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Good & True ...issue# 45...March, 2006

Sports Korner

Standing from left to right: Chad Chin, Jason Manzur, Peter Trentini, Kevin Griffiths, Danny Garel,
 Chad Garel, Arif Lalani, Ryan Lam, and Aaron Sani.
 Kneeling from left to right: Chris Colongelo, Matt Ono, DaleChung, Milton Hart,
 Nick Lam, Joseph Liu, and Craig Wright


Milton Hart

The 2006 edition of the St. Mike's Soccer League promises to be special as opposing teams are already vowing that the dynasty that the St. George's team and executives have created must be toppled.

Obviously the Georgians will be the ones to determine their own fate and so far the players seem determined to make it four championship titles in a row.

Lost in all the reports about the team are the personalities on the field on any given Sunday who keep the team going. That being the case, this is a special report about these upstanding gentlemen and the extracurricular things they do outside of soccer:

Chad Chin: Chad can be thought of as the founder of the team and as the person who will never make important details such as registration fees and game sheets slip. Chad owns and operates a business that deals with the servicing and repair of electrical appliances. Chad, one of our most versatile players, plays midfield, can put the ball in the opposition's net and has tremendous defensive skills.

Danny Garel: Danny is instrumental in keeping the defense organized and is a very vocal leader on the field. A go-getter and integral part of the rent-a-car industry, Danny's soccer game is always stellar. If George's is going to maintain its dynasty, he will be depended on for his keen leadership and skill.

Chad Garel: also known as The Teacha due to his employment with the Toronto District School Board as one of the nation's educators. Mr. Garel, as he is called in the school room, has shown himself to be a very capable organizer. In fact, the team's inaugural domino tournament that was played as a fundraiser last year was originated and executed by him. Chad’s goal-scoring ability has kept the team strong.

Kevin Griffiths: Kevin does a tremendous amount of work without drawing much attention to it; he plays his game in a similar fashion. It is this personality that brings calm to the team even when things are not going well; there have been a few times like that last season. Kevin is an accountant by profession.

Dale Chung: Dale, the team's goal keeper, brings a professional and mature attitude to the game. On many occasions, Dale has helped us snatch victory from the gaping jaws of defeat; this is a situation that the team has become quite familiar with. Always the first Georgian at the game; he arrives with ample time to warm-up.

Jason Manzur: The most recent addition to the team, family-man Jason brought the kind of work-ethic that fits well into the George's philosophy. Seemingly tireless and always willing to battle for the ball in mid-field, Jason has brought the kind of soccer that any self-respecting Georgian would be proud of.

Chris Colangelo: Mr. MVP (most valuable player) himself. Well, what can I say? Chris grunts with enthusiasm whenever he tackles for the ball, and let me add that I have never seen him leave a tackle without winning the ball from the opponent. Chris is a banker by profession.

Peter Trintini: Peter has brought much tenacity and vigor to the team and has been playing his brand of soccer with George's since the team's inception in 2003. Peter, a stalwart in the investment field, is one of the team's most prolific scorers and can be relied on when a little toughness is needed.

Craig Wright: Craig, like Aaron Sani, has never suffered a loss while playing for George's. He is somewhat like a talisman for the team in that when he plays we win. He absolutely has a knack for putting the ball past opposing goal-keepers and drives fear into defenders.

Aaron Sani: Aaron is the other talisman; when he plays we always win. Otherwise known as the "tank" or "brickhouse", Aaron literally runs over defenders on his way to scoring goal-winning goals. This man seemingly scores when it matters and always has a significant impact on games.

Matt Ono: Matt runs a clothing business but still finds time to help the team win games on Sundays and in some cases, on Saturdays as well. Matt plays a very meticulous brand of soccer and will not give-up on a play; a characteristic that seemingly drives defenders crazy.

Arif Lalani: Arif is the self-appointed business manager of the team and can always be relied upon to get the best bargains whether it is cheap airfares, soccer equipment or inexpensive hotel accommodations when we go to Florida. Arif, while acting in the capacity of the team's reserve goal keeper, is an excellent midfield player.

