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Just My Views
Neil Dalhouse


Neil Dalhouse

Wrapped in a coat of red brick, the towering structure of the O'Hare Building located at 2 North Street, was one that mystified all new students arriving at StGC each year. What did the inside of the building look like, we wondered? When would we get a chance to sit in one of the classrooms and be taught by one of the clergy in white robes? It was a beautiful structure then, with colourful tropical plants and flowers covering the grounds around the building. It truly was a remarkable structure. The building was famous for releasing into society, many a brilliant student on an annual basis, some who would gain world renown from their ability to be the best at their profession. Well, recently, the old girl was overcome by the dreaded Jamaican chi-chi varmint (a type of wood ant) that ate through many corners of the building, its ceilings and floors, causing some areas to collapse, thereby rendering the building a safety hazard for its students of today.

Ray Chang suggested that the building now had to be completely gutted, properly sprayed, thereby killing every chi-chi it was feeding, and then rebuilt on the inside, from the ground up. This of course, would be a monstrous task, not to mention a costly one to boot. And to complicate matters more, Ray said before this could be done, a temporary building had to be built, to house the current students while the renovations were being done on the O'Hare building.

Enthusiastic Head Boy Jason Curate and ever zealous Liaison Director Carl Chang 
hand shovel to Prime Minister (Georgian) Bruce Golding �Treasurer Ray Chang looks on.

 Enter Carl Chang, Knight of St. George, to begin a crusade of refurbishing the old girl. Instead of building a temporary structure, why not build a permanent one, one that contained 12 badly needed classrooms anyway, to be used for future expansion of the school? So, with this in mind he rode off to seek out other Knights of St. George who would be interested in assisting and seeking support for his crusade. He found quite a few, some who said they would offer their talents as builders for free, or offer a substantial cut rate for their services. He got Architect Arthur Lowe to join in on the project, Civil Engineer Eric Fong Yee, and Structural Engineer Tommy Lyew. Sir Carl then became even busier with preparing for the groundbreaking ceremonies, because preparing for the pomp and ceremony around such a large event, requires skill, sweat and a lot of anxiety.

With the help of Donette Chin-Loy (visiting the island at the time) and StGC Principal Margaret Campbell, Sir Carl pulled it off, and the groundbreaking event took place successfully on January 28, 2009.

The event was certainly no Mickey Mouse ceremony at all, because quite a few high profile people were present, having the likes of The Right Hon. Bruce Golding, Prime Minister of Jamaica attending, along with three Archbishops, a Vicar General, Member of Parliament Ronnie Thwaites, Ray Chang, and many more. But weeks before the event, Sir Carl had recommended that the building would be named after former Archbishop Lawrence A. Burke, S.J. Of the various groups of people he ran this by, all unanimously agreed to his recommendation. Why the Archbishop, you ask?? Well the Archbishop went to StGC in 1944, graduated in 1948, taught there as a layperson in 1951, taught as a scholastic from 1958 - 1961, taught as a priest 1966-1969, was rector and chairman of the Board 1969-1973, acting principal from 1980-1981. He was the person who spearheaded the development of the Adrian Chaplain Building.

Prime Minister Rt.Hon. Bruce Golding at lectern
 addressing Georgians & supporters.

 He was also appointed Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica. I do believe this qualifies his name to be on the side of the building, don't you? Bear in mind, that while all the building plans were being made by Sir Carl, he was also in the process of drumming up money to repair the O�Hare building, another major task, and he has been quite successful in coming up with more than half the repair costs to date. Amazing!! He did this, by soliciting other old boys around the world and their friends for funds and/or their services. Sir Carl spent hours upon hours trying to make his crusade a successful one, and is to be commended for a job well done, to date. But Carl can't do it alone, and has seconded three or four old boys in Jamaica to help him drum up badly needed funds for the new building and the repairs to the O'Hare. Carl is therefore,  calling upon every jack-mandora old boy in the world to contribute whatever money you can spare, even if it's only $50 to go towards this venture. He asks that you make a check out with your contribution to St.George's College, and on the back write "Building Fund", and send it to the headmistress, Ms. Margaret Campbell. Every penny counts, so please contribute.

For Donation Instructions, see part 4.

 Sign in the front lawn of a funeral home, "Drive Carefully, We'll Wait For You!"

They have referred to him as the Savior, the Messiah, the current Moses. I even heard a few of my people shout, "Yes Laad, a fe we time now!" These same people are professing that after being so down-trodden since the raunchy days of slavery, this Savior will now allow the black race to prosper and be recognized as a power to be reckoned with. What nonsense! The truth is, Barack Obama is simply one of God's children, a human being, like you and me, a man who has inherited the worst job in the world, and who just stepped onto the world's stage, blinded by the spotlights of all the other countries sitting in the audience. As president of the United States of America, his country is currently imploding with serious internal problems, a recession that has had a ricocheting effect on numerous other countries around the world, one that has caused millions of job to be lost worldwide, caused thousands to be homeless, thousands to lose their retirement investment packages, environmental, and Health Care problems, plus the fact that his country is currently engaged in two wars abroad. Who would want to step into that kind of cow poop today??

