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Good & True ...issue# 49...July, 2007

Principal Margaret
& Lennox Tour Toronto

At Lunch toasting StGC - L-R: Danny HoLung, Lennox Robinson,
 Margaret Campbell, Robbie Vernon.

It turned out to be a hectic day for Margaret and Lennox who arrived on time at Toronto Pearson airport on Friday, March 30.

They were met by President Danny HoLung, First 1st. VP & Pres. Elect Chris Chin, Imm. Past Pres. Robbie Vernon and Tyrone Holbrooke, Regional V.P. Toronto East. and after settling them in to their hotel accommodations, Danny & Robbie took them on a mini Toronto Tour which included lunch and a visit to the famous CN tower.  What a good chance to labrish and to get to know each other better and talk about the school.  

This didn't leave much time to catch the Friday reception to meet informally with the other Ontario Directors before the Mass & Family dinner the following day.

Our Thanks to Ray & Donette for hosting this lovely reception at their home for the overseas visitors; Margaret Campbell, Principal; Lennox Robinson, Endowment Fund Chair and Courtney Currie, President Jamaica OBA, who joined us along with Fred Kennedy, former Principal.

Margaret Campbell enjoying the view from the top of the world

In addition to the Ontario chapter Board members, also present was the executive of Margaret Campbell's Alma Mater, Immaculate Conception High School.

This event presented an excellent forum to introduce the new principal and as well Lennox Robinson, the new Chair of the Endowment Fund Committee and Courtney Currie, Jamaica OBA President and allowed as well for more informal discussions with all the stakeholders of the school and this over a sumptuous meal.

It's so important for the success of the school for us all to be singing from the same page.

Robbie Vernon

Ray & Donette host the visitors

Guests with Ontario Executive-Standing L-R: Lennox Robinson,, Michael Charley, Dominique Nash,
 Robbie Vernon, Pat Ferguson, Fred Russell, Chris Chin, Milton Hart, Tyrone Holbrooke,
Patrick Haddad, Courtney Currie, Charles Young, Richard Saunders, Patrick Lee, Danny HoLung.
Seated: JoJo HoLung, Margaret Campbell, Ray Chang.


L-R: Ina Williams, Pat Ferguson, Alicia Martin, Dominique Nash, Annette Wong, Patrick Haddad


L-R: Danny Ho Lung, Donette Chin Loy, Chris Chin, Margaret Campbell, Lennox Robinson


L-R: Patrick Lee, Fred Kennedy, Michael Charley, Tyrone Hollbrooke


Annual Family Dinner

Our annual family dinner was held on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at St. Jerome’s Roman Catholic Church in Brampton. This year’s function was again well attended with members of the St. George’s community, family, friends and special guests. Guest speakers included Mrs. Margaret Campbell, Principal, Mr. Lennox Robinson, Director for Advancement and Mr. Courtney Currie, President of the StGC Old Boys Association of Jamaica. 
     The evening started with a mass at 5:00 p.m. followed by an extravagant and ever tasteful meal prepared by our own chef, John Flynn. Well done John. 
     Chris Chin introduced our first guest speaker, Margaret Campbell. Although recently elected as the college’s first female principal Margaret has a long history with the school as her granddad, dad, brothers, husband and sons have all attended the institution. She provided a report on the school activities in the areas of education, discipline, sports, and outlined the institution objectives with their five year plan. She also thanked the Ontario Chapter for their continued support.
     Tyrone Holbrooke introduced our next guest speaker, Lennox Robinson. As the Director of Advancement, Lennox has dedicated the next two years of his time in the area of funding raising and improving the school’s profile. As a member of the school’s campaign leadership team, the mission of his office is to establish a donor strategy that will facilitate giving opportunities and also cultivate and sustain a community of donors. He also informed the audience of the upcoming Clean up Day planned for the school. 
     Our final speaker, Courtney Currie was introduced by Fred Russell. Courtney has a long association with the school and as president of the Jamaica Old Boys expressed his intentions of working closer with other chapters in addressing the challenges facing the school community. 
     Danny Ho Lung thanked those gathered for their continued support for the school community and also reiterated financial support needed in order for the school to survive. 
     A highlight of the evening was the presentation of our C$1000 scholarship cheque to this years winner Courtney Amanda Chong
     This was a sold out event as many came out to meet the new principal, who seemed so enthused at working the crowd, meeting everyone and pitching the cause of the school. We were impressed. 
     As a new member of the executive it was reassuring as well to see the presence of six former presidents of the Ontario chapter out in support: Peter Rickards, Neil Dalhouse, Peter Hitchins, Derek Potopsingh, Donald Barnett and  Robbie Vernon.
     Many thanks to members of the Ontario Chapter, the executive and friends who made the dinner a success and to deacon Peter Rickards & Fr. Jan Kolodynski of St.Jerome’s Parish for the use of the facilities.
     What a great family event with several generations participating - the pictures speak for themselves.

Fred Russell


Head Table L-R: Chris Chin, 1stVP/Pres Elect, Courtney Currie, Pres. Jamaice OBA,
Charmaine Chin, Danny Ho Lung, President, Margaret Campbell, Principal,
JoJo Ho Lung, Lennox Robinson, Endowment Fund Chair (hidden)


Courtney Currie receives gift
from President Danny Ho Lung

1st VP/Pres. Elect Chris Chin
presents gift to Margaret Campbell

Butty Wong greeting Margaret Campbell

L-R: Carole Vernon & daughter, Anneliese, Norma Smith & granddaughter Krystal,
 Cindy Ho Lung with children Maya & Hannah.

Loraine Lee, Margaret Campbell, Alex Vernon, Shirley & Lipton Wong


Past Presidents Ontario OBA out in support
L-R: Neil Dalhouse, Peter Hitchens, Derek Potopsingh.

L-R: Regional VP (East) Tyrone Holbrooke,
Lizbeth & Dr. Derek Haddad.


Neville Bacquie, Jennifer & Donald Barnett,
past President, sampling buffet.

Dr. Louis Lee greeting Director Dominique Nash
& Peta Gaye & son Liam.


Georgianne Kennedy, Heather & son Joe Vernon & Fred Kennedy

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