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Good & True ...issue# 47...November, 2006

Sports Korner

On an overcast/rainy afternoon when nothing was going right for the normally sure-footed St. George's football team (we found ourselves down 1-0 at half-time), it took much determination, some sideline coaching from George's supporters, and a realization that this game had great significance. The second half saw a seemingly rejuvenated St. George's team that sealed a victory by scoring 4 goals with approximately 15 minutes left to play. St. George's eventually won 4-1. Nothing should be taken away from United FC as they played a very clinical game that showed why they were in the final.  

In the second half, Ryan Lam was called upon to work his normal mid-field Magic, and did so by scoring two spectacular goals. The same can be said about the diving header that Manny scored and the way Mike Genaro dribbled past the defenders to put the game away for good. On this day, the entire team played exceptionally well in the second half to help St. George's register its fourth championship victory in as many years. 

L-R Skedron, Chad Garel, Mike Gennaro, Chad Chin, Danny Garel, Sergio Medeiros, Kevin Griffiths, Victor GoalKeeper, Cecile Garel, Manny Sanchez, Ryan Lam, Chris Colangelo, Patrice Gheisar, Novelette Hart  In Front Holding flag: Milton Hart & Dale Chung and Madeline Garel at right.

Regarding our supporters: We thank everyone for their support. Much must be said about the always-reliable Diane Machado who attended every game and was instrumental in ensuring that game sheets were filled-out on-time. It was great to see Mrs. Cecile Garel (wife of John Garel) at the game encouraging us to play like Georgians. Skedron and Lloydie, much respect for the pictures and your great support. Madeline Garel, Michelle Garel, Denise Manzur, Fatima Somani and Mrs. Genaro - thank you very much for your support and a special thanks for allowing your significant others to play on Sundays. 

Rosy Chung (Dale Chung's mom) supplied us with her world-class jerk chicken and jerk pork that had many people wondering how they might get her business card in order to ask her to cater. I found out that this is just something she does for the team. Much appreciated! 

Of course we would not be here had it not been for the unfailing support of the St. George's executives. These gentlemen, and Georgians world-wide, have formed a truly cohesive community.  

Dennis Barnett (president of the St. George's College Old Boys Association in Florida), thanks for calling (from Florida) one of our team-captains to find out how things are going. This truly demonstrates the George's spirit.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Milton Hart



StGC Golf Tournament 2006


Kneeling L-R:
Francis Dalhouse, Trevor Summers, Pam Summers, Joan Lyn, Neil Dalhouse, Bryan Heap, Herman Lyn, Jeff Chin.
Back: L-R
 Tassie Lyn, Rudy Chin, Louis Lee, Dooley Chung, Patrick Haddad, Fen Chang, Tony DaSilva, Michael Haddad, Paddy Chung, Donald Chin, Michael Kong, Derrick Haddad, Ken Yee, Joe Burrell, Paul Haddad, Ray Chang

Holy Mackerel! That's one of the best shots off the first tee today, came a voice from behind. And yes, indeed it was, about 275 yards, straight down the middle of the fairway. My next shot was about a 40 yard shot to the green that landed about 12 ft. from the pin. "Raawted!" Yu really  come to play today sa!" came another voice, as I putted the ball with one stroke into the hole for a Birdie. I humbly turned to everyone and said that this would be the best I would be today as I wouldn't be able to keep that pace up. Sure enough, I was true to my own words, ending up with about a 109 score at the end of the day.

But this was the Annual StGC Golf Tournament, where very few old boys come to play seriously, with winning strictly in mind. To many of us it's always been a fun day, with great camaraderie, jokes being passed all round, ribbing each other to death, lying about the "big one" that got away, and reminiscing about the good (and bad) old days. Then there have been times when really funny things happened at the tournament, like last year, when Donald Miller dove into a real stinky pond to escape being hit by a line drive that Pat Haddad released. When Donny surfaced from the murky waters, he had so much pond scum hanging off him, he looked like a willow tree. And he smelled like a pond creature to boot. I know my ribs hurt that day from laughing so hard, and Haddad is still laughing.

The only thing that can truly spoil Tournament Day is rain and a cold wind. Thank goodness, neither showed up that day, but a strong breeze did give us all a real challenge. Tassie and Joanie Lyn were there, Herman Chang, Paddy Chung, and Ken Yee too. Then there were the Haddad brothers, Paul, Mike, Derek and Pat. Maybe Ronnie will show up next year, and the whole fam-damily of Haddads will be fun to be with. Mr. Summers and his lovely wife Pam, Joe Burrell (whom I haven't seen in a year) and Francis Dalhouse (my older brother) played this year. Fen Chang said he came to play and not to clown around, but that never happened. Louis Lee, Bill Heap and Dooley Chung, Ray Chang, Rudy Chin and Don Chin were there too. Past Tourney winner Ray Jackson showed a winning smile when he teed off, but alas, didn't make it in the top 10 this year. And Donald Miller? He didn't show this year at all. Last I heard, he got a job working at a perfume factory, taking home free samples daily so as not to be constantly frowned at when out in public. The man who collected the tourney fee from us all was KC old boy Bobby Gauntlet. Funny, he seemed to have disappeared from sight after everyone paid their fee and didn't play at all. (I was later told that he did turn the money in before he left the premises.)

