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Good & True ...issue# 50...December, 2007

Monsignor Gladstone Wilson
Award Banquet

Carl Chang, Ray Chang, Sen.Dwight Nelson, Howard Mitchell,
Bullo Williams, Dr. Louis Knight, Dr.Aggrey Irons.

The big 2007 event for The Jamaica old boys was the staging of the Msgr. Gladstone Wilson Awards at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on September 29th.

The event this year honoured two old boys, who have distinguished themselves in their chosen professions, and have worked tirelessly and contributed significantly to the growth of St. George's College and the Old Boys Association: Senator Dwight Nelson and Dr. Louis Knight.

Dr. Trevor & Ingrid Munroe

A most successful event with the highly entertaining duo of Dr. Aggrey Irons and Howard Mitchell as masters of ceremonies and visible in the sizeable gathering was the presence of several prominent political personalities from both major political parties. They included Senator Dwight Nelson, Ronnie Thwaites, Trevor Munroe, and Don Wehby. We are advised newly elected Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding, also a St. George's old boy was slated to attend, but with other pressing engagements, was unable to make the event. In attendance was outstanding Georgian Archbishop Lawrence Burke.

Basil & Dr. Eve Palomino Lue

Ray Chang was there from our Ontario board as was Howard Shearer, Fen Chang and Carl Chang from our chapter.  From the Florida chapter Dennis Lawton was spotted catching up with his former Jamaica old Boy directors.

In 1999 the award was presented to a group of St.George's old boys who were lecturers at UWI and included Dr. Barry Bogues, Dr. Basil Burke, Dr. Patrick Chin, Dr. Orville Taylor, Dr. Willard Pinnock, Prof. Barry Chevannes, Prof. Peter Figueroa and Fr. Richard HoLung.

  In 2000 the Awards were conferred on Justice Ian Forte and Anthony Irons, followed in 2001 by Francis (Pancho) Rankine and KG Anthony Hill.

President Courtney Currie, Hon. Don Wehby, Sen. Dwight Nelson

Howard Mitchell, Donette Chin Loy, Ray Chang

Archbishop Lawrence Burke & Guests

In 2002 Archbishop Lawrence Burke and Patrick (Skedron) Smith were honoured and Pokar Shandiram and Ferdie Madden in 2003.

There was a hiatus followed in 2005 by the awarding to our Ontario treasurer Dr. G. Raymond (Ray) Chang and Dr. Aggrey Irons.

Alumni of St. George’s College continue to make their mark, not only in Jamaica but worldwide and it is fitting when they are honoured by their peers for contributing to society and their alma mater, wherever they reside.

Jamaica Old Boys- well done!!!

Robbie Vernon

Just My Views

Neil Dalhouse

The sudden passing of such a jovial guy as Leslie (Jeff) Chin is just not fair. But then neither is war. It was always a pleasure entering a room that Jeff was in, because you knew he would have a big smile waiting for you along with his firm hand shake. This welcome of his would usually be followed with a sarcastic remark about the clothes you were wearing at the time, or some funny reason why he hadn't seen you for such a long time, or the fact that you had lost more hair on your head since he last saw you.

Sometimes his initial remarks upon meeting you could be embarrassing when mentioned in front of friends, but the beady-eyed laugh from this short little guy was enough for you to forget your embarrassment and laugh heartily along with him. He was a joy to play with during a round of golf. And who can forget his loud cry of RAKHAM! whenever his ball fell in the hole after a long putt.

Jeff Chin dancing up a storm at a recent event

Jeff died suddenly doing something he loved to do, and that was, to dance. He collapsed after leaving the dance floor at the annual Cornwall College (his old school) dance here in Toronto on Sept. 30. Those who were present at the event said he had just finished dancing up a storm when the good Lord called.

Many of us still can't believe he's gone. Sincere condolences to his family, and may the Good Lord rest his soul.

"If we are here on this earth to help others, then what are the others here for?" 

Speaking of golf, the Manning cup season for 2007 is now coming to an end in Jamaica, and it's good to see that the older schools such as JC, Calabar, KC and Wolmers were in the finals this football season. For years the Manning cup has been dominated by the newer schools like Norman Manley, Charley Smith, etc, etc., so it's good to see these old schools making a comeback and that they haven't lost their skill in this sport. StGC didn't do too badly at first, winning quite a few games in the early part of round one of the schedule, but alas, the wheels fell off towards the end of that round, and round two for them will hopefully be next year. Congrats to Bertis Bell and his assistant coaches, for putting up a good showing this year.

Heartiest congratulations too go out to Milton Hart and his Toronto soccer team for daring to challenge Florida's soccer team in their own backyard, a team with endless amounts of fresh legs. Florida beat Toronto this year, but not to fret, because when Florida comes to Toronto next year, we will show them how backyard soccer is really played, right Milt?.

So the couple who, for years had tried to have children and couldn't, visited their pastor one night and asked the pastor to anoint them with holy anointing oil, in the hopes that a miracle would happen. The pastor then asked his wife to go in the back of the church and fetch the anointing oil quickly. She came back and said she could not find any, but found some 3 in 1 oil instead. The pastor said that it would do just fine, and blessed them both with it. Lo and behold the couple eventually had triplets. Just after the birth, the pastor visited the couple in hospital and expressed sincere sorrow for anointing them with 3 in 1 oil, as he felt it probably had something to do with them having triplets. The new mother replied that she and her husband were fine with his blessing back then, but that they both thank God every day that he didn't use WD 40.!!"

