing. Our Alma Mater, St.George's College, and its Jesuit tradition, are indeed worthy beneficiaries.

The St.George's College Endowment Fund Limited is a registered limited liability company.

Fr. Michael Proterra S.J. is Chairman of the school’s Board of Management, and Donovan Chen See, Vice- Chair. Other Board members include many movers and shakers in the Jamaican community, Mr. Paul Bitter, Alliance Insurance Brokers, Mr. Christopher Issa, Richard James Associates Ltd., Mr. Phillip Samms, Yahama Engines Limited, Dr. Fred Kennedy, Principal, Dr.Michael Witter, University Lecturer, Hon. G.R Irons, Ministry of Local Government, Community Development and Sport, Mr. Bruce deSousa, Jamaica Old Boys Association Representative, Hon. Don Wehby, Grace Kennedy and Company Limited and Hon. Dwight Nelson, Bustamante Industrial Trade Union

The North American thrust for the Endowment Fund will be spearheaded by Ray Chang, Chairman of CI Fund Management, one of Canada's largest Mutual Fund Management Companies.

Ray sits on many Boards including Ryerson University and brings a lot of fund raising experience, business savvy and clout to the cause. Assisting Ray will be other Board members of the Ontario OBA, Robbie Vernon, President, Daniel HoLung Ist Vice - President/President Elect, Don Barnett, Immediate Past President, Michael Charley, Communications Director and Neil Dalhouse, Liaison Director.

Laddie Kong of the Florida OBA will spearhead the Florida thrust.

While the initial target will be Old Boys,  Businesses, Foundations and Jesuit-linked benefactors, particularly in the States, will be approached.

There is interest out there in preserving a moral fabric to education; especially in an increasingly secular world, and the students, faculty and alumni of St. George's College have the privilege of a very rich Jesuit tradition.

Through its alumni, St. George's College has improved the Jamaican Community and communities around the globe, by educating "Men for Others" in the Jesuit tradition since 1850.

The Endowment Fund will ensure that this continues.


"St. George's College places God at the centre of everything and promotes the dignity, freedom, maturity and responsibility of each human person, especially oneself, as a living expression of God's goodness in the world……..educates the person, not just the mind and body, but especially the spirit, by teaching its students to understand and appreciate the union of religious faith with studies in Jamaican and world culture, science and the arts……proposes Jesus Christ as a model for living this kind of wholly human life, teaching its students to put God's love, which resides in them, into action, in the persuit of excellence, "For the Greater Glory of God."

Let’s all step up to the plate and dig deep for a very worthy cause.

                                                                                                   Robbie Vernon




Make cheque payable to:
St.George's College Endowment Fund
Mail To: St. George's College
Attention: Chairman
Winchester Park North Street,
Kingston CSO Jamaica


Make cheque payable to:
Jesuits of Upper Canada
Mail to:
St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc
(Ontario) Chapter
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres.
Mississauga Ontario, Canada
L5A 3C6.


Make cheque payable to:
Canadian Jesuits International
Mail to:
St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc
(Ontario Chapter)
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5A 3C6

 Donors resident in the United States, Canada or Jamaica will be issued tax- deductible receipts.


Family Dinner


Head Table: JoJo Ho Lung, Heather Vernon, Robbie Vernon, President,
 Dr. Fred Kennedy, Principal, Georgianne Kennedy & Fr. Michael Proterra,
 Chairman of the Board StG.C (Missing from photo. Danny Ho Lung  presenting prizes)

My thoughts on the Family Dinner.

I always knew that all Georgians were family.

As a new director attending the annual family dinner for the first time I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was looking forward to the meal like you would at any family function (home cooking).

The chairman of the board Rev Michael Proterra and Dr. Fred Kennedy StGC principal were present, just like Mom and Dad. 

As Rev. Proterra mentioned he was certain that not everyone who was present were Georgians! And he was correct. There were moms, wives, daughters and sisters. The reality was, we were outnumbered.

The beauty of it all was that they were just as interested in the well being of the school and what both speakers had to say.

Rev. Proterra spoke about the need to revive the Christian backbone of the glory years, and the importance of being a good Samaritan.

 Dr. Kennedy talked about his focus to re build the school's reputation for producing respectable, educated men in the Jamaican society. He gave us a snapshot of all his projects and I could see the expression of gratitude on all the old boys faces that the glory days and the reputation of the school will be restored shortly.

I was honoured to be a part of such a gathering and humble at some of the hard work and dedication of these Georgians (Ray Chang, Michael Charley, Neil Dalhouse and all the members of the executive team). I felt proud to be  a sibling of this family and will certainly do my part to make this family stronger for generations to come.

Richard  Saunders


Jennifer Barnett, Don Barnett, Tara MacPherson, Don G Barnett,
 Mike MacPherson, Claudette & Dr. Louis Lee


Michael Charley & Julia Kennedy prize winner


John Flynn & Laurie Wilson prizewinner


Danny Ho Lung presenting gift to
Fr. Michael Proterra.

Directors Tyrone Hollbrooke & Charles Young


Butty & Grace Wong, Daphne Joseph, Keith Garel, Kennedy & Dorothy Tai



Richard Saunders presenting prize to Ray Jackson

John & Cecile Garel & Jeanne & Errol Williams


Neil Dalhouse & Mrs Lucy Burke
 wife of OB John Burke

Milton Hart presenting prize to Alisha Garel


Uncle P, Pat Ferguson daughter April & granddaughter Danielle

Sheila & Lisbeth Haddad, Kathleen Hitchins,
 Peter Hitchins & Dr. Derek Haddad


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