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Sports Korner



Milton Hart

2008 proved to be a year of mixed fortunes for StGC as we won the Thornhill Soccer championship but lost the Roper Cup to a talented Kingston College team that was eager to avenge its 2007 loss.
        When the dust settled in the keenly contested Thornhill league, we amassed 42 points from 14 games. Our statistics also featured the fact that we scored 62 goals while conceding 24; this led to us being atop the standings. STGC eventually won the final and deciding game of the championship by a score of 3-1. It is noteworthy that this team has now won its 5th championship in 6 years and has been competitive in every game played.
        The StGC vs KC match-up - an annual event that takes place in August - saw the two North-Street teams vying for supremacy and bragging rights before a bi-partisan Toronto- crowd. In the end, KC was deserving of its 2-0 win and the reclaiming of the Roper Cup.

1st VP/President Elect Milton Hart - front row left kneeling, with rest of StGC & KC teams in annual Ontario Roper Cup

        Much needs to be said about the tremendous support given to the StGC team by the executive members of the StGC Toronto chapter. This team has been the beneficiary of continuous and dedicated support by the entire organization. This team has also benefited from close partnership with past presidents Robbie Vernon and Danny HoLung. These two gentlemen have accompanied the team - even to Florida - in many endeavors and have never failed to model the team-spirit, professionalism and great work ethic that epitomize the true spirit of St. George's College. It is evident that our executives truly believe that everything must be done Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
         It is remarkable that the nucleus of players who founded this team is still around and continues to do the "heavy-lifting" in ensuring that the team remains competitive. Danny Garel, Chad Chin, and Aaron Sani all sons of notable Georgians, have been with the team since its inception and continue their effective brand of soccer.
          Equally remarkable is the fact that we regained prolific goal-scorer Aaron Sani who suffered a severe knee injury while helping us to capture the Deltana Trophy from the Florida-based Georgians in 2006. Sani had a successful 2008 season.

 Milton Hart 



     Ontario StGC Golf Tournament Friday Aug. 29/08

         I had severely put my back out the week before in another golf game, and thought I would be ok to play in the StGC Golf Tournament this year. Unlike the 2006 tournament when I had one of the best shots off the first tee, this year, I just barely made my first shot over the water and onto the fairway because of this nagging condition. Immediately after the shot, my back seized up again with pain. That was it for me for the rest of the day. So as not to be bored, I drove around in the golf cart with the guys in my foursome, distracted their game with several jokes, made derogatory remarks about their game, made a couple chips onto a few greens and practiced making a few putts too. Ah well, as Fen would have said, "It wouldn't have mattered anyway Dalhouse, as you would have simply ended up shooting your annual 107 anyway!!" That guy really gets on my nerves sometimes, but that's all right, 'cause he and I go way back, back when I was just a kid. He was "old" to me then, and still is, even now.
           It was a damp, gloomy morning to play in a tournament, but we were all in good spirits, as everyone had been looking forward to this day for weeks. The course was in pretty good shape, carts all powered up, and the girl driving the Club's refreshment cart wasn't bad looking either. There was another day a few years ago when the girl driving the cart was a knockout, and Paddy Chung and I must have bought sixteen cans of pop between us both from her. To this day, whenever I see him, Paddy tells me he still has some of that pop left in him. But that's another story.
          There were some Tournament new-comers this year, like Dennis Chen, Leo Lue, Richard Chance, Nelson Tait, Nutty Lee, Tony Chin, Moy Chan, Ralph Chan, Leon Lue, and Mike Coley who came all the way from California. Along with Moy, it was good to have Joan Lyn and Pam Summers play in the tourney, just to break up the stigma of it being an "all boys "event. Good thing though, no one raved about their game, and matter of fact, many felt they played a lousy game. Their negative vibes didn't help me, as I still felt bad about not being able to swing the club after the first tee.
           The best part of the day came when we went to Ruddy and Eunice Chin's home for the usual festivities after the game.. The food was fantastic as usual, and some a di hungry belly buoy dem went back to the table more than twice. Yes, you heard me, more than twice. Their plates were so full with food,  you couldn't see the white in the paper plates at all. Chef Anita did a splendid job, along with Claudette, Eunice, and Miss Rebecca. They made us feel like royalty, and ensured we were well looked after. To be honest, I have no idea why we don't have 100 old boys in the event each year. Personally, I hope they don't because there will be more great food for me.

