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Good & True ...issue# 43...June, 2005

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

Fond memories of being at St.GC never seem to go away, do they?  Just the other day I saw a photo of the Ward Theatre, and it took me right back to boarding school days at North Street. My dad used to be the theatre's manager then, which allowed me to take two friends to the movies for free. My uncle was the curator for the back stage area of the theatre, and he would allow two friends to come in through the back door for matinee shows. Five of us could then go to the 10:30 a.m. movie on Saturdays. I always had five or six guys hanging around me on that day, in the hopes that they could sneak out with me and catch a show (cause, as boarders, we were not allowed to leave the campus). Boy, it's funny how these guys became so-called friends of mine on Saturdays, but come Sunday night when ice cream was served to us boarders for dessert, no one offered to share a bit of theirs with me.

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

Speaking of memories, just about every one at St.GC was given a nickname. Remember that? There was Palance for Marsden Chen, as he looked like Jack the actor, then Patrick Smith was called Skedron, because in soccer he moved like a Squadron, later twisted to Skedron by Jamaicans. Then there was Sadat for Bobby Wells, as he reminded everyone of Egypt's Anwar al Sadat. We all know who DBarnes is, and Michael Charley was and still is Buski, but the reason he got that name is still a secret today. Then there was Hubert Wong, (Butty). Is this because of head butting practices or because of a large butt? Trevor Swaby nicknamed me Dally, as a short pronunciation for Dalhouse. Then by 4th. Form, Paul Bits dubbed me Neilus, because I believe Latin went to his head back then. Trevor Swaby was called Swaga or Swabs, Mike Lyn was called Speck, because he was always serving mass as an altar boy somewhere on campus, and he reminded everyone about the little altar boy cartoon character, Speck, in the Catholic Opinion newspaper. Wes T. was Wesley Taylor, Errol Reid was simply Reidie, Gladstone Bardowell was Bardo, Frank Williams was Bim, but I never found out why. Winston Lyew was Casha, Dennis Chung was Dooley, Winston Chen was Sassafras, and Anthony Yee was Chipsie. I never knew why they were given those names either. Tyrone Rock Hollbrooke is still solid. Dennis Zaidie was D. Zaides, Clovis Metcalfe was "Birdnaught", cause he always uttered that word when he was startled. Errol Huie was Baby Huie, from the Donald Duck cartoon. Then there were Pedro & Pablo (Bits) Bitter. Dwight Nelson was Tweety, because he was as skinny as a Tweety bird back then. The list goes on, (some very discriminatory) not to mention nicknames for the lay teachers and priests. We will leave that for another time. What was yours? Who gave it to you and why? Remind me next time we meet.

Is it my imagination, or do Buffalo wings taste like chicken? The largest annual Jamaican summer bash is just a few weeks away. The 9th. Annual St.GC Summer Ball will take place in Toronto on Friday July 29, at the Double Tree International Plaza Hotel. One of the most versatile bands in the world, Fab 5 will grace the bandstand with their presence for the 4th. year in a row. In the last newsletter it was mentioned that "Lovindeer" too would accompany the band this year. This is incorrect. The special guest appearance this year will be made by Boris Gardner, accomplished singer bass player/music director. Remember, this is the annual moneymaker for the school, so buy a table and bring your friends. Call (416) 681-6688 and book yours now.

"Is it true that in some parts of Africa, a man doesn't know his wife till they get married, dad?" a little boy asked his father. That's true everywhere in the world, son!" was the reply.

Donovan Chen See, Neil Dalhouse, Charmaine & Chris  Chin
at Ray’s reception for Fr. Michael Proterra & Dr. Fred Kennedy

It was a pleasure for me to accompany Danny HoLung our Vice pres. in showing Fr. Michael Proterra around the city of Toronto. Fr. Mike came up for our annual Family Dinner in May. We took Fr. to St. Mike's College on the Campus of U of Toronto, and had lunch atop the CN tower. Fr. P was able to see Buffalo while chomping on his pasta lunch. (Thanks for picking up the lunch tab, Danny) After visiting a few more places we all met up again at the Family Dinner, where both Fr. Mike and Fred Kennedy, current headmaster of St.GC were guests of honour. Here, Ray Chang launched the St.GC Endowment Fund, which I am hoping every old boy will contribute something towards. (See article in this issue on the Fund).

Can someone tell me why Fr. Roy Campbell has not yet been inducted into our Hall of Fame?

Have you ever stopped to wonder if once you get to heaven, you ever get a chance to change the clothes you were buried in, or will you have to wear them forever?

It may be intriguing to know that the Jesuit order placed a lot of effort into the science of seismology. The earliest seismographs were developed in Italy by Luigi Palmieri (1807-1896) and the Jesuit order became heavily involved with the science back then, and placed seismographs in numerous countries all over the world.  St.George's College received its own unit in 1940.

Did you know that Michael Rose of the band Black Uhuru went to St. GC for a short while?

Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable, right Butty? Sincere condolences go out to Tony Hollbrooke on the passing of his dear wife Lois last week. She lost a long hard fought battle with cancer. She is still in our prayers Tony! I also ask you all to pray for his mom who passed away in Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto.

Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that he will.

Those of us old boys who live in Toronto, please come out and support Milton Hart's St.GC soccer team this year. (See article in this issue).

Finally, the sales rep from the Carona Beer Company in Mexico sits at a bar in Toronto and says to the bartender "Senor, I would like the world's best beer, Carona."

The Budweiser rep who was also at the same beer convention in the city sits on the stool beside the Carona rep and says "I would like a bottle of the best beer in the world, King of beers, a Budweiser please."

So next, in walked the Coors rep who shouted "I would like the world's best beer made with Rocky Mountain Spring water, barkeep, give me a Coors beer please."

While everyone was sipping on their drinks, in walks the Jammy rep from Jamaica's Red Stripe breweries and orders a "Sprite" soft drink. The barkeep asks "How come you aren't having a Red Stripe?" The Jammy replies, "Chouh, if dem man ya nah drink no beer, mi naah badda eida.!!!"

A Gaaannnneeee!!

Neil Dalhouse


$1,000 Scholarship Grant
 Deadline March 1st Annually

Applications are sought from all children of dues- paying old boys in Canada, who will be or are currently attending college/university. Past unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply. All you need is to submit a profile of yourself including details on the choice of studies, why you chose the field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition the successful candidate will also have expressed his or her own reason behind why he/she should be a recipient of this grant. The award is not necessarily granted to the person with the highest grades.

Community involvement and potential contribution to society are also factors.

Submit Applications to: St.George's College O/B Assoc., 504 Karen Park Cres. Mississauga, Ontario L5A 3C6.



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