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Good & True ...issue# 44...November, 2005

Message from The Principal


The new school year started off on a sensational note with the registration of 42 young ladies in our sixth form program. We have received very positive media coverage by the Gleaner, Observer and local radio and television stations.  It has added to the impetus of positive change which we are trying to engender at St. George's.  Their integration into the life of the school has been very successful so far and, of course, the young men have no complaints.  Many thanks to the Dean of 6th Form, Ms. Marsha Anderson who was instrumental in organizing the registration of our new sixth formers.

            We also started out on a high note with huge gains in our CXC results.  All academic areas increased by more than 20%.  This also meant that double the number of our fifth formers qualified for entry to sixth form.  We now have close to 200 sixth form students registered, which means added prefects and young student leaders for our school.

            We are in the first year of our Five Year Plan which was developed with the assistance of Growth Facilitators Consultants.  The school community has set itself specific targets to achieve in the areas of academics, sports, community involvement and capital improvement.  We have established our base line data and have identified initiatives to move us forward to reach these objectives.

            Staff morale continues to be good with a very low turn over of staff this year.  We have a very highly qualified staff who are now united in an effort to rebuild for our school a culture of excellence.

            Under the superb direction of Michael Davidson S.J., Dean of Students, we have put in place even stricter regulations to ensure that discipline improves on the campus.  Students are being held accountable for all of their duties and responsibilities, for completion of homework, for attendance to class on time and for exemplary behaviour.  Many students who did not make the grade last year were asked to repeat and these students are being carefully monitored.  In addition, we have hired a Special Education teacher to assist with those students who have specific learning disabilities or who may be underachieving.

            We have great faith in our new Manning Cup team this year and look forward to a successful season.  Under 16 and under 14 football teams have been formed and will soon begin competition.  Our lawn tennis, badminton, cricket, rugby, track and field, swimming, water polo students have all started training.  In addition, we are requiring every student in the school to join either a sport or club or society.  Sign ups will go on in early October.  Each staff member will be asked to be a moderator or coach.

            Our facilities continue to be in need of upkeep and expansion.  Now that we have an increased sixth form population, we will need added resources such as computers.  We have spent money fixing up the campus for school opening, painting all classrooms, repairing roofs and renovating the O'Hare building.  We have restored Winchester Park which we are now told is one of the finest football fields on the island. 

            We welcome all the support that you can give to us.  Some of our immediate projects include:

Establishing Intranet and additional student computer lab
Repair of Auditorium roof
Beautification project for campus
Special Education Resource Program
Restoration of O'Hare Building
Development of Science program and improvements to lab
Improvements to and expansion of canteen

 Visit our new website at stgc.org and contact us on our homepage.

 We have tremendous faith in the future of our alma mater and thank all the old boys, parents and community groups who are helping us to rebuild for the school a culture of excellence.  We are truly blessed as we do all for His greater glory.

            Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Fred Kennedy, Principal

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

After receiving several promises over the past three years, the appearance of  Senator Dwight "Tweety" Nelson at our Summer Ball actually came to fruition. He showed up, pleased as punch that he finally kept his promise to us. And he hasn't changed one bit, for he still carries around that massive, genuine smile of his. If he hadn't seen you in years, the smile you got from him revealed every molar in his mouth. He asked that I pass on what a pleasure it was to attend such a great event. Hope he comes back next year. There were quite a few other dignitaries present, and Ontario MPP Mary Anne Chambers, Minister of  Children & Youth Services in Ontario and her husband Chris were among them. Now, several guests said this year's Ball was probably the best we have ever had. (sold out  for the third year in a row now) Fab 5 was truly on form as they rocked the venue with a mixture of fabulous sounds that they don't normally play. Special guest artist, Boris Gardiner whose voice has certainly mellowed beautifully with the passing of time, made just about everyone in the ballroom get up to rent a tile with their dance partner. And for the first in a long time, the food was excellent, thanks to our very own John Flynn, a master chef himself,  who pre-discussed its preparation with the venue's chef, two weeks prior to the event. This made the world of difference in taste and will be a practice to keep in the future.

