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Good & True ...issue# 49...July, 2007

Class of '57 Reunion in Florida

Front Row from left: Clive Chen, Joe Burrell, Mike Yee Quee, Patrick Lee, Tony Chin,
 Ken Lue Phang, Oscar Hoo, James Chin Sang.
2nd row staggered: Trevor Tenn, Oscar Lee, George DeMecado, Stanley Chin, Maurice Clarke,
 Gordon Brandon, George Lyn, Vincent Lue Pann, Audley Bodurtha, Arthur Chin Fatt.
Back row: Donovan Wong, Russell Chen, Laddie Kong, Ernest Chang, Dale DuQuesney, Basil Lue, Cecil Hugh Sam.

Those boys of the class of 1957 broke the record again. They also had the largest reunion in May 2007.

The reunion started off in Miami; Florida.Activities ran from May 24-26th and continued in Jamaica from May 27-31st. 

We continue on August 3rd in Toronto at The Ontario Chapter’s Summer Ball.

Spotted at Toronto Pearson Airport on May 20th on their way to Florida were Russell & Novelette Chen, Oscar & Alina Lee. It seemed they wanted to get a head start on everyone or they wanted to make sure they did not miss anything.

One came from far across the globe. Ken Lue Phang had a 26 hour flight all the way from Tanzania. Others came from Canada, USA and Jamaica.

 Jeremy Verity from France and Harry Anderson from the USA had to cancel at the last minute. We know you were both disappointed and so were we. Harry, I heard Laddie giving you a hard time on the phone. He also was just working off his disappointment.

The reunion officially started  with a dinner at Laddie and Marie’s home on the 24th. As we stepped into the foyer, we were confronted by a 2x3 ft. reproduction of the graduating class of 1957.It was just awesome looking at this large picture and seeing that we were once young, handsome, a bit slimmer and had black hair.

 The scene was noisy and chaotic. There was a lot of hugging and back slapping. There was a lot of “A yu dat? Yes, a me dat” As the evening progressed, the faces all seemed to come into focus, and began to look the same as 50 years ago. No kidding, this had nothing to do with the liquid being imbibed. We began to see the same mannerisms and boyish characteristics that existed then. For instance, remove the mustache from Dale DuQuesnay and he looked the same as 50 years ago. He still had that boyish enthusiasm.

The food prepared by Ernest and Betty Chang, was just out of this world.

On the menu was curried goat, stew peas, escovitch fish, roast beef, rice and peas, salad and cassava pudding. Many went back for seconds.

After dinner, each old boy had one minute to bring us up to date on what had transpired since leaving school. It was hilarious listening to these guys.

Laddie read e-mails from Jeremy Verity and Danny Simpson. There was also a picture from Jeremy showing how he looks today. Jeremy, nice looking kilt you have on. Danny, many thanks for those delicious chocolates. Everyone sends their thank you. We were able to converse on the phone with Tony Wong who was not able to attend. The party broke up at around 12:00 midnight.

The next day May 25th we met at the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for our picnic. More food again and this time we had rice and peas, fricassee chicken, jerk pork, hard dough bread, salad and raw oysters. The food excluding the oysters was also prepared by Ernest and Betty. A few diehards went to play golf while the rest lounged around and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and cool sea breeze.

May 26th, we all met at Ernest’s farm in Homestead for breakfast. We had rundown, banana and dumpling, fried fish and hard dough bread. After breakfast, Laddie gave a brief talk on the need for the St.George’s Endowment Fund and how to raise the funds. The Florida Chapter decided that anyone who pledges over $1000.00 is given a medallion designating the wearer a ”Knight of St.George”.There were many questions and answers.Overall,everyone was in agreement and pledges were made.

We then went to a lychee farm and just went wild picking these delicious fruits. Many thanks to Pin Williams for having us.

Then came the night and the Florida’s Chapter Grand Ball. Master of Ceremonies, Laddie Kong announced our presence to the crowd and had us stand for their applause. We then formed up in front of the stage for a group picture. The whole setting was just electrifying. The Fab5 as usual had everyone on their feet the whole night.

May 27th, Sunday morning Mass was celebrated by Fr. Hosie and assisted by Deacon Arthur Chin Fatt.This was followed by breakfast consisting of Ackee and Saltfish, fried plantain and Ham. Shortly thereafter, everyone dispersed, some to continue on to Jamaica, and others to home.

We cannot thank enough, Laddie and Marie Kong, Ernest and Betty Chang for all the hard work they had done to ensure we had a wonderful time. They accommodated some of us in their homes, and they chauffeured us around.

Many thanks to George DeMercado for extending special rates to those who wished to travel by Air Jamaica.

We extend our condolences to Jimmy Chin Sang and his family on the death of his brother in Jamaica at the time of our reunion.Again, thanks to George DeMercado for his assistance to the Chin Sang family with their travel arrangements to Jamaica.

Stanley Chin  

Class of '57 Reunion in Jamaica

Front Row from left: Ken Lue Pann, Dale DuQuesney, Tony Chin, Douggie Lindo.
Second row from left: Norman Wright, Trevor Appleton, Maurice Sale, Brian Mair, Barry Chevannes,
Winston Atkinson, Patrick "Skedron" Smith, Maurice Clarke.
Third row from left: David Wilson, Oscar Hoo, Trevor Tenn, Desmond Hutchinson,
Gordon Brandon, Basil Lue, Peter Mais, Walter Campbell.
Back row: Cecil Hugh Sam.

