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Good & True ...issue# 51...February 2008

The Man who would be President

Christopher (Chris) Chin

This being an election year, at our AGM on March 9th,  all positions on the Board will be open except one - that of the President.

       Stepping into this post will be the man selected two years ago, our President-elect Christopher (Chris) Chin.

By their wives you shall know them...

In 1999, I met newly arrived from Jamaica and new to the Royal Bank where I worked, Charmaine Chin. In this new working environment and meeting another Jamaican and a discovering as she would in no time that I was a Georgian, she came alive with stories of her energetic Georgian husband Chris.

Chris quickly became an active member of our Board and has been secretary since 2004.

This engaging couple was immediately a welcome addition to the Ontario St.George's alumni family.

Chris comes well equipped for the job. A typical Georgian, he was heavily involved in community affairs in Jamaica. He was a member of the Kingston Lions Club and received the President’s Award for his role as secretary.

He was a member of the Board of the StGC Old Boys' association in Jamaica and a member of the Kingston Lodge. He was also president of the SKAL Club of Kingston.

He also is Treasurer of the Halton Adult Badminton Club in Canada.

Chris is the current manager, Marketing & Special Projects at Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.

He and Charmaine have two lovely daughters, Melanie & Jessica.

A dynamic individual, Chris will be quick to tell you "grass won't be allowed to grow under my feet”

Robbie Vernon

Endowment Fund
Donor Instructions

"The quality of the alumni that St. George's has produced is a testament to the need for its continuance. It's our goal to raise enough capital so that we can use the investment income to supplement the school’s operation on an ongoing basis".

With these words, at our family dinner in June 2005, Ray Chang launched the endowment fund drive in Canada,  part of the overall growth plan for this registered limited liability Company in Jamaica which stands on guard for funding requirements for St.George's College.

For the past several decades, severe lack of funding has resulted in the deterioration of the school’s infrastructure: buildings, laboratories; dramatic reduction of extra-curricular activities, including sports programs; little or no updating of teaching facilities and equipment; and very frequently insufficient funding of everyday school supplies. The annual scrambling to come up with money to cover short term funding needs is a constant drain on human resources. Building up the Endowment Fund to a level that income can cover this annual shortfall is the aim of this thrust.

Since 1850, St. George's College alumni have improved the Jamaican Community and communities around the globe, by educating "Men for Others" in the Jesuit tradition.

The Endowment Fund will ensure that this continues.

Our sincere thanks to all who have already decided to give back to aid those coming behind.


"St. George's College places God at the center of everything and promotes the dignity, freedom, maturity and responsibility of each human person, especially oneself, as a living expression of God's goodness in the world……..educates the person, not just the mind and body, but especially the spirit, by teaching its students to understand and appreciate the union of religious faith with studies in Jamaican and world culture, science and the arts……proposes Jesus Christ as a model for living this kind of wholly human life, teaching its students to put God's love, which resides in them, into action, in the persuit of excellence," for  the greater glory of God."

Let’s all step up to the plate and dig deep for a very worthy cause.

For information on the Endowment Fund contact in Canada, Ray Chang at rchang@ci.com, and in the USA, Laddie Kong at ladkong@yahoo.com, mobile: 786-897-3931.

Make cheque payable to:
St. George's College Endowment Fund
Mail To: St. George's College
Attention: Chairman
Winchester Park, North Street,
Kingston CSO Jamaica

Make cheque payable to:
Jesuits of Upper Canada
Mail to: St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc. (Ontario) Chapter
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres.,
Mississauga Ontario
Canada L5A 3C6

Make cheque payable to:
Canadian Jesuits International
Mail to: St.George's College Old Boys' Assoc. (Ontario) Chapter
Attention: Treasurer
504 Karen Park Cres.,
Mississauga Ontario
Canada L5A 3C6 

Donors resident in the United States, Canada or Jamaica will be issued tax- deductible receipts.