When the game was over, we were all invited to Rudy and Eunice Chin's lovely home, where a delightful meal was prepared for us. Claudette Lee (Louis' wife) and Fen's Anita also had a hand in preparing the scoff that was truly exquisite.  Then there was the variety of available desserts. To explain them all would be too torturous for me to do right now. Rebecca, Rudy's daughter, along with her Mom, were the perfect hostesses. This is the second time the Chins have hosted the after-Tourney gettogether, and it has been a blast each time.

Then it was time to announce the winners. Ray Chang (last year's winner) came third this time around, and Rudy Chin came in second. But the real winner for 2006 was a surprise to us all. The man from Knox College, knocked us all away this year by winning first prize. Don Chin, who I later found out, was the oldest person that played that day, picked up the cash winnings and walked home with it. (Don wouldn't like me quoting his age, but let's just say if you guessed 58, that's what he looks like in real life. If you said, over 70, you would be real close.

Ray Chang, Rudy Chin, Patrick Haddad

Now, because Don wasn't an StGC old boy, he couldn't be awarded the Tournament trophy, so the official winner of the 2006 StGC Golf Tournament turned out to be the second place winner, none other than Rudy Chin. Rudy had a hard time wiping a big smile off his face that day as he also won the "longest drive" prize and I believe closest to the hole prize too. That's ok though. Everyone, if they wait long enough, will get their 15 minutes of glory. Rudy had his that day.

So, if you weren't there you missed it, just a wonderful day to remember. And if you missed it, ----"You missed it!"

Note: Members who would like to play in the Tournament  next year should call Fen Chang at 905-475-5380.

                                Neil Dalhouse


New Chancellor installed at Ryerson University


Dr. G. Raymond Chang, at installation acknowledging standing ovation.

On November 2nd, 2006, our stalwart Georgian and workhorse Treasurer, G. Raymond Chang (Ray) was installed as the third Chancellor of Ryerson University.

Succeeding David Crombie, former mayor of Toronto and John Craig Eaton, both pillars of the Canadian establishment, this is no small feat for a Jamaican born, and signals a welcome wind of change as the significant contributions of immigrants are becoming more and more recognized and acknowledged.

Ryerson University, situated in the heart of downtown Toronto with its great cultural, social and economic diversity is home to over 21,000 full time students and over 65,000 in the continuing Education Programme

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university and is appointed for a three-year term.  In addition to acting as an ambassador for Ryerson on the local, national and international levels, the Chancellor also presides at all convocations and confers university degrees. 

 "I pledge to be a Chancellor for Students: to listen to students, to care about students' needs, and to work tirelessly to see they have the resources and support necessary to fulfill their dreams," said Ray at his installation.

This is all familiar stuff to us on the Ontario board and in the St. George's community where Ray, despite numerous other commitments on his time, has worked tirelessly in support of his community and his alma mater. It is no wonder that he was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame this past October 8th,  in Jamaica.

Ray is one of Canada's most highly respected and successful business leaders. He acquired part ownership of CI Fund Management when it was a small investment firm. Under his stewardship, he and his partners have grown CI to Canada's third-largest investment fund company and second-largest publicly traded fund company.

He has been a member of the Board of Governors of Ryerson University since 2001 and received an honorary doctorate from Ryerson in 2005.  The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is named in honour of his generous support, and his deep belief in life-long learning.

In addition to his support for Ryerson, Ray is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. His generosity allowed for the creation of the Gladstone and Maisie Chang Chair in Teaching of Internal Medicine at the University Health Network. He is also a Governor of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Ray we are indeed  proud of you.

Robbie Vernon


Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray seems to have captured a good part of this newsletter, and well he should.

Never let it be said that we in his home town OBA chapter have neglected to recognize and salute our own.

We know Ray likes to be low-key, however his achievements are indeed remarkable and should be highlighted and shared to give cause to emulate.

What was obvious at the Ryerson convocation and his address to the graduating students was the impact and rapport evident with the student body. He really connected with them.

Dean Sheldon Levy, at the evening reception after, uttered the phrase used in our heading "Everybody Loves Raymond", familiar from the popular TV sitcom, and talked of the great rapport evident with Ray and the students, and his consternation and  touch of envy, as he observed the huge difference in line ups after the convocation exercise. By far the largest number of graduates lined up to talk and take a picture with Ray.

The representative from the student body echoed the same sentiments in his address to the gathering and drew from Ray's convocation address and remarks  "you can have all the money in the world and lose it, but nobody can steal your brain.” “Education itself is also a great leveler off the playing field." These really impacted on him and the other graduates.

Well we remember the StGC basketball team members and their December 2004 Toronto tour and the rap session with them at his home.

