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Good & True ...issue# 48...Feburary, 2007

Sports Korner

Milton Hart

St. George's College win

Left-Kemar Cummings - on the move

Congratulations to coach Clifford Brown and his successful under-16 basketball team as they soundly defeated Ardenne 79-58 on Feb. 16th at the National Stadium to take the coveted ISSA/KFC Southern Conference under 16 title.   "I was always confident that we were going to win the series", said a jubilant coach Brown after the game.

Kemar Cummings led the scoring with 23 points and 8 steals.

Ontario Georgians well remember our support of the basketball tour to Toronto in Dec. 2004 and our get-together with coach Brown and his StGC players at the home of Ray Chang.

  North Street Rivalry in the Great White North

The legendary Roper Cup competition, contested by two of the most respected teams in the history of Ja. school-boy football, is set to be renewed  - in Canada - this summer.

Traditionally, St. George's College and Kingston College vie for supremacy in Kinston, Jamaica, featuring the Under-35s, Over-35s and the Manning Cup teams.

The North American version of this friendly, yet entertaining, rivalry will feature an "Open" competition and an Over-50 match.  This event will function as a revival of a proud tradition and promises to be one for the ages as, not only will there be exciting football, but the festivities will also showcase much camaraderie, good friends and great food. The date set for the competition is June 24, 2007. (you'll hear more from us)

St. George's fields a very competitive team that plays in outdoors summer leagues and takes part in an annual challenge against the Georgians in Florida for the Deltana Cup. After winning four consecutive championships the team has decided to test its skills in more competitive league and is now gearing up for its annual summer campaign.

St. George's College Soccer Club: Aaron Sani, Chad Chin, Milton Hart, Peter Trentini, Jason Manzur, Matt Ono, Craig Wright, Kevin Griffith, Daniel Garel, Chad Garel, Ryan Lam, Nick Lam, Arif Lalani, Dale Chung, Mike Genaro, Patrice Gheiser, Danny Ho Lung, Eddie Chin, Richard Saunders, and Joseph Liu. 

Six honoured in Ja. at annual Bell-Ziadie Memorial

Richard Murray Tackling
 Andrew Thomas

Time does fly fast, October 16th, 2006 marked the 20th anniversary of the Heroes Day Bell-Ziadie Memorial match at Winchester Park, St.George's College, and many families, friends and fans turned out in numbers to make it a day full of memories and joy.

In keeping with tradition, six people were honoured at the event for their contribution to Soccer. They were Denzil Lue, Carton (Cello)Williams, Lincoln (Happy)Sutherland, Larry Wynter, Horace Lewis and Marsden Chen .

Congratulations to the organizers for keeping the memory of these two Georgian soccer giants alive. Special kudos to Clive 'Busy" Campbell.

Milton Hart

Editor’s Note: Former outstanding StGC Manning cup players, and later coaches Winthorpe "Jackie" Bell & Dennis Ziadie were killed when their bus overturned  in Mexico while attending the 1986 World Cup Finals. Dennis Ziadie coached both St.George's and Jamaica College to Manning Cup victories and the Alumni Association of both schools inaugurated in April, 2006 in Florida, a memorial soccer tournament in his honour with teams from both alumni associations competing. Shortly after their tragic deaths, the Ontario StGC old boys also started a Bell-Ziadie memorial cup for competition between alumni associations of Jamaican schools in Toronto.

Partnership of International
Jesuit Alumni/ae (PIJA)

Robbie Vernon, Fr. Patrick McGrath S.J., Richard Vendryes, President-Daniel HoLung

Congratulations to Fr. Winston Rye S.J. from the Jesuits of Upper Canada in his efforts to bring together the many alumni/ae of Jesuit institutions worldwide who now reside in the Metro Toronto area. His open houses and  special event evenings have created an avenue for rekindling and enriching the Jesuit experiences we all were brought up on.

I am reminded of Shakespeare's Henry V; the pre battle of Agincourt scene, when in the night the young unrecognized king, Harry, moves around the nervous troops, giving words of encouragement. Thank you, Fr.Rye, for being "that little touch of Harry in the night" as you provide these spiritual respites for us, engaging in the daily battle of life in a growing secular world. This allows us to get a refresher look on those spiritual values that gave us anchors in our youth.

There is no attempt to form a separate umbrella association for any Jesuit grouping here, no need to join anything. All Fr. Rye is doing is providing a forum for  past students to get together and, on occasions, invite enlightened speakers.