Robbie Vernon

Executives & Spouses
 Christmas Get-Together

December 16th was one of the coldest days with a vicious winter storm and blizzard conditions. Radio & TV were issuing warnings for motorists to stay off the roads.

Hey guys, this was December 16th, our day to be together as a team, enjoying each others company without involvement in any work/activities for StGC. A time to relax in the good company of each other and enjoying a good meal.

Sports Director, Milton Hart; Treasurer Ray Chang,
 supporter Dr. Peter Wong

Ray and Donette had gone to a lot of trouble to ensure a good time would be had by all. "The chef’s here already" said Ray, when Robbie inquired about the blizzard conditions.

Most were able to make it out.

The pictures capture the warmth and glow of this StGC family get together with the executive, their partners and  friends and supporters. There is little hint in this indoor winter friendship glow of the ghastly weather outside.

President Danny HoLung thanked all for their zeal and commitment to our cause and made a personal presentation to all the wives in recognition of their going beyond putting up with their other halves by their active involvement in the StGC cause.

He singled out Ray for his overwhelming support over the years and Donette who single handedly raised our donor support for the Summer Ball to an outstanding level.

It is  really good to get together like this after a hectic year of activities.

President Daniel Ho Lung, Jojo Ho Lung; Imm.Past Pres. Robbie Vernon, Heather Vernon

Enjoying Buffet Table: Beba Charley, Patrick Lee, Dir. at Large, Dr. Louis Lee (Hidden)
 Claudette Lee, Sheila Haddad, Loraine Lee

Sheila Haddad, Regional V.P Patrick Haddad, Dr.Louis Lee, Claudette Lee supporters.

Membership Director Charles Young, Annette Flynn, John Flynn,
Social Director, Chris Chin 1st V.P, Pres. Elect., Charmaine Chin

Lese & Jeffery Dalhouse, Louise & Neil Dalhouse

This is a very active Board and success would be impossible without the support of each other’s spouse and most throughout the year were so actively engaged in our causes.

Katy Sani, President ICHS; Jojo HoLung President Alpha, were both there; you are a part of us, sharing the same Christian heritage and we are like the three musketeers: all for one- one for all.

Ray, Donette thanks for sharing your home with us and  for a wonderful evening of fun, excelent cuisine, christmas cheer and camaraderie.

The pictures speak for themselves.

Robbie Vernon

Principal's Message


Greetings Everyone,

As I look out at the wonderful Jamaican sunshine through my office window here at St. George's College, I wish for you all a wonderfully successful 2008 and a year filled with the joy and peace of the Lord..and warm weather!

We are off to a good start this school term and the school is blessedly quiet as students sit their mid-year examinations. 

We have been doing quite a bit of work on the campus and take particular pride in the fields at both Winchester and Emmet Parks which are green and beautiful and in great condition.  Repairs to the roof of the O'Hare building and the wall at Emmet Park that were damaged during hurricane Dean in August of last year are completed. 

Also in recent news, we welcomed the Immaculate Conception High School Alumni to the campus in January as they used our auditorium for the first function of the celebration of their 150th anniversary; Mass followed by a luncheon.  We were complimented on the condition of the campus by many who were first time visitors.  Special greetings to all ICHS readers.

    Look out for this year's issue of the Lance currently being prepared by a committee ably led by our Head Boy Brian McCalla, who will be visiting you in March.

We will shortly  be developing an AutoCAD lab, sponsored by a St.GC Old Boy.  Through the intervention of another Old Boy from the class of 1964, we are establishing a pipeline for students from St. George's to attend a reputable University in New York on full scholarship.  More on this later.  We will also be presenting scholarships to three second form students in early February, to cover all their school expenses until they leave the College.   

