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Good & True ...issue# 50...December, 2007

Sports Korner
On Good and True Football

Milton Hart

2007 has been a year of renewal for George’s football; Roper cup was resurrected, the rivalry for the Deltana Trophy was rekindled, and an increasing number of Georgians are supporting the team. The most recent addition is Victor Morgan who accompanied the team to Florida and, in many cases, was the defender who kept the likes of Chipper Morgan, Mark Chung, Michael Barnett, Nick and Chris Ziadie at bay.

Roper Cup, featuring Toronto-based George’s and Kingston College teams, was contested in the true spirit that makes these schools two of the greatest in the annals of Jamaican schoolboy-history. This game, where KC had the better run of play, resulted in a 1-0 George’s win.  It is no secret that KC will be coming to the competition next year with a stronger team in order to secure the Roper Cup and that George’s will have to get all its troops together in order to retain the cup.  This is a must-see game; certainly one for the ages.

Ontario wives and supporters holding high the Canadian flag in Florida 

The Toronto team headed to Fort Lauderdale in October in order to participate in the traditional match up with the Florida-based Georgians in the highly acclaimed Deltana Challenge. Before I speak about the play on the field, the score, and the fellowship at the end of the game, I must hasten to tell of my appreciation for the excellent support that was given by the ladies who traveled from Canada to support the team. It is noteworthy that there were a few Florida-based ladies who were waving the Canadian flag. In my opinion, it was their support that drove the Torontonians to compete despite the relentless attacks orchestrated by the Nick Ziadie-led Georgians. Not to be outdone, the Torontonians scored excellent goals but fell 5-3 to a team that fielded some of the best athletes to ever play the game.  

After the dust settled to signify the end of the game, there was the usual warm fellowship amongst players and spectators alike.

2008 will be even better – watch for the Floridians when they come to Toronto to defend the coveted Deltana Trophy.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Milton Hart

Roper Cup 2007

Toronto Renewal - The Event

Captain Milton Hart greeting Clive Bariffe,KC captain

The 2007 edition of the Roper Cup, from all indications, was successful - some folks are already looking forward to next year's competition.

As we did not have many players for the over-50 game, it was decided that we would only have the "open" game where the older “boys” would play alongside the not-so-old players.

Evidently this was a very good arrangment - it was good to see Clive Barriffe (52 years-old, KC), holding his own in the midfield, sharing the ball with his two sons who were also playing midfield for KC. There were a few other over-50 KC players giving our midfield all they could handle.

Our over-50 representatives also did a tremendous job on and off the field.

Many thanks to Neil Dalhouse who effectively refereed the first half. Danny HoLung, along with Patrick Chen (class of 74), David Lee (class of 72) and Michael Wright (class of 73) more than held their own on the field.

Thanks for the support that was shown by our executives. Robbie played the role of the ever-reliable cameraman and organizer, Buski was the inspirational guru, DB, Heather Vernon, Jennifer Barnett, Lloyd and Celina Chung, Novelette Hart, "Mello" and a host of other supporters were there to ensure that this endeavor was the success that it was.

Final score: George's 1, KC 0. I must point out that this game could have gone either way and that it was played with great sportsmanship on both sides.

Milton  Hart

Editor’s note: Derrick " Mello" Melvin, an Excelsior old boy is an honourary member of both K.C. & StGC and was a fitting person to present the Trophy.

This year's Golf Tournament
better than last year's!!

Dennis (Dooley) Chung receiving Trophy from
Rudy Chin; host & organizer

And so, it came to pass, another great annual StGC Golf Tournament was held in Toronto last month. Sincere thanks to this year's sponsors, Ray Chang, Grace Kennedy, Danny Ho Lung, Patty King, Home Depot, and PattyTime, because without their support, we would still be offering only golf balls and hats to the winners. Instead, we were able to offer some good prizes this year.

Weather-wise, the heavens were good to us, except for a strong breeze that flared up now and again, especially when I tried to make an important shot. Each year, at the end of the tournament, Rudy and Eunice Chin invited all the players into their home for some good eats and merriment. Each year the food gets better and better, and so does their hospitality. Although they both are great cooks themselves, they do have great chefs like Anita Chang and Claudette Lee contributing with excellent dishes as well. It's well worth entering the event, just to taste  that good food afterwards.

The 2007 overall winner of the tournament  was Phillip Lee, and in second place was Tassy Lyn, but because neither of them attended StGC neither could be awarded with the Annual Trophy, and therefore the real winner of the trophy was Dennis "Dooley" Chung who came third in the tournament. Congratulations to all three players. Mike Haddad was fourth and there was a tie between Trevor Summers and Louis Lee for fifth place.