President Danny HoLung, Robbie Vernon and Richard Vendryes attended the "Evening of Reflection"  event at Our Lady of Lourdes parish hall on Sherbourne Street, Toronto on January 23rd. Fr. Patrick McGrath, S.J. came all the way from Chicago and  gave an inspiring and insightful talk on Jesuit spirituality and the essence of St. Ignatius’ spiritual exercises so ingrained in everything being "Ad majorem dei gloriam" (for the greater glory of God) and how to recognize God’s love for us and the implications of this on our lives and our relationships with others.

Fr. McGrath developed on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius and the importance to the spiritual life of the daily Examination of Conscience. The methodology of this, with a look at all three stages Experience, then Reflection, then Action, forming the essence of the daily meditation. And there the real question is "where have you been God in this day? Ask God to show us our day. When did I engage you? Where did I hold back? Where did I miss you today? And not to be condemning after reflecting on this, but to set a course of action to address, in future, those areas where we feel God was not represented.

With practice, he said, we would see the closing of the gap between the first- Experience, reflection and action and that would indicate progress in the spiritual journey.

This, in a nutshell, was the synopsis of a rewarding evening experience.

On a previous occasion Fr.Rye had a social get together with renowned Jesuit retreat master Fr. Philip Chircop S.J as our guest speaker. Fr Chircop has, for a few years, given retreats at the Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal centre and all his retreats are filled well in advance.

It’s wonderful to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with male and female counterparts from Jesuit learning institutions in Japan, India England, Scotland, The West Indies, Canada, USA and more. Thanks, Fr. Rye, for providing the opportunity for us to do this and also the much appreciated faith lift.

Here is an opportunity for  our StGC members in the Toronto area to make use of this opportunity to participate in some of Fr.Rye's get togethers. They are usually in the downtown area and he ensures they begin and end on time. Just  put your name on Fr. Rye'sEmail list and he will advise you when and what's planned- Email: wrye@jesuits.ca 

Robbie Vernon


My inspiration to write this short piece came one day last summer when a group of StGC Old Boys had their annual golf tournament and gathering afterwards, in Rudy Chin's backyard.  What was prominent for me was the ease and natural peace with which we related to one another despite lack of close contact for many years and not necessarily attending StGC in the same era.  For me, Louis Lee and Ray Jackson were the only two StGC students of my era at the tournament.

Dr. Derrick Haddad centre with long time friends Dr. Keith Lowe (left)
& Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong (right)

What was amazing to me was that we all still had a common bond which had been created when we absorbed the same thing we were exposed to by the men who taught and molded us at StGC.  It was not their teachings per se that created this common ingredient, as despite whatever shortcomings they may  have had, they gave to us that which God asked them - i.e. their LOVE - and in so doing, gave us a sense of self worth that money and power cannot buy.  This, I believe, it to be the glue that cements these bonds.

Psychiatrist, Scott Peck defines LOVE as "the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth."  Note:  love is not a feeling but an act of the will.  The priests, scholastics and the lay teachers of StGC certainly exemplified this love and here I take the author's liberty to particularly acknowledge Fr. Charles McMullan's love for me.  In our relationship as Headmaster and Head Boy, I experienced his 'TOUGH LOVE' which  inspired in me a personal sense of self worth, as well as a willingness to keep seeking for truth and integrity, especially in adversity.

Even when they may not have felt like it they served us unceasingly.  Hopefully we have learnt from their example and will continue as best we can - like them - to "love the Lord your God with your whole soul and your whole mind and your whole heart and love your neighbour as you love yourself".

One of the things I have discovered over the years is how much we can learn from people of other religious persuasions.  For instance, my Muslim friend taught me how to open myself to God's grace, to be able to try to live the above.  I had often wondered why they got up at 3 a.m. to pray in a style that seemed somewhat meaningless to the uninformed.  He elucidated for me "God is like a radio station that is always sending out signals but often times we are too busy to tune in.  In meditation, we allow all our thoughts, et cetera, to drift out of the way so that we can receive what God has to give us.  It works!  

I reflect on the value of relationships, especially those forged in my youth.  Like the two men in the picture I am enclosing. I am, indeed, proud to have been a Head Boy of St. George's College, an institution that influenced and shaped a generation of young Jamaican men to realize their full potential in Jamaica and wherever in the globe they have settled; many of these like myself successfully in Canada.