Thank you all for your continued financial, moral and spiritual support.  May God bless you.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Margaret Campbell, Principal

Current photo of Winchester Park looking towards the Cathedral


Living our Christian Faith in today's World

Fr. Winston Rye - right introducing guest speaker Fr. Leonard Altilia-centre

This was the subject in a moving talk given by Fr. Leonard Altilia SJ, at the International Jesuit Alumni/ae  "get together" on January 30th.

Fr. Altilia is the Assistant Provincial and Director of Vocations for the Canadian Jesuits.

There were about 45 alumni/ae from Jesuit institutions worldwide; India, Japan, England, Canada, Holland, the West Indies, Canada.

Past Presidents Don Barnett and Robbie Vernon represented St. George's College.

As Fr. Winston Rye explained after the talk "well, being a Jesuit you would expect it to be uncomfortable, wouldn't you", and it certainly was and challenged the listener to cast aside secular values in the quest to live out the core message of Jesus - love of God and love of neighbour.

Fr. Altilia attempted to get us to look at the world from God's viewpoint, to see this world in our living room the way it never was before with rampant consumerism, internet pornography, the dehumanizing of the person.

In this material pragmatic world God was not there. He touched on the loss of the religious tradition in our culture, and the lack of attention to the plight of the poor by most governments and their constituents. "Who would vote for increasing taxes to ensure the poor are taken care of?" he wondered.

Reflecting on the Beatitudes, he saw this as God's image of the human person.

"Everything God says to us about what he wants us to be is right there in the beatitudes."

They are a job description for living our Christian faith in today's world.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit" In other words those who know that they need God.

As Jesus said "Love as I have loved you". Caring, serving, loving the weak.

Serving when it hurts - no conditions for our love as there was none for his.

I liked the analogy he gave here to support the kind of love required of us - using the story of the pagan Roman officer who comes to Jesus to heal his dear servant. Fr. Altilia dwelt on the often missed point in this healing story that Jesus didn't ask the officer to follow him before he healed his servant. There were no conditions on his love. "The man came and left a pagan.", he emphasized.

And that's our story too, to tap into what's good in others, even if they don't express it the way we do. They could be Muslims, Hindus, Jews whatever. Our duty is to honour the god that exists in each of us.

His thought processes kept putting me in mind of another catholic apologist, Peter Kreeft, professor of Philosophy at Boston College, who similarly questions many of the assumptions of modern thought, creating in me the same uncomfortable feelings and these are good as they challenge us just as the real message of the Jesus in the Beatitudes does.

I hope I have caught for our newsletter readers some of the essence of a very meaningful half an hour talk by Fr.Altilia.

These sessions put on by Fr Rye have often very thought-provoking speakers and this was no exception. This aspect with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other Jesuit school/ university alumni/ae makes for a worthwhile evening.

Be there for the next one and get much more than just my snippets.

Robbie Vernon

Editor’s Note: A good follow up read for those who heard this talk is the book Making Choices - Practical Wisdom for Everyday Moral Decisions by Peter Kreeft.


StGC Old Boys' Association
2008 Annual General Meeting

President Courtney Currie addressing AGM

 The Annual General Meeting of the Old Boys' Association was held on 2008 February 02 at the Abe Issa Auditorium on the campus of St. George's College.  Approximately thirty old boys were in attendance, which was below the levels attained for the previous two Annual General Meetings.

The Principal, Mrs. Margaret Campbell gave a verbal report to the AGM on developments taking place since the passage of Hurricane Dean in August.  According to Mrs. Campbell, the roof of the O'Hare building and the boundary walls have been repaired.  However, minor roof damages to the other buildings on the campus and the windows in Emmet Hall are still outstanding.  She noted that to date, a little over $7M has been spent on the hurricane repairs and the funds have been exhausted.  With respect to the issue of discipline, she reported that discipline has been improving with suspensions being down.  She pointed out that the improvement in the suspension rate is not due to the school's administration slacking off, but more to the systems that have been instituted.  In closing, she announced that an advancement officer will be in place shortly to manage the fundraising activities.