Several prizes were also awarded  for Nearest to the pin

.          on hole #5 - Tony Chin
.          on hole #8 - Jimmy Lai Tam
.          on hole #13 - Tony De Silva
.          on hole #16 - Richard Chance
.          longest drive - Fen Chang

I left with the "also ran" gifts of yet another golf cap and lots of golf balls for me to lose next year. For those of you who have never entered the tournament, don't miss the 2008 event, because each year, as I said before, the prizes, as well as the treats at the Chin's residence, just keep on getting better and better.

P.S. For all the ribbing I get about my poor golf game from the entrants in this year's event, I am proud to say that on October 12, 2007 at the Brampton Golf and Country Club, hole #11, I got a hole in one. He-He-He..

Neil Dalhouse

Editor’s note: There is talk of turning this into a fund raising event as well.
Could we have some feedback on this? Just email your comments to our website:www.stgctoronto.com

Most successful Fundraiser

Friday, August 3rd. 2007

For Torontonians the place to be on Friday, August 3rd was the annual StGC fundraiser Summer Ball.

The Pearson Convention Centre in Brampton was bedecked in colourful Jamaica scenery and handy display booths set up by Jamaica National Building Society, Senvia, Victoria Mutual and Sandals, beckoned to patrons with copious handouts and treats. Patrons also took advantage of the opportunity to capture themselves in all their fineries at the  photography booth set up by Click-Click Photography, which also roamed the event capturing special moments for those who wanted the evening to remain a part of treasured memory.

This year over 1,000 happy revellers swarmed into the Pearson convention centre in Brampton to socialize during the cocktail hour and later dance the night away.

This wasn't hard to do with the dynamic Jay Douglas and  the all Star band with, special guest Toronto's latest sensation Tanya Mulling,  providing some of the best R& B & soul music to start the dancing off. And who best to take us to the wee hours than Fab5 with their electrifying blend of reggae, mento, soca, b.bop and swing.

Neil Dalhouse did his usual wonderful job as MC and president Danny HoLung welcomed all.

A special dinner treat was the  surprise guest appearance of singer A.J.Brown whose mellow tenor voice wowed the audience with "I’ll walk with God, Time to say goodbye and You raise me up."

Special guests included Ann Marie Bonner, Consul General of Jamaica to Toronto; Jenny Gumbs, Honourary Consul General of Grenada to Toronto and we welcomed as well numerous overseas guests including Dennis Barnett, immediate past president of the Florida chapter and many presidents of other local Alumni associations.

Walking away with top prizes were David Chung; Air Jamaica trip for two plus 5 nights at Breezes Runaway Bay, Cynthia Pizarro with another Air Jamaica  trip for two plus one week at Sandals in Jamaica,  Junior & Maria Smith with a week end for two at the Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica plus a $300 travel voucher from Uniglobe Bon Voyage and Don deKlerk with the beautiful 42 inch Hitachi Plazma HD TV. Many others lucked out with the numerous gift baskets and certificates.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our sponsors, Jamaica National Building Society, Senvia Money Transfer,Victoria Mutual Building Society, Western Union, CI Funds and Red Lobster, and our  donors, Air Jamaica, Breezes Superclubs, Sandals resorts, Boscobel Beeches resort, Hitachi Canada, Grace Kennedy, Gran Bahia Principe-Jamaica,The Fairmont Royal York, Uniglobe Travel, Juici Patties, Crystal Seafood Restaurant, Aluri Computers Inc.

We are so grateful for the efforts of our teams of raffle ticket sellers, who had to give up on dessert and also our entire executive who were willing to forego much of the evening's festivities to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

What an unforgettable event- many said it was the best ever.

How can we top this? See you all next year, don't miss out, plans are already well afoot

Robbie Vernon

2007 StGC Summer Ball featuring Fab 5, Jay Douglas & AJ Brown


The Altar Boy

As a child growing up, I lived on Emerald Road, just up the street from the Cathedral, and attended mass every Sunday with my grandmother. After mass, I loved picking up a copy of "The Catholic Opinion," located just inside the main doors of that wonderful place of worship. Many of you may remember this paper. It contained information on what was happening within the Catholic community, who was marrying who next month, which priest was just transferred to what parish, photos of the Sodality club members, an agenda of upcoming religious events, etc.