Dr. Errol Reid

The highlight of the evening for me was to announce to everyone that Dr. Errol Reid, orthodontist from Maryland, USA, and his lovely wife Joy, (also a doctor), corralled 20 dentists from his city to do a two week stint in parish of Westmoreland, treating the mouths of hundreds of  poor people, free of charge. They also took down bags of free medical equipment and drugs for the needy. This is the fourth or fifth year in a row Errol has made this pilgrimage, and he mentioned he would be returning again before the year is out with another batch of volunteer dentists to work for free in another Parish. May the Good Lord bless both him and Joy for this gesture of kindness and compassion.

Now, in this month's MY  VIEWS column, I want to mention a topic that I feel should be important to all of us at this point in our lives.  AGE! In the month of October this year, I will reach the ripe age of 60. Notice I didn't say "Ripe Old Age of 60", as old to me will always be at least 15 years older than I am at any time. At this age, to many of you, I still remain a "likkle bwoay!" And you know what? I still feel that way. Age is just a mind thing. Does it diminish the extreme disappointment you experience when a scoop of ice cream falls from your cone and onto the floor? No Sireee! Not at all. We are as old as we feel. Age can make you do strange things. It can make you lazy so that you can't be bothered going for walks any more.  It brings on that "don't care anymore" attitude. You have to be constantly aware of it, and reject it as soon as you see its ugly head appearing. Never let the aging process hold you in its grasp. You know it has done so when you stifle the urge to throw a snowball, or can't be bothered to get up and dance to a favourite tune of yours, or visit an old relative of yours. Growing old is a bad habit that a busy person has no time to form. Want to know how old you really are? Stop and ask yourself right now,  how old you think you would be if you didn't know how old you are now?

Surprised at your answer? You shouldn't be. I am not, because those of you who feel old, act old, and I can tell a mile away that you feel that way, cause it shows on you, the way you talk, the way you walk.

Don't forget your family and friends, as without them you won't have much of a world to live in.

            What really bothers me about becoming "older" is the fact that of late, family and loved ones are leaving me on earth at an alarming rate. Every day I learn that this one just passed away from cancer, or that one died from some other disease. It bothers me because in many cases, I have been negligent in reaching out to connect with some of these people before the inevitable occurs. In some cases, I have been negligent in doing so for years. So when the bad news hits, it makes me angry with myself for not staying in touch with them. I am sure you've all felt that way too sometimes.

Many of the members in our Toronto Old Boys chapter grew up together like brothers during the same era at StGC (give or take two or three years either way) Have we kept in touch with each other as often as we ought to?  We should all make more of an effort to stay in touch with each other. This is one of the reasons why we have the annual StGC Family Dinner, our Summer Ball, picnic, and our Golf Tournament, to stay in touch.  So, hopefully, I will see more of you at these events next year.

Let me close by saying that in time, you end up as you deserve, with the face you carry, the body you drag around, and the health you've earned. So avoid this by staying young mentally. Keep cheerful friends around you, and when you laugh, laugh out loud, and long. Go for walks, play sports, be active, especially in your community. Don't go on guilt trips, take trips to the next town, the next country, but don't go where there is any guilt. Phone a friend or family member you haven't spoken to lately, and hug people, a lot.

Remember this, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

A Gannneeee!!

Neil Dalhouse



 Nominations Invited
For inductees into
St. George's College Hall of Fame

In the years since it first opened its doors on September 2, 1850, St.George‚s College has produced many outstanding alumni who have brought honour to their alma mater by distinguishing themselves in a number of fields. The school honours these achievers in its Hall of Fame, initiated in 2000 at its 150th Anniversary banquet at King’s House on September 2, 2000. 

Since then fourteen persons have been inducted in various categories; Faculty, Education and Religion, Religion and Social Services, Science, Medicine and Education, Business, Law, Sports, The Arts. View the schools website: http://www.stgc.org/hof.html  

The next Hall of Fame Banquet and induction of new members will be in September 2006. 