From all accounts, he connected as well with StGC students at the school visit and in his address to them. Note too his encouragement to Jabari Wallace, captain of the Manning Cup team and Christopher Johnson the scorer of the winning goal in the JC game . On this visit to the school as well Ray is caught in the picture below offering congratulations and words of encouragement to young Timothy McNair, who showed true Georgian class by returning a wallet with money found on the campus. Can you imagine the negative peer pressure "You fool, eeh"!

Who said chivalry was dead, or honesty for that matter- not at St. George's College.

Dr. Ray Chang congratulating Timothy McNair

What a great idea it was to have the entire faculty and staff assembled to meet the inductees into the Hall of Fame to show that with proper use of education there is no horizon to possible accomplishments.

We agree with the Principal, Margaret Campbell that the students need positive male role models (Please read her message in this newsletter) and  avenues to showcase these to them or, better still, have these role models present to rap with the student body can only be productive.                                                                                                                                                                                                        EDITOR



The Principal's Message


Margaret Campbell


It is a great honour to serve St. George's College as Principal.  Despite the furor associated with my selection, things have been going very well in the ten weeks since my appointment. The Board of Management, teachers, parents and old boys have given their support and, in typical adolescent style, the students have shown little interest in the change in leadership.  As we all work together, I expect that St. George's will continue on the road to excellence in the years to come.

Life on the campus is busy and interesting. We now have 1500 students including 84 girls in the sixth form programme.  We have a number of sports teams, clubs and societies and they are all gearing up for a successful year.

In addition to a new principal, St. George's College has a new Chairman of the Board, Father Peter McIsaac S.J., a new Dean of Discipline, Mr. Talbert Weir and a new Campus Minister, Sister James-Marie, past principal of Holy Childhood High School.

This year, St. George's College placed tenth in CSEC Mathematics and eleventh in English Language, a significant improvement over our 30th-place position of two years ago.  There were improvements in most CSEC and CAPE subjects.  I would like to commend Dr. Fred Kennedy and the staff of the College for the work they put into achieving these improvements. 

2006 Graduating Class

I must thank the old boys of the College, the local chapter as well as those in "foreign"; Ontario, Florida and across the globe, who continue to be very supportive of their Alma Mater and of its new principal. Special thanks to the Ontario chapter and Ray Chang for monetary contributions made to the College at our recent Hall of Fame celebrations, the Florida chapter for their monetary contributions and the scholarships offered by Philip Wong and other old boys to five of our students a few weeks ago, and our local chapter for their ongoing fundraising on the school's behalf.  We invite your additional support in our efforts to provide positive male role models for the young men at the college.  Let us know when you are in Jamaica (principal@stgc.org) and pay us a visit to "rap" with the students about your sojourn at the College and lessons learned.

What a long journey from the days of listening to my grandfather talk about his days of playing Manning Cup for St. George's College, of listening to my father boast of his sporting days in track and Manning cup and his tenure as principal of the College on two separate occasions, of listening to my brothers and cousins share their antics at St. George's College, of parenting, along with my StGC old boy husband, a son who graduated from the College in 2005, to finally becoming principal of this wonderful institution.    I have been given a sacred trust and with the grace of God, I will do my very best to protect that trust and to see that St. George's continues to excel in molding academically qualified, confident men and women of discipline and conscience, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, for the greater glory of God.

Margaret Campbell


My Impressions of
Margaret Campbell


Friday, October 6, 2006

The entire student body, faculty and staff have gathered to meet inductees to St. George's College's Hall of Fame in the Abe Issa auditorium; standing room only. Margaret Campbell, the new Principal, approaches the podium as Fr. Francis Ryan returns to his seat. Fr. Ryan had just brought the crowd to tears of laughter with stories of his years at StGC...... there was a loud buzz in the auditorium.....everyone was at ease.

She stood there behind the podium looking out at her audience....no smile, but not looking stern. Within five seconds, the buzz ceases; you could hear a pin drop..........that is the kind of respect she commands from the student body.

During her address, the principal singled out a second former, had him come to the front of the assembly.......'this is a true Georgian....he found a wallet, with quite a bit of cash in it.....he turned it in, fully intact....'

She stands for high principles and is not afraid to get the message across.

Later that day, at a reception hosted by Don Wehby, old boy and CFO of Grace Kennedy, Margaret Campbell was at ease with all of the invited guests; which included Archbishop Larry Burke, the inductees to the Hall of Fame, and some of Jamaica's captains of industry. Notwithstanding the informal setting, she showed she is comfortable with all audiences.

Saturday, October 7, 2006, The Hall of Fame Banquet 

Margaret Campbell is to address, for the first time, a gathering of alumni. She does not duck the so-called controversy which was fanned by a misguided reporter from the Observer. “How could St. George’s choose a woman? ....She has no experience... There were more qualified non Catholics....” She takes the bull by the horns, going through her qualifications, what she stands for. At the end of her address, there were only solid supporters, no skeptics. By the way, her husband, father, grandfather and brothers are all Georgians......and she is an Immaculate alumna.

St. George's is being led by a Principal with firm principles, not afraid to stand up and be counted in the Jesuit tradition.

Ray Chang

Archbishop Burke, Fr. Hosie, Audrey Housen, Head English Dept., Margaret Campbell


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