"Great job, Dad"

In My View though, what a spectacle the inauguration ceremonies were. Millions of people flocked together on the grounds of the Washington Mall and braved the cold to witness history in the making, a man of colour taking the oath of the President of the United States. My dad would have loved to be alive today to witness this great event. With tears of joy flowing from just about every eye around the world watching, Obama took the oath of office, while his wife and daughters stood by him with glee as history was being written. What President Obama does have going for himself is that he is not seen as coming from the old white guard that has run the USA for decades, but rather, he is viewed as being a sensible, intelligent human being, one who brings to the oval office, profound ethics and values like no other president before him. It is these qualities that have given his people and the rest of the world's leaders great hope, hope that he may use his influence and the power his country possesses, to right the many atrocities plaguing North America and the rest of the world today. I am sure you all will join me in praying that the Good Lord, God, watches over him and every decision he makes, and hope that his tenure will help bring some semblance of peace to the world.

Does anyone remember him attending 2 North Street sometime back? Because he certainly strikes me as  having the same qualities of a true Georgian. As one Republican lobbyist said on TV recently, "How the devil are we going to beat this guy in four years?? " My response to that would be "for the Republican party to nominate a very intelligent black woman, thereby creating a difficult challenge for him then. If this happened, the Republicans would have to shut their eyes, take a deep breath, hold it, and cross their fingers!!" Can you imagine? If you think the race between Hillary and himself was exciting, my suggested scenario would be worth its weight in gold to a betting man.

Paddy Chung eulogizing Byron Lee

And so it came to pass that The Dragon passed on. As the news drifted through the airwaves, all who heard it began to reflect on the good old days with Byron Lee and the Blues Buster nights at Glass Bucket. Boy, there were some fun parties held there back then. How many girlfriends ended up there on a Saturday night, with you, or sometimes with someone else? No matter, whom ever ended up at the Bucket in those days had a great time. And so it was only fitting that the Ontario Chapter of the StGC Old  Boys Association paid some respect to a great comrade who hailed from our alma mater. Not wanting to wait too long to do something in his honour, I was asked to arrange an StGC Ontario chapter memorial service for Byron. With only five or six days to get this done, I asked Leslie Chin, Paddy Chung, Michael (Buski) Charley, Alex Ho-Shue to form a committee and help in putting things together. They all agreed without question. Leslie took care of arranging for the venue, the music at the service, the availability of the presiding priest, Rev. Fr. Sydney Chang and his assistant, Deacon Patrick Chang, the printing of the program for the event through Patrick Lee. Buski looked after the creation of the flyer, and the promotion of the event, Paddy looked after securing the food, with the assistance of Francis Cooke who brought coffee, eating utensils and many other food items, Patrick Haddad, Eugene Chang, and Alex HoShue. Eugene Chang provided the Reception music. About 160 people attended including the Jamaican Consul General to Toronto Ms. Anne-Marie Bonner and Rev. Fr Jim Webb S.J.  It was amazing to see so many in attendance, as there was a slight snow storm that evening, that turned back many who intended to be there for the event.

Fr. Jim Webb S.J. and Neil Dalhouse
at the Byron Lee Memorial

Due to the generosity of many, we had an abundance of food, along with soft drinks, patties, sandwiches, cakes, etc. Byron would have been pleased, as the evening turned out to be a splendid one. There were so many people to thank for their help and support, like Loraine Lee, Sheila Haddad, Sylvia Chin, Yvonne Lew, Grace Kennedy Ltd, Danny & JoJo HoLung, Nicey's Food Mart, Jacqui Chung, Bobby Gauntlet and wife Marie. Sincere thanks too to Kari-Drew Abraham,who sang a lovely ballad at the reception in memory of Byron.

 I know I may have forgotten a name or two, and if so, my sincere apologies. The event proved that with a little help from those who care, anything is possible.

 Bob's best friend and baseball fanatic pal Tim, passed away yesterday. Totally distraught, Bob went to bed early that night, missing his friend in the worst way. That night Bob heard a voice calling to him. "Is that you Tim?" Bob said. "Yes, it's me, Bob," said Tim. "Are you in heaven?" Bob asked. "Yes I am" said Tim. "Is there baseball in heaven, Tim?" said Bob. "I have some good news and some bad news about that" said Tim. "Give me the good news first Tim," said Bob "Ok Bob, the good news is that they do have baseball in heaven Bob, and I get to play with the likes of Hank Aron, Paul Molitor, Roger Clemens, Carlos Delgado, and a whole heap of other big name players.."  "Good! Now, what's the bad news, Tim?" "The bad news is that you are pitching in tomorrow night's game Bob."

 Anyone seen this sign on a Septic Tank Truck saying "Yesterday's Meals, On Wheels".?

A Gaaannneeee!!!!

Neil Dalhouse




Make cheque payable to: St. George's College

Mail To:
St. George's College "Bldg Fund" or "Endowment Fund"
Attention: Chairman
Winchester Park, North St.,
CSO Jamaica


Make cheque payable to: Jesuits of Upper Canada

Mail to:
St. George's College Old Boys' Assoc (Ontario) Chapter
Attention: Treasurer Ray Chang
56 The Bridle Path,
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2B1


Make cheque payable to: Canadian Jesuits International

Mail to: St. George's College Old Boys' Assoc (Ontario Chapter)
Attention: Treasurer: Ray Chang
56 The Bridle Path,
Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2B1

In USA & Canada
Send with your draft/cheque, a separate note indicating where you would like the money spent. Donors resident in the United States, Canada or Jamaica will be issued tax-deductible receipts.

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