Please submit your nominees by January15, 2006 to Pokar Chandiram at Email: pokar@cwjamaica.com  and copy Robbie Vernon at Email: robertvernon@hotmail.com

from the
Florida Chapter

Dennis Barnett


 I would like to thank Robbie Vernon for inviting my wife and me to the well attended and well organized Toronto dance. I met a lot of friends that I had not seen for many years, Trevor Summers, being one of them. We had a very good time and look forward to the Canadians attending the Florida dance on April 29, 2006, to celebrate Byron Lee's 50th Anniversary as a band. We congratulate the Toronto Football Team in their victory over our Florida team on Oct. 8th and taking home to Toronto the Deltana Trophy. Robbie, gentlemen that we are, we could not allow you to come down twice and lose. But we are now 1-1 tied and the next time around it’s another matter. My thanks to Dennis and Patsy Chung who hosted a reception for the team.  On his recent trip to South Florida, we had the opportunity to meet with Fr. Webb at a local restaurant in Miami. Fr. Webb filled us in on what is happening at St. George’s and what is also needed. 

            Our heartfelt condolences goes out to the Lyn family (Ferdie and Warrick - notable Georgians) whose mother recently passed on. In attendance representing the StGCOBAFL were Dennis Barnett, Richard Wongsam, and Tony Holbrooke.

Website Information:

 List of Registered Florida Old Boys at http://www.stgcfl.com/gen.pdf

 News for Georgians at http://www.stgcfl.com/news.html

 Executive and Committees at http://www.stgcfl.com/oba.html

 Events Calendar and Photo Links at http://www.stgcfl.com/events.html



Paid-up with pride

Annual membership dues make a difference.
St. George’s is experiencing
            • Growing honour rolls
            • Improving external exam results
            • A revitalized co-ed 6th form
            • Increasing athletic accomplishments
            • Emerging teaching excellence
            • Praiseworthy community involvement
            • Restoration of buildings and grounds
            • Renewed Jesuit support
We have “on the ground” a dedicated Old Boy headmaster, Fred Kennedy, and an active Board of Management with Fr. Michael Proterra S.J. as Chairman and Donovan Chen See as Vice-Chair.   They deserve your support.

If you have not yet paid for 2005, please send that $25 cheque now.  Better, save that second stamp and send $50 to cover 2006 too (see Early Bird below).

Mail in the form on the back of the Paid-up Members list or go to www.stgctoronto.com. 

Be an Early Bird: Win 2 Tickets to the fabulous
Annual Summer Ball

    Pay your 2006 membership dues by April 1st for a chance to win two tickets to our fabulous Summer Ball on August 4, 2006. New this year - Dinner-Show and free parking! See details in this newsletter. The early bird winner will be drawn at the annual Family Mass & Dinner on April 1st. See details in this newsletter. You do not have to be present to win, but we’d love to see you there.



Brand new
location -

Mississauga Convention Centre


• dinner show and dance.


• Electrifying David Rudder


• Jay Douglas, a dynamic R&B/Soul singer


• Fabulous
 Fab 5


• Last year’s Prices


Mark down
August 4, 2006



Presents the



The St. George’s College Old Boys’ Association, Ontario Chapter, announces its  10th Year Anniversary Summer Ball, Friday, August 4, 2006.

The event has been moved to a brand new location, the prestigious Mississauga Convention Centre, corner of Hurontario Street and Derry Road, Mississauga, Ontario. The venue boasts better acoustics, additional space for the comfort of our guests, and complimentary parking.

 As well, the evening takes on a new look that will host a dinner show and dance.

The Electrifying David Rudder, hailed as our current generation’s foremost calypso entertainer, will be the headline performer.

Also featured will be Toronto’s own, Jay Douglas, a dynamic R&B/Soul singer who is known for his captivating stage presence.

This 60 minute entertainment showpiece will be immediately followed by the versatile dance music of The Fabulous Fab 5 band. The evening is slated to be an unforgettable one, and all this, .... at last year’s prices.

Through our nine previous Annual Summer Ball events, we have been able to support better education for hundreds of students at St. George’s College in Jamaica. We sincerely hope you will join us in celebrating this auspicious 10th Anniversary occasion.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Further details of the event will be announced in early 2006.

Mark Your Calendars now!


Please drop us a email if you read this Newsletter online.

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