Ryan Lam: A school teacher by profession, Ryan is one of the most skillful soccer players in the game and could easily secure a spot in professional soccer. Ryan plans to play in Ontario's semi-professional league this year and while his skill will be missed, let's wish him all the best.

Nick Lam: He makes his game do all the talking for him. Nick is a very reserved individual who undoubtedly has a calming influence on the rest of the team. Nick can break apart any defence line, can dispossess his midfield counterparts and has the ability to make the ball do some strange things when he shoots his free-kicks at opposing goalies.

Joseph Liu: Joseph, a North Street Georgian and business man who joined the team last year, has shown much dedication and commitment. Joseph has brought a winning attitude to the team and will undoubtedly be looking forward to the beginning of the 2006 season.



Anthony Hill took the pass from Denzil Lue and dribbled the ball downfield. He deftly avoided one defender, then made a blinding run down the middle, feinted to his left, turned to his right, back to his left, and blasted a shot past the opposing goalie.

After the ensuing kick-off, K.C. swung on the attack.

Peyton Fuller made a beautiful run down the field; split the defence and kicked what looked to be a sure goal, but Michael King was not to outdone.

He dove to the pigeon hole with a ballerina's grace, and came up with the save of the day.

The referee's whistle sounded for the start of the game, and Lennie (a.k.a. Anthony Hill, Michael King)  came off the field to a roaring applause.

Ah!, the pleasant memories come flooding back to my senses, of a time gone by, when Sabina Park was the home of schoolboy soccer, when Lennie provided the Jamaican style pre-game and half-time shows, without the help of American-style cheer-leaders.

Sometimes, Lennie was the brilliant bowler, as he took his run-up, made the picture perfect pitch, screamed out "How's  that?", then turned around in dismay, downcast that the unyielding umpire Sang You did not call the batsman out.

At other times he would place the imaginary ball in the penalty spot; walk around, muse a bit-gesticulate to the crowd and after seemingly endless moments rifle a shot to the back of the net. This was miming at its best and what a die-hard Georgian supporter.

That was our entertainment!

I never knew his full name, where he lived, or how he lived, but when I think of him, I remember Freddie Bjornsen, Johnny Vernon, Bunny Dacosta, Neville Comrie, and a host of Georgian cronies, delighting in schoolboy soccer at its best with the shadowy Lennie as the entertainment backdrop.

Those were the days.

Thanks Lennie for being a catalyst to my past.

Lloyd Chung

 Editor’s Note: That was just a fictitious game. The writer played with time, as Anthony Hill left school before Michael King.

 His aim was to highlight, against a colourful backdrop, the very real antics of Lennie, who became in the 50's a fixture on the field at most St. George's College Manning Cup games. Many will remember him


March 12 - Sunday, 1:30 p.m.
Annual General Meeting

St. Aidan's Catholic Church
3501 Finch Avenue East Scarborough
Between Birchmount & Warden

April 1st - Saturday 5:00 p.m.
Mass 5:00 p.m., Family Dinner 6:30 p.m.

St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church
8530 Chinguacousy Road, Brampton
From 401 Exit Mavis North
Chinguacousy Road is a continuation of Mavis Road North of Steeles
$1,000 Scholarship Presentation
Special Guests: Bruce deSousa Pres. StGC OBA (JA),
Dr. Fred Kennedy, Principal

August 4 - Friday
(1st Day of Caribana Weekend) 7:00 p.m.
Annual Summer Ball
The Mississauga Convention Centre
75 Derry Road West
Mississauga (At Hwy 10)
Featuring Soca/Calypso Singer DAVID RUDDER
Special Guest R&B/Soul Singer JAY DOUGLAS
Music by The FABULOUS 5

August 13 - Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Family Picnic with Alpha & Immaculate

Milne Park, Lakeview B-Shelter Area
McCowan Road (East Side), South of Highway 7


Saturday, April 29, 2006
8:00 PM
Signature Grand
6900 State Road 84
Davie, FL 33317
Come Celebrate 50 years with Byron Lee and The Dragonaires        


Saturday, October 7th
School’s Hall of Fame Banquet

Hilton Hotel, Kingston
Grand reunion with overseas Georgians joining.
Other events planned around this date.
More details to be provided.


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