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Good & True ...issue# 44...November, 2005

2005 StGC Summer Ball




For the third year we were sold out and there is no doubt that this is the social event of the caribana week-end.

The food at the Doubletree International Plaza hotel was excellent, having the benefit of the expertise of our master chef John Flynn our (V.P West) who guided on spices, etc.

Fab 5 and Boris Gardner had the over eight hundred and seventy excited revelers bowled over and many were saying this was the best ever. M.C. Neil Dalhouse introduced President Robbie Vernon who welcomed the guests.

It was great to have the Florida president Dennis Barnett with us and other numerous out of town revelers including Dennis Lawton, Aston Chin, Wayne & Zona Ho Sang from Florida.  Dr. Errol Reid from Maryland, Greg and Bernie Chin from Simi Valley California, Norman Hill Q.C from the Cayman  Islands, legendary soccer player Dynamite Lyn from Jamaica. Also caught up in the festivities were StGC Principal, Dr. Fred Kennedy and his wife, Georgianne.

Gracing us with their presence were the Ontario Minister of Children & Youth Services, the Hon. Mary Anne Chambers; the South African High Commis-sioner for Canada, her Excellency Ms. Theresa Solomon; the Jamaica Consul General for Toronto Ms. Vivia Betton and the South African Consul General for Toronto Ms. N.F. Nojozi.

This is our once a year major fundraiser for the school and we have the task of  maintaining it as a drawing card for those in line for top class entertainment in an ambiance with fun loving people of sophistication and charm. People who feel they are in a comfortable setting for letting loose a little and the dance floor remained full from the word go and attested to our success there. The pictures speak for themselves.

Next year we are moving to the Mississauga Convention centre ( Derry & Hwy 10), in an effort to accommodate all who wish to attend and not have us turning away fans as we have been forced to do for the past three years. There is ample free parking and a fantastic ambiance. The date is Friday August 4th 2006. Set your calendars from now- there will be some big surprises.

Our thanks to the Jamaica National Building Society and Royal Bank of Canada who were major sponsors. Thanks as well to Ray Chang, CI Funds; John and Muna Issa, Super Clubs; Howard Shearer, Hitachi Canada; Rose Chin, Uniglobe Bon Voyage Travel; Delta Toronto Airport West Hotel.

Robbie Vernon









The True Ray Chang Revealed


Doctor G. Raymond Chang surrounded by (left to right) son, Andrew Chang and sisters - Lily Lublanski, Karen Chang, Mary-Joy O'Reilly, Jo-Ann Chang, and Thalia Lyn


The press has been all over Ray Chang, following his receiving the honorary doctorate from Ryerson University on November 3rd.  

Ray...oops, Dr. Raymond Chang, joins a list of distinguished individuals including former Governor General of Canada, Romeo LeBlanc and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. 

A lot came to light on this quiet, media-shy Georgian, who is one of the most active members on the Board of our Ontario chapter.  

What was so gratifying amidst all the media frenzy, was the capturing of the humility of the Ray Chang we on the executive all know and admire. Good qualities cannot remain hidden forever… others need to see and be given the opportunity to emulate.  

Many realized for the first time the wide vista of his business and philanthropic activities in both Jamaica and Canada. 

In Toronto, he's on the Ryerson board of governors and the university's school of continuing education bears his name. He sits on the board of the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, and established a chair at University of Toronto in internal medicine and a fellowship for West Indian doctors at the University Health Network. 

He remains true to Jamaica and sits on several boards, including the St. George's College Endowment Fund, and has wide investments there as well. 

Perhaps the most revealing of the Ray Chang character was the Walkers Wood story, not so much the financial investment in the renowned spice company that bears its name, but his assistance to the local farmers. Here he went to bat for the community farmers, fulfilling his belief in helping people help themselves - as he likes to put it "giving a person a fishing rod rather than a fish". 

Ray says his best investments have always been in people. These have given him his greatest satisfaction. 

He always acknowledges the contribution of his high school, which he did on this, his day, in glowing terms. 

"I received the best education at St. George's College, a high school in Kingston,Jamaica. Under the strict watch of Jesuit priests, I learnt not only of the arts and sciences, more importantly, I learnt  HOW TO THINK. It's this ability; I believe that has been fundamental to my later successes in life." 

The convocation address to the Ryerson graduates might well have been directed to the students of his beloved alma mater. 

