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Good & True ...issue# 50...December, 2007

Joint annual family picnic
at Milne Park in Markham

"Pass me some a di soup" - said Buski Charley, as he foraged between Don B and an anxious John Flynn for first taste of the much talked about JoJo pepperpot soup, steaming in a huge caldron. This has become a tradition and big hit at the annual family picnic. Danny HoLung usually puffs up as if he made it, but everyone knew the real chef was spouse, and Alpha president Josephine.-Yum-Yum-Yum it was.

There was no shortage of delicious 'yardie" cuisine - mackerel and banana, or as Robbie V would say "dip and fall back", ackee and salt fish, avocado pear, dumplings and no shortage of excited Alpha, ICHS and StGC alumna/ae to give it justice as many, of course with Buski in the lead,  wandered from group to group sampling various family offerings. A big part of the lunch was the sampling of each other’s cuisine.

Bwoy - the food was good.

Wish deacon Patrick Chang could win a domino game. He is at it year after year embarrasing himself with the likes of Novelette Hart, Errol Williams, Alex Ho Shue grounding out six loves.

Congrats to all who came and moreso to all who laboured to make it such a success.

Karen Yee was, as usual, busy from early with the signs identifying the picnic area. Yvonne Lew was there early with name tags for everyone and Patrick Garel, Richard Saunders and John Flynn made sure the kids and adults were kept busy with games and races.

Our thanks as well to the three presidents; Danny HoLung, StGC, JoJo HoLung, Alpha and Katie Sani, ICHS for being very much at the helm and ensuring a good time was had by all.

Robbie Vernon

Annette Flynn
& granddaughter Nandi

Carl Chang and grandson Jordan

3 Presidents: Danny Ho Lung,St.G.C.;
Katy Sani, ICHS; JoJo Ho Lung, Alpha

Anisha, Janice & Patrick Garel, Milton Hart

See the concentration in the Egg & Spoon race

Dominologists Don Barnett, Deacon Pat Chang

Clive & Denise Yap Sam, Loraine & Patrick Lee, Lipton Wong

The Stanley Chin Family Group

Aaron Sani & sister Stephanie

Junior sack race

Eddie Chin, Danny Ho Lung,
 JoJo Ho Lung, John Flynn

Michelle Saunders edging out the competition in
Egg & Spoon race

Adult sack race: Michelle Saunders,
JoJo & Danny Ho Lung, Novelette Hart

John Flynn, Karen Yee, Yvonne Lew, Richard Saunders

JoJo's pepperpot soup

Kay Lue, Sr. Colette Marie & Ruby Wilson

John Flynn Dynasty

Principal's Message


Greetings Georgians and Friends,

 Despite two storms at the start of the school year; hurricane Dean and our general elections, we are off and running into the new school year.  Our theme for the academic year is Self Discipline and Tolerance as we try to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and academic success, and to be empathetic towards each other.  Our new Head Boy is Brian McCalla and his deputies are Jeremy Rickards and Kye Grant

CAPE and CSEC passes for this past academic year represent an improvement over the previous year, and we are striving for even greater improvements in 2007-2008.  We had our annual Prize Giving exercise on November 2, 2007.  Our honour students, seated in special garb at the front of the auditorium, served as motivation for our first to fourth form students who were in attendance this year.

Hurricane Dean has left us with a number of damaged roofs and other damages, and we have started repairs on the more major areas.  The football field and cricket pitch at Emmet Park have been restored and we will soon start repairs on the windows of the pavilion, also damaged by the mighty Dean.

Unfortunately our Manning Cup Team did not advance to the second round despite the excellent coaching and mentorship provided by old boy Neville Bell.  The Colts Team is, however, advancing to the second round and the Pepsi Team will hopefully do the same.  Our rugby team is doing well and is expected to advance to the next round of competition.  Three of our students won the ACIF/JMB Debate Competition and the judges were most impressed with their performance.

There has been a marked improvement in discipline this term, thanks to new incentives, improved Guidance and Counselling and new systems of tracking and addressing acts of inappropriate behaviour.  Additionally, we continue to provide mentorship for the boys by inviting old boys and fathers to address them on a regular basis.

As we rush towards Christmas 2007 and the end of the first term, let me wish you the very best for the rest of the calendar year.  Thank you all for your continued support of St. George's College and may God bless you.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Margaret Campbell

Florida News

New Board for Old Boys in Florida

Ontario President; Danny Ho Lung &
Florida President;Trevor Palmer

Denis Chung taking charge of Deltana Trophy from
 Milton Hart with donor Philip Wong looking on

At their AGM on July14, 2007, Florida Old Boys elected a new board comprising :

President: Trevor Palmer
Vice President: Wayne Evans
Secretary: Patrick Hugh
Treasurer: Dennis Lawton 

Florida Old Boys Take back Deltana Trophy

Captains Michael Barnett & Milton Hart

Newly elected president Trevor Palmer was off to a good start as he mustered his resources to regain hold of the coveted Deltana Trophy for soccer between  Florida and the Toronto OBA youth sponsored soccer teams comprising mostly sons of alumni.

Donor of the trophy, Philip Wong, was there in person to present the victors award to the jubilant Florida team. Also present was immediate past president Dennis Barnett, who saw to the beginning of this Canada/ USA soccer rivalry and helped out well on the field with, contrived from memory, deft soccer moves to assist his team. This made everyone aware that although out of office he was still very much around and fighting, but not quite so trim.

The event at Veterans Park, Lauderhill, Florida on Saturday, October 6th drew a good crowd of supporters from Florida and Canada and many Canadian flags were seen among the crowd.

It was the first meeting of Ontario Presidents Danny Ho Lung and Florida president Trevor Palmer and amidst the friendly rivalry was the revival and  cementing of bonds of friendships that exists between the two chapters’ members and this only augurs well for fundraising efforts for our beloved alma mater.

The copious amounts of food and refreshments provided by the Floridian Georgians after the game and the social get together that ensued really made for a most memorable event.

Milton Hart and Danny Ho Lung let it be known that the trophy was just on loan and will be returning to Canada next year. Trevor Palmer says it will remain.

Let’s see.

Robbie Vernon

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