Ontario StGC Golf Tournament: Back Row L-R Lloyd Chin, Dennis Chen, Herman Lyn, Mike Kong, Jimmy Lai Tyam, Tony Da'Silva, Leo Lue, Richard Chance, Pat Haddad, Mike Haddad, Bobby Gauntlet, Derek Haddad, Nelson Tait, Nutty Lee, Ray Jackson, Louis Lee, Tony Chin, Dennis Chung, Trevor Summers, Rudy Chin, Moy Chan, Ralph Chan, Leon Lue, Tassy Lyn; Front Row L-R: Jeff Lodenquai, Paddy Chung, Francis Dalhouse, Mike Coley, Joan Lyn, Fen Chang, Pam Summers, Neil Dalhouse, Anita Chang, Eunice Chin, and Claudette Lee.

          After dinner, prizes were given out for best shot for this, best shot for that, and this year there were some great prizes donated. The winner of the 2008 Tournament with the best score was Phillip Lee (son of Claudette and Louis, and not in photo) Unfortunately, not having gone to StGC, he wasn't able to receive the cup, but instead, received a nice cash award.  The official winner of our 2008 trophy is none other than new-comer and Old Boy, Nelson "Speedy" Tait, who, I am sure, will be back to defend his title next year.
          Sincere thanks from the StGC Ontario Chapter Association go out to sponsors, and especially to Home Depot, sponsoring our event for many years now.

Neil Dalhouse

Fr. Quinlan laid to rest
Tuesday July 15, 2008

Fr. Quinlan's sister, Sr. Evelyn Claire and Robbie Vernon.


        We left Toronto, Monday 3:00 p.m. Heather took off at lunchtime to join me on the long trek to Boston and in the 9-1/2 hour journey I kept thinking of that other trip in 1999 to the Jesuit Retirement centre with a bus load of Georgians to say "Thanks" to the retired Jesuits there for all they had done for us. Fr. Quinlan was there to greet us then and, as well, to bid us farewell.

         This time we were going to say farewell to him.

         We got into Boston at 12.30 a.m.
Clem McCalla drove up from New Jersey to meet us at the Hotel and we journeyed together the following morning to Weston for the funeral at Campion Center, Weston at  10:00 a.m.
          Many will remember the chapel (seems a miniature of the cathedral in Kingston in layout) and there was Fr. Q in the open casket with the Knight of St.George Medal lying proudly on his chest - it went with him to the grave.
           The St. George's Alumni contingent of Howard Shearer, Clem McCalla & I were very warmly welcomed and made much of, as the other mourners mainly fellow priests and members of Fr. Quinlan's sister's (Sr. Evelyn Claire) religious order of nuns.
            Fr. O’Toole gave a very moving eulogy - Fr Q, he noted wanted to go home and made it known for some time, and death, he explained was not a non event but an instantaneous change from life in time to life in eternity. Fr.O’Toole mentioned how the school excelled academically and athletically during Fr. Quinlan's  time as head master; winning the most coveted Jamaica Gov. Scholarship an unprecedented five times. He was pleased later on as we walked to the cemetery to meet one of these recipients, Clem McCalla, who  was in attendance.
             Del Chai-Onn, wife of Mike Chai-Onn, flew in from Jamaica just for the funeral, taking a cab straight from the airport to Weston and returning right after. She said she just had to be there. (Mike was involved with the construction of the Issa auditorium at StGC).