 "My parents encouraged us to strive to do our best…They knew and made it clear that education was the foundation for lasting success" Education levels the playing field. It gives you the tools to create a competitive edge. You can have all the money in the world but someone can take it away... but nobody can steal your brain" 

He reminded them that it is necessary to... "understand who we are by knowing where we came from, and that our roots should serve as an insight about what we can become, to learn from the past and not be stuck in it." 

With all the dignitaries at the convocation and private dinner after, this remained a family like affair, which included many in his Georgian family as well. Dr. Herbert  HoPing Kong,  Howard Shearer, Herman Chang, Neil Dalhouse, Robbie Vernon. 

Ray, the St. George's community is proud of you, and thank you for remembering and including us in your successes.  

It shows just how important the school is to you and no doubt why you have taken such a big role in the Endowment Fund drive, to ensure that the type of education you received remains for future generations.


Robbie Vernon

Ray second right with some of his St.G.C family-L-R Howard Shearer, Danny HoLung, Herman Chang, Neil Dalhouse, Ray Chang, Robbie Vernon



Endowment Fund Campaign
 on the move


 For many of us Georgians, St George's College provided our spiritual underpinning; and during our stay at the school, taught us to think and develop talents allowing many to prosper in the international marketplace.
  It is from this place of gratitude, we in the Ontario Chapter of the Old Boys' Association feel privileged to be involved in our alma maters Endowment Fund Campaign.

  The targeted goal for the campaign is US$5,000,000., which will provide the capital to generate on-going income for St. George's College. We need to provide the college with an Endowment Fund that will make the school as financially self-sufficient as possible and make available the continuing Jesuit presence and influence on campus.

  This campaign challenges each of us on a personal level, as we are asked to reflect on how St. George's College has supported, nurtured and inspired us to become the men that we are. We only have to look around to see Georgians in service in Jamaica and all over the globe; men of competence, conscience and compassion, assuming positive leadership roles in transforming societies. The future is now threatened, because of inadequate funding.

  As an expression of thanksgiving for all that we have received, we invited you to consider a gift that is both meaningful and sacrificial, to ensure that St. George's College can continue to provide hope to many more generations of Jamaicans and to pass on to them the true reality of who we they are, as children of God, whose love is unconditional and everlasting.

  One hundred and fifty five years ago, the Jesuits envisioned a school that would gather young minds; train them so that they would in turn respond to the needs of their community. With the help of the Holy Spirit, the Jesuits vision became a reality and today we are proud to be part of a campaign to ensure that this reality continues.

  By working together to make our campaign a success, we acknowledge those who came before us, we celebrate who we are today, and we hold the hope of those to come.

  We will be communicating with Old Boys, many of whom are looking forward to meeting with a volunteer to discuss St. George's, its needs, goals and aspirations.

  Since the launch at the Family dinner on May 14th, we have collected over C$ 225,000 and we have barely gotten off the ground.

  We also need volunteers to be a part of the Calling Team to contact and expand our donor base. We will provide the training and materials. We want to keep the momentum going and many Georgians are looking on this as a once in a lifetime gift for the benefit of the school that gave so much to them and is presently struggling to do the same for Jamaica's youth.

  In the photo above the sixth form Prefects are standing on guard for all that we uphold and value in the school. They are doing their part- let us do ours,

  Some have asked - what is a meaningful and sacrificial gift?
  For guidance purposes we include in this newsletter a pledge guide. (see below)

For Information on the Endowment Fund Contact Ray Chang at Email: RChang@ci.com
or any of our directors.



Make cheque payable to:
St.George's College Endowment Fund
Mail To:
St. George's College
Attention: Chairman
Winchester Park North Street
Kingston CSO Jamaica


Make cheque payable to:
Jesuits of Upper Canada
Mail to:
St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc.
(Ontario) Chapter
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres.
Mississauga Ontario, Canada L5A 3C6.


Make cheque payable to:
Canadian Jesuits International
Mail to:
St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc.
(Ontario Chapter)
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5A 3C6

Donors resident in the United States, Canada and Jamaica will be issued tax-deductible receipts.

Robbie Vernon

St. George’s College
Endowment Fund
Gift Guideline

   St. George’s College “Save the school Campaign” is an ambitious and challenging undertaking. A sacrificial, meaningful and proportionate gift to the fund will help to ensure that the culture of excellence continues at the school.
    The chart below is designed to help you with any pledge decision. Please refer to it as a guide.
    Your income is only one consideration. You may wish to make a gift in accordance with your other assets and as an expression of your faith.


Please drop us a email if you read this Newsletter online.

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