All the boys arrived in one piece (surprisingly after the carry-ons on at the dance in Florida) and were met by their hosts.

On Monday, they were taken on a tour of Kingston (Emancipation Park, Institute of Jamaica, New Kingston, U.W.I, Jamaica House, Kings House, and Hellshire Beach etc.)That evening, they all turned up for the reception at my home. The guests included Past Teachers Fr.Ryan, Clinton Lewis, Horace Levy, Phillip Nash, Principal Margaret Campbell, Head of the Jesuits Fr. McIsaacs (see photograph) the wives of our classmates and members of the class of 57 both local and overseas. The reception had everything to make it memorable - fine food, drink, background music, fellowship and reminiscences and a great address by Fr.Ryan. Basil Lue spoke about the Miami leg and Winston Atkinson gave a run-down on the Jamaica leg. Suitably engraved plaques were presented to our former teachers. A fine time was had by all.

On Tuesday,  all the overseas guys and most of those living in Jamaica, met at StGC where we attended Assembly as their guests - entertained by musical presentations and a welcome address by the Principal. Basil Lue replied on our behalf, gave the boys a pep-talk and we all introduced ourselves. After Assembly, we toured the school (including the Jesuit's residence which was a new experience for almost all of us). Although there was obvious expansion of the physical buildings, the furniture and equipment left much to be desired, particularly the science labs and the classroom furniture. There is however a beautiful new library with all the computer aids etc and of course the auditorium where the boarding school used to be. A canteen however is needed as well as additional classrooms to adequately house the approximately 1400 students on roll (including a number of girls in 6th.) A picture of the group was taken on the steps of the O'Hare Building. Fr.Grenier is the priest in front. Mass was then celebrated in the auditorium with the 60 or so Catholic boys enrolled, with Archbishop Burke as the Celebrant and Clinton Lewis as the Deacon. This was followed by a lunch we hosted with these boys. In the afternoon we held a debriefing in the boardroom at which we spoke about what we saw at the school and renewed our commitment to support our Alma Mater to the best of our ability. The Principal gave us a farewell talk.

On Thursday, the StGC school bus took 17 of the fellows and family to Bobby Marsh's vacation complex at Ocho Rios where rafting on the White River and fine food and drink was again the order of the day. They returned to Kingston that night. Some of the boys stayed over in Kingston for a few days to be with family and friends and all of the overseas people should have returned home by the next week.

The feeling shared by all is that they were happy with the reunion both in Miami and Jamaica that we should keep in touch; give our support to StGC AND KEEP WELL.

Our sincere thanks to Laddie for coming up with this idea and bringing it to fruition

 Maurice Clarke

Principal's Message

June 30, 2007

Greetings to you all,  

We are at the end of the 2006-2007 school year and what an exciting year it has been!  The contributions and support from the Old Boys Associations, both in time and treasure have been tremendous.   

I have had the opportunity to interact with all three major Old Boy Associations this year, and that inter-action has been wonderful.  A large part of my motivation has been in meeting so many men of excellence.  My brief but wonderful visit with you in Toronto at the end of March, and with the Florida chapter in May, as well as my involvement with the local old boys have served as encouragement in this ministry, and have increased my commitment to preparing young men to follow in your footsteps. 

As you know, we have a long way to go in restoring the school and welcome your continued support for the new school year.  We are working to build the endowment fund, which will ensure the continuity of the College, and the Capital fund, so that we can see to the much needed maintenance projects and overall development of the school.  

The class of 2007 is preparing for graduation on July 1, 2007 and we have just registered 240 new Georgians for the first form year in September 2007.  We are proud of the achievement of both groups of students, and excited about the future of the College.   

As we continue to strive for excellence for the greater glory of God, may He richly bless you all. 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.  

Margaret Campbell

News from the Florida Chapter


Fr. Quinlan receives Medallion

Florida Chapter honours beloved Fr. Leo Quinlan, former Headmaster and member of the school’s Hall of Fame who was made an Honorary Knight of St.George. 

   The presentation of the medallion was made at Campion House, the Jesuit retirement centre in Weston, Mass.on April 7th by by Laddie Kong (Class of 57) of the Florida chapter and Fr.James Hosie; himself an honorary Knight. 

   The Knights of St..George, a select group, have committed to a donation of US$1,000 to St.George’s College over 4 years. 

The annual Dennis Ziadie Football Championship was held on Saturday April 21st. 

This event honours the late Georgian Dennis Ziadie who coached both StGC and JC to Manning Cup wins. He along with fellow Georgian Winthorpe (Jackie) Bell died in a tragic bus accident in Mexico in 1986 while attending the Soccer Word Cup event there.  

Scores: over 40,  JC 1 - StGC 0          under 40, StGC 6 - JC 1 

The Annual Dinner Dance on May 26th at the Signature Grand with over 800 in attendance turned out to be a tremendous success. 

Margaret Campbell was the special guest and this gave the Florida group a chance to meet and be bowled over by this committed new principal for our Alma Mater. Fr.Hosie was there as well and a huge Ontario contingent with Chris Chin, Ray Chang, and Patrick Lee from the Ontario OBA Executive, as well as a host of the class of 1957 reunion crowd who were acknowledged at the event.

Dennis Barnett and the Florida old boys are to be congratulated on putting on another class act.

Robbie Vernon

Brian Mair, Stanley Chin, Laddie Kong, Oscar Lee, Trevor Tenn, Knights of St. George.

Revellers at the Florida Dance.

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