In his address to the AGM, the President, Courtney O. Currie quickly recapped the performance of the Association for 2007.  He noted the successes of the Annual Golf Tournament and the Monsignor Gladstone Wilson Award Banquet.  The President noted that despite Hurricane Dean and the 2007 General Elections that affected the island in late summer, the Monsignor Gladstone Banquet had over 300 old boys and their guests in attendance.  As a consequence, the President noted that the Association was able to up the contribution to the school back to the 2005 level, which was $1M. 

Principal Margaret Campbell accepting cheque
from Ian Forte & Anthony “Count” Franklyn

    The Association made a presentation of J$640,000 to the Principal Mrs. Margaret Campbell for the school’s general budget.  This donation brought the total amount made to the school during 2007 to $1M.  However, the President pointed out that this $1M donation is cash and the time old boys spend doing various work at the school is not accounted for in our audited financial statement.

The executive members were returned "en bloc" on a motion by old boy Ian Forte and seconded by Clive Chambers.  The AGM then mandated the new executive to co-opted other old boys who have the time and are willing to work to the board of management. 

The members of the Executive for 2008 are as follows:

President  - Courtney O. Currie
Vice President  - Wayne Wray
Hon. Secretary - Ian Phillpotts
Asst. Secretary - Benito Palomino
Treasurer - Anthony (Count) Franklin
Asst. Treasurer - Wayne Rhoden

Courtney Currie


Mass & Communion Breakfast - 2008 March 02,
Abe Issa Auditorium, St. George's College

Annual Golf Tournament  - 2008  April 12,
Constant Spring Golf Club

Quarterly Luncheons Venues to be announced
2008 April 24
2008 July 03
2008 September 04
2008 November 06

Roper Cup - 2008 August 30 - Emmet Park.


Florida News

Chapter Events 2008:
Dinner Dance:
Saturday May 3rd
Location: Signature Grand Ballroom
6900 State Rd. 84, Davie Fl (same place as last year)
Music: The Version Band (formerly The Mighty Vikings)
Special Guest Artist: Ken Boothe
Tickets: $75 each
Contact Dennis Barnett 954-347-1092
Wayne Evans 954-347-1092
Laddie Kong 786-897-3931
Patrick Hugh 954-695-8928        phugh@aol.com


Endowment Fund Florida Drive

Georgian Knights: Oscar Hoo, Desmond Hutchinson, Norman Wright,
 Victor Morris, Laddie Kong, Gobind Chatani in Florida

We are on a Quest!

An Endowment Fund was created, through which it is hoped, we will be able to make StGC fiscally sound and thus have the ability to attract the right teachers.

The St.George's College Old Boys Association of Florida, has embarked on our own quest to assist in building the Endowment Fund, with the creation of "the Knights of St.George". Membership in the Knights is worldwide, and our goal is to raise $1,000,000 over the next five years.

Fellow Georgians, today we call on you, to join us on our quest, not to kill but to build, which is far nobler. You are invited to join this group of elite Georgians to help rebuild our StGC to its former glory.

Knights are asked to make a pledge, which can be paid all at once or over a period of four years to any of our associations, Florida, Toronto or Jamaica. Knights not only pledge money but also agree to become mentors to the present students. Those of us in the past were lucky to have the Jesuits as our mentors but unfortunately that is impossible today. We need your help to fill this void. With our ability to communicate through e-mail and old fashion telephone, we do not have to be in Jamaica to become mentors.

Be proud of being a Georgian and give back some of what we gained by being fortunate enough to be have passed through the gates of StGC.

All donations are welcome, but you too can become a "Knight" by donating $1000 or more over a 1-4 year period (refer to Endowment Fun Donor Instructions).

My thanks to the many who have already donated so generously.

Let's hear from the rest: Email: ladkong@yahoo.com mobile: 786-897-3931.

Laddie Kong

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