I leave you with Miss Lou's blessing, "Walk Good everyday and May Good Duppy walk wid yu".

Dr. Derrick Haddad

Editor's Note:  Dr. Derrick Haddad is currently a Family Physician in Kitchener, Ontario where he is an integral member of the Caribbean community.  Many of his patients are from that geographic area. He graduated from UCWI in 1963 with an MBBS (London).   He was awarded the Henderson Medal for Experimental Physiology.  He attended StGC 1950 -1957 and was Head Boy in 1957, House Captain of Loyola in 1955.  School extracurricular activities:  Captain of Sunlight Cricket Team; member of Manning Cup Football Team; Staff member of Blue & White; member of the Debating Society.

Fr. Jim Hosie's Recent Pilgrimage:
Sharing with You

I just finished a ten-day Pilgrimage (Sept.10-19) mainly to the Shrines at Fatima, Loyola and Lourdes. I was Catholic Chaplain (along with another priest) to a group of 48; we also had a Guide (we chaplains were also fellow-pilgrims). (This opportunity came as part of my present one-semester sabbatical from teaching here at Boston College High - after 17 straight years, coming up for air). The experience is hard to put into words; it really was a spiritual journey, or a "Retreat on Wheels". We saw several "Holy Ground" places of  history and century old  cathedrals. also, people from all over the world, different languages and customs, but prayerfully into our ancient Catholic Faith. The following brief account gives  you the itinerary highlights.

Sept. 10: Flight from Boston to Frankfurt, Germany (Lufthansa) then to Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon: View of St Jerome monastery: built in 1100 AD, much sculptured artwork. Mass at St. Anthony of Lisbon’ s Cathedral (later St. Anthony of Padua).

Sept. 11: By bus to Fatima, also in Portugal. On the way, Mass at Santarem, Church of the Eucharist miracle. This church was built about 1085AD, and has a Eucharist preserved associated with a miracle going back to the 12th century. At Fatima, tour of the homes of the three shepherd children to whom the blessed Virgin appeared in 1917 with a message of penance and prayer to end WW1, and message about the future, including prayers for Russia, world peace. Lucia who became a nun, died at age 97 on February 13, 2005. On Sunday the 13th, huge International Mass at the outdoor basilica: I had the honour of being one of 300+ priests concelebrating with the bishops: also procession with the statue of Our Lady. Thousands of people, from many nations. Evening rosary, candle procession, and also stations of the cross. 2 days here.

Sept. 14: Salamanca: (now in Spain): the university where St.Ignatius studied after his conversion. There, later, a Jesuit church and college, probably built about 1600AD. Then on to Avila, the walled city. These walls begun in 1088, still standing. Mass in convent of Carmelite sisters, home of St.Teresa of Avila, and St.John of the Cross.

Sept.15: Burgos. The Cathedral at Burgos is so huge and beautiful that one's eyes are amazed. Begun in 1238AD, the carving outside and inside (Gothic, like those in France) represent the art and craft of generations of skilled persons. El Cid is also buried there, as well as bishops dating back to the 14th century. It still is used for at least Sunday Mass.

(Burgos is on the ancient pilgrimage road from France to Santiago de Compastella cathedral on the coast of Spain, site of the tomb of the apostle James. This pilgrimage is still done by many today.)

Sept.16: Loyola: Home of St. Ignatius. Now also a large basilica and conference centre. Here Ignatius was born, and after the conversion (wounded in battle at age 30) he recovered and had his conversion, later founding the Jesuit Order. I presided at Mass here in the conversion room, a very special place!

Sept.17: Lourdes: Like Fatima, only older and bigger. The Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858, asking (as always) for penance and prayer for sinners, and giving Bernadette her title, The Immaculate Conception. We celebrated mass in the Crypt chapel and the Eucharistic Adoration chapel. Got to bathe in water from the spring, the grotto where our Lady appeared. In the afternoon, procession of pilgrims from different nations along with the sick to the underground basilica which holds 25,000, with blessing of the sick. Like Fatima, recitation of the Rosary, benediction.

Sept. 18: Tour of Bernadette's humble home, her family. Like the three shepherd children of Fatima, not believed at first, even persecuted, but finally acknowledged as truthful. Like Lucia of Fatima, Bernadette entered the convent, but died at age 35. At Lourdes, I lit candles (as I did at Fatima) and remembered your intentions, needs. Final afternoon, outdoor Stations of the Cross, which go up the hill nearby; life-size statues in bronze were placed there by an artist in 1901.