Howard Shearer "dust to dust" on Fr. Quinlan's coffin

          Fr. Carl Clarke, the new priest from Montego Bay flew in as well and we  also met former teacher Beverley Williams Steitz, who looked at the photo of Victor Morgan in the June Ontario newsletter and exclaimed "I taught him!" - Took some newsletters with me and gave then out, including to Fr.Clarke, Bev Williams and also  Fr. Bodley's sister.
             Most recognized people they  knew in the newsletter; Fr. Clarke said he was going to the Jamaica memorial mass in Kingston for Fr.Quinlan and would see Michael Davidson there. Fr. Clarke  was busy taking pictures to take back with him. He reminded me that we corresponded by email when he was writing a book on StGC, advising it was finished and  was with Fr. McIsaac.
            At the cemetery we all said our farewells to beloved Fr. Quinlan  with each doing the dust to dust on the coffin. The Jamaica National Anthem was sung at the grave: I kept thinking He would have liked this very much. We viewed the memory lane of crosses in the private cemetery  marking the final resting places of many who taught us "so faithfully and so well."
           We all stayed for lunch after at the retirement centre and Fr. Hosie recounted memorable Fr.Quinlan stories; (ever hear of the Ajax club) - caning on the intercom- will share them with you next time we meet.
           Fr. Hosie reminisced on his early days at Weston and, gave a brief history of the hey-days of the centre when the dining area would have numbers in the hundreds in one area who were doing Theology, and hundreds in another area who were studying Philosophy. It felt good to be there.
          I remember with pride when Fr. Quinlan told me in my 1999 reunion visit that the room I occupied then in The Centre was the same one he had as a novitiate; when he was a beadle there.  I remember when I awoke in the morning, he was at the door first thing to greet Lloyd Chung and me - Lloyd had the next door room. He was ready to share stories of his early days at the centre and recall his memorable Jamaica days.
          We were part of something then and something now that was quite unique- it will never be the same- and feel we must pass on what it made of us.
           It was a very moving experience to be there and I was especially glad for Heather to be  with me this time as she seemed bowled over by this new  experience she got of her husband's StGC heritage.
           It’s hard for non Georgians to grasp just how we feel about the Jesuits and StGC.
           A trip like this will live on as an important part of my life; a very important part, just as the 1999 one was.
          Sharing this experience with you my fellow Georgians and the memories of this wonderful priest, will help us never  forget our StGC heritage and the obligation to ensure it’s kept alive for others at the school we attended.

       Robbie Vernon 

Dear member of the StGC Class of 1959....

Class of 1959- spot Bobby Hill, Ronnie Thwaites in front row; elsewhere Robbie Vernon, Peter Chavannes, Richard Mais, Lloyd Chung, Dennis Charley- Where are they and others? check out our reunion website at:

        At the risk of offending any sensibilities regarding your prospects of longevity or immortality, we must be reminded that next year marks the 50th anniversary of our graduation from our beloved alma mater, St. George's College. 
       Many of us have not seen each other much, or at all, since those wonderful formative days at North Street.  Many live in disparate and far-flung parts of the world. All undoubtedly think back from time to time with some wistful pleasure to the period between 1955 and 1959 when we were a part of the best learning environment available.
          Let us sample it again just one more time.
There is a planning committee which is hoping to stage a reunion of our class next year. The full details are still to be worked out but current thinking involves the following points:

Date:  May 2009 (tentative).
Other considerations: April 12 is Easter Sunday, Jamaica Carnival will end on April 19.
:  Kingston
Two or Three days (Friday and Saturday, maybe Sunday)
> Mass at Holy Trinity Cathedral
> Campus Tour including discussions with Principal, Staff and students
> Seminar led by a prominent Old Boy on the state of education in Jamaica and St George's in particular
> Informal Social Event - beach barbecue
> Formal Social event - banquet, speeches of nostalgia etc.
> Donation to StGC  from the Class of 1959
> Other tours or events

         All Old Boys of this class, both local and overseas, are encouraged to bring their families to participate in our celebration events. It is also expected that some visitors may wish to use the opportunity to holiday on the island before and /or after the formal alumni events. The planning committee will be making arrangements to facilitate those needing comfortable and secure accommodation and local (and possibly overseas) travel arrangements.
          At this time, the most important task of the committee, is to establish contact information for all Old Boys of the 1959 graduation class. A great deal of work has already been done in this regard; however we have been unable to make contact with many old boys.  We are therefore asking you to provide us with  contact information on any of the below listed 1959 class members (preferably email address and telephone number)
         As soon as the list with contact information is complete we will begin to circulate announcements of the plans for the reunion as they develop. (Please be assured that the committee will use the contact information received about the graduation class only for staging the reunion events and for no other purpose).
        We believe that all will be very excited by the prospect of seeing each other once again (and perhaps for the last time), of visiting our alma mater, and the opportunity to reminisce and relive the rich experience of our time at St. George's.
StGC Class of 1959 Reunion Planning Committee
         We are looking for:
Ignatius Alberga / Vernon Alexander / Maurice Chang / Allan Chen/ Trevor Chen See / Basil Chin / Clifton Chin / Gordon Chin/ / Peter Chin / Rudolph Chin / William Chin / Henry Chong  / Ainsley Chung / Orville Constantine / Winston DaCosta / Edward Dietrick / Winston  Garvey / John Groves / Lionel Henry / John Jones / Lincoln Lai / Hugh Lee / Lester Lee / Stanley Lee / Alvin Lyew / Victor Lyn  / Carl Orridge / Adwick Pinnock / Ivor Rose / Raymond Steele  / Coleridge Stewart / John Stuart / Cargill Tai Sue / Francis  Tenn Lyn / Patrick Waldron / Neville Williams / Dennis Wong  / Parkson Wong / Patrick Wong.