I loved picking up a copy for one reason, and one reason only, to check out the cartoon "Speck, the Altar Boy" located on the back page of the newsletter. The cartoon was about a little altar boy named Speck, who always seemed to get himself in trouble. I loved reading this cartoon, because as an altar boy myself, I could associate with the problems he got himself into at times.

That was over 50 years ago. Fast forward now to March 27, 2007 for the real  beginning of Speck.

On the 27th, I received an email from a Ms Molly LeBlanc Dorsey. She said she had Googled the name SPECK and to her surprise, she found an article I wrote that was published in the Good & True Newsletter (issue 43, June 2005), containing my fond memories of the names of students at StGC, and that I mentioned Speck the cartoon, and Speck Lyn, my classmate.  To my surprise, she informed me her father, Tut LeBlanc, was the creator of this cartoon character, and drew the cartoon until his death. (The rights of the cartoon have now been sold to a Margaret Ahern.) Molly said that it truly warmed her heart to know that someone still remembered Speck, the wonderful Catholic character her father created.

Molly LeBlanc Dorsey laying flowers at father’s grave

Her father's full name was W. R. "Tut" LeBlanc.  Born in Perry, Louisiana, in 1915, lived most of his life in Abbeville, Louisiana, just a few miles from Perry.  He developed heart problems as a child and couldn't play sports like other boys, so he took up drawing as a hobby.  He married her mother, Mildred, and they had another child, Lyle, her brother. "Tut" died in 1953 of heart problems, and unfortunately, did not live long enough to enjoy the fact that Speck became a  big "hit" with readers like me.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Anyone wishing to write Ms LeBlanc Dorsey may do so at  molly_dorsey@fleming-law.com

        Neil Dalhouse   

Editor’s Note:  As an altar boy Ronnie Thwaites, now deacon and MP also was dubbed "Speck" by his fellow altar servers.

Men Who Cook

This was a fundraiser event to introduce and create awareness of Interprofessional Education( IPE), an integral component of University Health Network’s (UHN) corporate goal of providing enhanced patient care.   

       Men Who Cook was created and hosted by our own Ray Chang and Donette Chin-Loy.  It took place in the beautiful gardens of their home on September 8th.  Ray along with eight of their male friends cooked for this cause. Included were:  Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong, another outstanding Georgian;  Dr. Richard Reznick of the University Health Network;  Dr. Peter Wong;  Michael Veenema;  Internationally renowned environmentalist and geneticist, Dr. David Suzuki;  good friends Ken Ogaki, Patrick Brady, Hamlin Grange and Grand Chef Neal Noble.  President Danny Ho Lung was there to support the cause.   

       As many of our Georgian friends approach retirement and may stare at the need for further health care there are some things we should know. In a health care system as diverse and complex as ours, patients often feel lost in the shuffle. Navigating between various specialists, different programs and the wide variety of services available can lead to stress and anxiety. This complexity and lack of coordination can also contribute to a breakdown in communication and gaps in service. Health care providers, too, are often dissatisfied with the lack of coordination within the system. 

     Many of us have seen the plight of family and friends with cancer and coronary diseases trying desperately to chart a course through the various branches of the health care system; and this for both the patient and the care provider. Don’t these guys talk to each other?

      Everyone knows there is a health human resource shortage in Canada and IPE has been identified as one of the solutions to address this. IPE is a new approach that promises to address many of these issues. In this model of care, health professionals work in multi-disciplinary teams, drawing on the skills and expertise of other professionals. An interprofessional team could consist of a primary care physician, surgical specialists, a social worker, public health nurses, home care, physiotherapists, pharmacists and others.  

      UHN, in association with the University of Toronto, is committed to ensuring that health care providers have the skills necessary to work together more collaboratively. UHN has a goal to create a research centre for interprofessional education research.  

Our own Ray sits on the board of the UHN Foundation and their goal is to do the following: 

 *        Reduce the stress and anxiety patients and their families face when navigating the health care system .

*          Improve patient safety and satisfaction

*          Reduce provider workloads and burn-out rates

*          Improve communication between patients and their health care providers and between health care teams

*          Reduce fragmentation in health care service delivery

*          Foster greater recruitment and retention of health care workers

*          Ensure the sustainability of our health care system

       Yes this is yet another side to our hard working director-  and what a need there is for the work that he does- How does he find the time?- What a man!       

                         Robbie Vernon

L-R (back) Ray Chang, Hamlin Grange, Michael Veenema, Ken Ogaki; Chef Neil Noble, Patrick Brady.
L-R (front) Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong, Dr. Peter Wong, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Richard Reznick 

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