Sept.19: (Long flight back to Boston) prayers were offered for your intentions needs.

 Fr. Jim Hosie S.J.

Class of 1957 Reunion

Class of 1957- Where are you in this?-see you at the reunion

Click here for Larger Photo

Fellow Georgians,

The class of 1957, one of the largest graduating classes in the school's history, is having their first reunion in Miami in May 2007.

Do your math. It is now 50 years since we graduated. Would you like to meet someone you have not seen in 50 years? Will that person look older, younger, more handsome, uglier, shorter or taller. So, come on out, all you 1957 grads. Let us have the largest reunion ever. We are also inviting all the other Old Boys, especially the classes of 1956 & 1958 to join us in this EXTRAVAGANZA. You will know many of the boys from this era and may even want to organize your own class reunion afterwards.

The highlight of the event is the Florida Chapter’s Annual Ball on May 26, 2007.

So far, events planned for Miami are:
May 24th - Reunion dinner
May 25th - a) Golfing at Key Biscayne golf and country club.
b) Fishing c) Tennis d) Beach and picnic
May 26th - Florida Ball in the evening.
May 27th - Trip to Jamaica to visit the school, and a few days on the North Coast. This part of the reunion is not yet finalized.
We have approximately 50 graduates who are receiving updates of the reunion through e-mail. Don't miss out on this.
In our continuing celebration of this graduation event we have made special arrangements for the Special August 3rd Summer Ball in Toronto as well- check with Stanley Chin on this.
If you wish to be added to the list, please send your e-mail address to:

For more information, you can contact:
Laddie Kong in Miami.
H- 786-242-0606
E-mail. ladkong@yahoo.com
Stanley Chin in Toronto
H 416-292-5775
E-mail:   stanchin@hotmail.com

Stanley Chin

College Diplomas Awarded to







Harry C. Anderson

Lachman R. Dansinghani

Vincent S. Lue Pann

Trevor G. Appleton

Dale M. DuQuesnay

Kenneth P. Luc Phang

Raymond O. Atkinson

Lascelles B. Edwards

Albert L. Lyew

Winston A. Atkinson

Michael I. Edwards

Harry C. Lyew

Roberto I. Barham

Richard A. Edwards

Herbert G. Lyn

Audley J. Bodurtha

Michael N. Fong

Winston E. Lyn

Richard M. Bonitto

Allan P. Foster

Roy A. McNeill

Gordon K. Brandon

Derek A. Hall

Brian F. Mair

Joseph F. Burrell

Oscar A. Hoo

Peter G. Mais

Walter M. Campbell

Richard R. Ho Lung

Robert A. Marsh

Ernest G. Chang

Victor A. Ho Sang

James J. Moo

Winston E. Charley-Sale

Patrick A. Hoo Sue

Anthony S. Murray

Colvin C. Chen

Gene R. Hugh

David L. Provost

Richard D. Chen

Leighton P. Hugh

Maurice A. Sale

Rudolph N. Chen

Desmond B. Hutchison

Clarence L. Scharschmidt

Russell R. Chen

Raymond E. Jackson

Urel St. F. Sinclair

Desmond M. Chen See

Van C. Johnson

Larkland A. Tabois

Alston B. Chevannes

Peter J. Judah

Trevor I. Tenn

Walter G. Chevannes 

Saleem A. Khoureih

Francis A. Tulloch

Anthony A. Chin

Derek H. Kong.

Barrington B. Vassell

Henry H. Chin

Ivanhoe P. Lee

Jeremy B. Verity

Kenneth J. Chin

Oscar I. Lee

Edwin F. Williams

Rueben M. Chin

Neil Y. Y. Lee

Winston A. Williams

Stanley A. Chin

Patrick  A. Lee

David A. Wilson

Wilson G. Chin

Richard Y. C. Lee

David A. Wong

Edward G Chin

Glywin A. Lim

Donovan F. Wong

Arthur L.. Chin Fatt

Douglas E. Lindo

Sumuel Wong Chew Onn

James A. Chin Sang

Winston F. Little

Norman E. Wright

Albert F. Chin You

Adolph E. Lodenquai

Michael J. Yee Quee

Alton D. Chang

Willam A.  Look Hong

Frank A. Young

Anthony V. Chong

William D. Lord


Maurice L.. Clarke

Basil G. Lue


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