            Please submit information via the Classmates page at: or directly to:

Jamaica: Patrick Terrelonge

South: Owen  Cooke :
East  South: Dennis
Bernie Chin :

Canada: Robbie Vernon :

Owen Cooke 

Our Annual Summer Ball

Summer Ball Friday, August 1st, 2008

JNBS Mgr. Alison Martin & spouse Ashley

Liaison Director. Carl Chang & wife Paula

JC President David Taylor & wife Barbara

Hawaiian dancers providing dinner entertainment

Paul & Elaine Bunting kicking up a storm

Courtney Currie, Ja. OBA President,
 in action

VP Central Pat Haddad
& wife Sheila

Social Director  John Flynn
& Wife Annette

       I would start right off by thanking our Ball Committee and the executive and with great accolades for the chairman Daniel Ho Lung, who worked tirelessly for months; often pulling his hair out, to bring in sponsors and donors and to put together a very successful, first class evening of entertainment  for Summer Ball fans: this is now our 11th and they have come to expect the best from StGC and this they certainly got.
      Locals  J. Douglas  and the All Star Band provided the start up  entertainment, and from Jamaica The 50/50 Band followed up and  kept  the revellers exhilarated with many after insisting we bring them back up from Jamaica next year.
      President Chris Chin welcomed all and acknowledged among us The High Commissioner for Jamaica Her Excellency R.V. Evadne Coye, CD,  Jamaica Consul General to Toronto, Ms Anne Marie Bonner, Mr. Robert Montague, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Jamaica with responsibility for Local Government Reform, Fr. Peter Mc Isaac SJ, Chairman of the StGC Board and Regional Superior for the Jesuits in Jamaica. Mrs. Margaret Campbell, Principal StGC and Ms Jackie Clarke, the new Director of Advancement StGC. Also acknowledged were Courtney Currie, president StGC OBA Jamaica, David Taylor, President Jamaica College OBA Toronto, Katie Sani,  President  ICHS  Alumni Toronto, Josephine Ho Lung, President, Alpha Academy and Eugene Chang, President Calabar OBA Toronto.
      Dr. Aggrey Irons did a masterful job as MC, guiding us with his usual flair through a maze of activities with a precision that kept the evening’s events flowing ever so smoothly.  That's not easy with over 800 excited guests demanding attention.
      VP Patrick Haddad's well managed and most successful silent auction, first time added attraction this year, was a real money winner bringing in over $11,000. This and VP Richard Saunders’ well organized raffle with intake of over $5,000 provided a major boost to event earnings.  Well done fellows!
       The gate prize of Airfare and a trip for 2 for 4 nights at Sandals was won by Lena Ali and the raffle prize of airfare and stay for 2 at Superclubs  Braco by Richard & Jackie Foster. Aaron Sani walked away with the Hitachi 50 inch HD TV.
       The main prize winners and other patrons benefited from the many prizes and give-aways by our Sponsors and donors: Jamaica National, Sandals, Superclubs, Air Jamaica, Hitachi, Western Union, CI Funds, Appleton, Stratford Festival, Pirelli & Atlas Tire Wholesale.  Our thanks to all our sponsors and donors and a special thank you to our major sponsor Jamaica National.
       The pictures speak for themselves- see you all next year.

Robbie Vernon

Aggrey Irons on the drums

Enjoying the event: Principal Margaret Campbell, President Chris Chin
& Advancement Officer Jackie Clarke

Loraine Lee, Hope McFarlane, Gloria & Arthur Chai

Yvonne & Gerry Lew

Vernon & Tanya Hugh

ICHS Pres. Katy Sani &
 Raymond James

Pres.Elect Milton Hart & wife Novelette

Treasurer, Ray Chang

Donette Chin Loy

VP West Richard Saunders, wife Michelle & friend, Terri

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