And so another StGC Summer Ball has come to an end, and what an event it was. This year, the great voice of AJ Brown wowed everyone as he sang three songs from his new album "Voice of Love" during the dinner period. Next, Jay Douglas and the AllStar Band opened the dance portion of the evening. This well-experienced showman sang memorable ’60s ballads and hits, making everyone on the dance floor look into their partner's eyes with that "Do you remember when?" look. Not to be out-done, he too sang songs from his new CD, "A Touch of Magic." Then he introduced Tanya Mullings, special guest artist and one of Toronto's up-and-coming divas. She kept everyone rocking with two great songs from her new CD, "Music is My Life." The evening was closed out by the fabulous sounds of Fab 5, who once again mesmerized everyone with their very "tight" performance. On occasion, more than half the crowd would stop dancing and just sway back and forth, soaking up every note they played. Frankie Campbell and his band has truly given us quality music for six continuous years now. Sincere thanks to the many sponsors who supported us this year, for without them we would not have been able to put on such a great evening. Watch our website www.stgctoronto.com for upcoming information on next year's Ball.

Congratulations to Senator Dwight Nelson and to Louis Knight who were honoured at the 2007 Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Banquet Awards. "Tweety, I hope when you get to his age, you will look as well as they say Louis looked at the banquet!!"

I always knew that one day, Georgians would play a big role in the running of the island, and sure enough, it has come to pass. Bruce Golding is now Prime Minister, and the post of Minister of Finance and Public Service is shared between the Hon. Dwight Nelson and the Hon. Don Wehby, all past students of StGC. Congratulations to them all. Because the Prime Minister also went to JC, they too, may have some bragging rights about his current post, but right now, JC doesn't count.

"A very poor speaker was giving a lecture to about 75 people in a theatre. He was so awful, that many people began to leave. Soon the room was down to a half of the people, then a third, then, six, then two, and finally one person remained in the room. At the end of the talk, the awful speaker looked down from the podium and thanked the lone person sitting in the front row for staying to the end of his talk, and asked him what made him stay. The reply was, "Sir, I am the next speaker !!"

Melanie & Jessica Chin

Congratulations to President Elect Chris Chin's lovely daughters Melanie & Jessica, who both made the Honour Roll at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School in Georgetown. Melanie was also the recipient of an Ambassadorial Award for representing the school on the Dominican Republic Educational and Medical Support (DREAMS)  programme with Assump-tion High School in Burlington in February. The Dreams Programme takes students to the rural hills of San Jose de Ocoa in  the Dominican Republic to assist in the building of homes and schools for the less fortunate. Melanie will be leading the first group from her school there next March in what is planned to be an annual pilgrimage.

Finally, please join me in wishing Rev. Fr. Leo Quinlan a happy birthday. He was 92 years young on Nov. 2. God bless you Father Q. You can switch into third gear now and chase down being 100 years old.

A Gannneeeee!!!! .

Neil Dalhouse


Events Calendar - 2008 

March 9 - Sunday, 1:30 p.m. 
Annual General Meeting

St. Aidan's Catholic Church
3501 Finch Avenue East Scarborough
Between Birchmount & Warden 

March 29 - Saturday 5:00 p.m.
Mass 5:00 PM, Family Dinner 6:30PM

St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church
8530 Chinguacousy Road
From 401 Exit Mavis North 
Chinguacousy Road is a continuation of Mavis Road North of Steeles 
$1,500 Scholarship Presentation 
Special Guest: St..George’s College Head Boy - Brian McCalla. 

August 1 - Friday
1st Day of Caribana Weekend) 7:00 p.m.
Annual Summer Ball 

Pearson Convention Centre 
2638 Steeles Ave. East 
Brampton (At Airport Rd.)
Featuring Special Guest R&B/Soul Singer
JAY DOUGLAS & The All Star Band
Music by The 50/50 band from Jamaica  

August 17 - Sunday 9:30 AM - 8:00 p.m.
Family Picnic with Alpha & Immaculate 

Milne Park, Lakeview B-Shelter Area
McCowan Road (East Side), South of Highway 7



$1,500 Scholarship for your child/grandchild

 Continuing in the Blue & White tradition of supporting educational achievement, the St George's Old Boys Association (Ontario) is offering an annual scholarship of $1,500 (formerly $1,000) to the child or grandchild of a paid-up member. Recipient selection is made by the Scholarship Committee, currently comprising Drs. Louis Lee, Herbert Ho Ping Kong and Derrick Haddad.

Recipients the past three years were:

2007 Courtney Chong attending University of Toronto majoring in Pharmaceutical Chemistry - granddaughter of Fen & Anita Chang

2006  Aaron Haddad attending Queens University majoring in English Language and International Studies - son of Dr. Derrick & Lisbeth Haddad

2005 Patrick Garel Jnr. attending University of Waterloo majoring in Environmental-Civil Engineering - son of Patrick and Janice Garel.

If you have children or grandchildren applying to college or university, or currently in any year of undergraduate or post-graduate studies, encourage them to apply. There is no fee, the application is simple, and the scholarship is unconditional.

The deadline for application is February 29, 2008. The recipient will be announced at the annual Family Dinner on Saturday, March 29, 2008. One-page application forms are available for download at www.stgctoronto.com or from any member of the executive (see part 1).


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